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Hans Christian Andersen Tales

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Hans Christian Andersen tales reworked After hard and bitter school years Hans Andersen was discouraged from writing by all but one person. Persisting, he became very popular later. Some of his tales are rooted in folklore and retold here.

  1. The Ugly Duckling
  2. It's Quite True!
  3. What the Old Man Does Is Always Right
  4. The Fir Tree
  5. The Child in the Grave
  6. The Emperor's New Clothes
  1. The Nightingale
  2. Little Claus and Big Claus
  3. The Tinder-Box
  4. Clumsy Hans
  5. How to Tell a True Princess
  6. The Swineherd
  7. The Potatoes
A Hans Andersen painting
Hans Andersen likeness

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