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Catch a Wind
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If a Wind Is Blowing -

- try to make it serve you anyway. Sails may help. If not, there are oars and other contrivances, and lots of motors. Thus, we are not dependent on "good winds" from behind all the time. (Wikipedia, "Sail")

Sails are for catching winds and make them serve us.

"The wind in one's face makes one wise," is a British proverb. It does not say that a windshield helps the car driver, but is usually understood in a figurative sense: "Adversity, misfortune, and hardship can make you wise", provided you survive the hardships, learn tall enough lessons from them, and make able use of what you have learnt. This reminds in part of: "Good judegment comes from experience, and experience from bad judgement" and "Good advice comes from bad experience."

Good and ripe judgement from bad and unripe judgement and "lack of luck" - it is possible, for one's own bad experiences are not the only source of wisdom and good advice. Far from it. It can be very good to learn from the mistakes and life courses of others, so that many good features may be studied and taken up and bad fares avoided, for example.

In other cases many people are unsure of the principles involved, if there are any. In such cases it may work well to keep conclusions unsettled, at bey, and not jump to any conclusion so far, saying, "I think the data are insufficient here and now." Something like that.


Turn your wounds into wisdom. [Oprah Winfrey]

Deals reflect deeper conflicts or past conflicts, and the cultural level of just attainment.

Wars and climbs have their measures and strides. Some are put into deals only after losses.

Live well so as to reach deep and good ends - and they pertain to the individual.

One of Carl G. Jung's and also one of Abraham Maslow's conclusions is that individuals have something unique about them. All their ways do not necessarily conform to ways of those about them.

We rise on top of prevailing feelings and sentiments.

A proficient person manages to handle ideas in fair and square ways.

Being jolly is fine in itself, and deep gladness indicates much esprit hovering over the agent.

Over all that again, righteous harmony is hardly to be dispensed with without grave and sinister passes later.

It is fit to assist jolly good education.

It is seldom fit to back up less than solid attainments.

So-called significant attainments are dirt if the morals involved and entailed are less than fit in the eyes of your inner sense -

Overlook any so-called unitary faith that may ensnare, engulf and bring on harshness of deals as time goes by.

Individual understanding rides over and above a faith that has been put into your head by offenders.

Not just genius (inner brightness, back-up intelligence) is a fit aim, but good everyday moral too.

In the quite grave school of life, which we all are inside, these things matter.

A boon is a boon, no matter what rascals may call it.

You could favour friends by some of the adequate things you learn.

Proper measures are worth efforts and back-ups as long as your well-developed conscience thinks them okay, presumably. Check as you go.


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