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Proverbs of Tyrol
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Proverbs of Tyrol

Trentino once was known as the southern part of Tyrol. In 1996, the region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino was formed. The boundaries correspond to the old County of Tyrol. Below are 18 singled out proverbs from the region.


A woman's kiss often overwhelms you. (Trentino)

An honorable agreement is better than losing everything. (Trentino)

Be careful not to drown in your affairs. (Trentino)

Cover yourself when the bad season approaches. (Trentino)

Do not irritate yourself beyond measure. (Trentino)

Friends are like melons, out of one hundred there is [perhaps] only one good. (Trentino)

In love some lose their minds and some go to war. (Trentino)

In love the hands have a great role. (Caresses) (Trentino)

Nothing remains for those who consume everything. (Trentino)

The bee does not rest on all the flowers. (From Valle di Cembra)

The butcher lives on dead flesh, the doctor of sick people, the priest of living and dead. (Trentino)

The culprit also blames his guilt. (Trentino)

The devil is not as ugly as they describe him. (Trentino)

The prerequisite is to have the grass available. (Trentino)

We must breathe if we do not want to die. (Trentino)

We must not honour the dead to cheat the living. (Trentino)

When the woman gets up her apron she can see she is pregnant. (Trentino)

You want to have the full range of services. (Trentino)


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