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Wonder Tales of Old Tyrol
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Tyrol, a veritable wonder-garden, was formerly often visited but little known. There were no railroads in the mountain. Even cart-tracks were few and far between formerly.

Those who wished to see the formerly hidden, beautiful, sublime, terrible land and learn about the history, stories and things like that, encountered the dialect of the Tyrolians - hard to understand, however willing the honest peasants were to explain what their visitors would wish to know from the scenery, the natural grandeur of the mountain world, lovely hills, bright, fertile landscapes, meadows and farms - the land of such beauties.

(Based on the preface of the countess Marie Alker von Günther in her Tales and Legends of the Tyrol, (London: Chapman and Hall, 1874, v-viii).

The following tales are from the collection by Henderson and Calvert (below).


Wonder Tales of Old Tirol, Tyrolean folk tales, Literature  

Henderson, Bernard Lionel Kinghorn, and C. Calvert. Wonder Tales of Old Tyrol. Ill. Constance E. Rowlands. London: Philip Allan and Co., 1925.

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