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Cayce on Meditation
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Cayce Meditation A ☼

1. One is to keep up meditating regularly and consistently

Today meditation is gaining ground among doctors as a formidable key to physical, mental, psychological, and emotional health, and further. Meditation is something Edgar Cayce recommends with great consistency. To meditate regularly is a piece of advice that often came through in Edgar Cayce's many health readings.

He said the spirit and the soul is within its encasement, or its temple within, and the way is given in meditation. (2)

2. The first steps on the yoga staircase may be taken light on for the sake of higher yoga, which is meditation

It hardly pays to believe in wrong claims, overdone claims and stunted perspectives. It could be better to be free-flowing, learn TM, get assured we do it well, and go on to see where it takes us, without preconceived notions, for example. Other attitudes may work too, up to a certain level.

In Cayce's view, some measure of preparation is needed for turning the self inward in meditation, for the sake of balancing the organism. He specifies a simple breathing method, quite as in hatha-yoga: "Breathe in through the right nostril three times, and exhale through the mouth. Breathe in three times through the left nostril and exhale through the right". Cayce also talks of kundaline and chakras too, a little here, a little there. Now, some preliminaries may be dispensed with a lot of times.

He also says that healing "of every kind and nature" may be disseminated on the wings of thought. He sounds a bit over-optimistic. He specifies: Turn inward at given periods, at specific times. Set definite periods. Further, the use of certain metals and stones for their influences, help attunements of various kinds, and the best way to use them is for attuning to the inner Self. (4)

3. Meditation works best without strain, so go easy

He says that during meditation we may sit or lie in an easy position, "without binding garments about the body". Then we may turn within and get free from nervous strain.

Further help in keeping our paths clean lies in keeping away from certain foods or from certain associations (men or women), or from thoughts and activities that would hinder our breathing or individual spirit (geist) in expressing full well. (6)

Cayce approves yoga, and also tells that lack of variety robs vitality. Another point he makes is: "Don't over-ride the conscience or your ideal."

If the meditaror gets deep withing, "whatever is being sought the answer is within self", says Cayce too. (7)

Throughout the meditation and otherwise one had better keep an even balance, also if we through meditation come to know past lives.

Cayce encourages evenness based on a good conscience for the sake of a "continual flow". (8)


The main thing should be to go deep in relaxed meditation, and preparations should not oust out plenty of time for it.


Cayce Meditation B ☼

Meditation may embolden you.

1. Since some methods are more effective than others, they may take less time and yet be largely safe

Meditation is a key to opening spiritual centres aligned with several glands.

Two formidable keys needed to succeed in meditation are sincerity and perseverance, no matter where and what. A refining process takes place in good yoga-meditation.

Suitable time periods may be 30 minutes - but it depends on what meditation methods are used; some may require ten minutes per sitting, others far more. Anyway, you do what you can after snooping around and finding the best methods that are generally safe and of the very best sort, like ◦TM.

2. The surface and the deeper layers are to be handled so well that unfoldment come from within, one way or another and another

Deep meditation, swift or otherwise, is help to attunement and purification of unprocessed thoughts and feelings below the surface and above it. The subconscious mind too needs to be harmonised and cleansed, and not only the surface of the mind, which is also called the conscious mind.

Cayce says good meditation lets us get information on many a subject, that useful and best answers may come from within.

3. Sit or lie down and do what works best for you

During meditation, one can augment the spiritual or inner side of oneself.

We may sit or lie down in an easy position and make progress.

Cayce holds that great ideals occupy a mind that is led by the spirit.


You could find out what reliable findings scientific and social studies have come up with, and learn a lot too well in time before committing yourself. That could be wise.

Cayce on Meditation from the Cayce Readings

Attuning of thy physical and mental attributes seeking to know the relationships to the Maker. That is true meditation. . . - Edgar Cayce, Reading 281-41

Ye must learn to meditate – just as ye have learned to walk, to talk. . . . - Edgar Cayce, Reading 281-41

Ye find Him within thine own heart, within thine own consciousness! If ye will meditate, open thy heart, thy mind! - Edgar Cayce, Reading 281-41

Meditation, then, is . . . prayer from within the inner self - Edgar Cayce (Frejer 2002, 204)

The spirit and the soul is within its encasement, or its temple within the body of the individual . . . - Edgar Cayce, (Frejer 2002, 205

[I]n meditation . . . healing of every kind and nature may be disseminated on the wings of thought. . . - Edgar Cayce, (Frejer 2002, 207

Sit or lie in an easy position, without binding garments about the body. - Edgar Cayce, (Frejer 2002, 208

[M]editating upon that which is the highest ideal within thyself, raise the vibrations from thy lower consciousness through the centers of thy body to the temple of thy mind, thy brain, the eye that is single in purpose; or to the glandular forces of the body as the Single Eye. Then listen – listen. - Edgar Cayce, Reading 826-11

Don't tell God how to answer. - Edgar Cayce, Reading 4028-1

Know that the power of thyself is very limited. The power of Creative Force is unlimited. - Edgar Cayce, Reading 2981-1

The prayers of . . . twenty-five may save a nation . . . in union there is strength. - Edgar Cayce, Reading 1598-2

The body mental and spiritual needs spiritual food – prayer, meditation, thinking upon spiritual things. - Edgar Cayce, Reading 4008-1


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Symbols, brackets, signs and text icons explained: (1) Text markers(2) Digesting.

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