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DANISH FAIRY TALES. Now almost extinct in Denmark,
  the stork (Ciconia ciconia) is still common in Poland.

     Danish fairy tales and folktales  Introduction
  1. The Jutlander and His Stockings
  2. "A Stork Is Not Always a Stork"
  3. A Funny Fellow?
  4. The Master Fool
  5. Toller's Neighbours
  6. The Magician's Pupil
  7. The Girl Clad in Mouse Skin
  8. Temptations
  9. Svend's Exploits
  10. Hans, the Mermaid's Son
  11. Master and Pupil
  12. The White Dove
  13. Esben and the Witch
  14. Maiden Bright-eye
  15. The Merry Wives
  16. I Know What I Have Learned
  17. The Troll's Daughter
  1. The Green Knight
  2. Niels And The Giants
  3. The Prince and the Princess in the Forest
  4. The Magic Book
  5. The Story of Sigurd

   The Danish Fairy Book

     Danish fairy tales and folktales  Preface

  1. The Clever Young Girl
  2. The Tree of Health
  3. The Mill at the Bottom of the Sea
  4. Little May
  5. Ederland, the Poultry-Maid
  6. Husband and Wife
  7. The Magic Hat
  8. The Little Girl and the Serpent
  9. Trillevip
  10. The Snake
  11. The Princess on the Island
  12. The Little Wild Duck
  13. King Dragon
  14. The Deer Prince
  15. The Good Sword
  16. The Patient Woman
  17. Peter Redhat
  18. Strong Jack
  19. The Princess with the Twelve Pair of Golden Shoes
  20. Jack with the Golden Hair
  21. A Moment in Heaven
  22. The Pastor's Wife
  23. The Pig
  24. The Ale of the Trolls
  25. "Never mind the money!"
  26. The Devil's Kindness
  27. The Loutish Peasant
  28. The Wolf
  29. The Walk to the Mill

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