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Edgar Cayce Attunements

There would seem to be not just one, but several sources of information tapped when I am in this sleeping state. - Edgar Cayce (in Langley 1967, 143)

To recognise sound wisdom in the sayings of others requires a measure of wisdom in yourself. The wisdom to handle sayings wisely and well, is another side to wisdom. It can be helped on and up by being candid, and by reflecting well. A third level of wisdom is met with from straight within.

Then consider: "If someone's prophesies are partly wrong, he might also speak words of wisdom otherwise and in between. Should we throw out the baby with the dirty bathwater, or rub it gently?"

Edgar Cayce in 1910
Edgar Cayce, 1910

A.R.E., a global network founded on his teachings

All the recorded Edgar Cayce's Readings have been made available on CD.

Cayce has got broad support by famous persons.

The non-profit organisation called Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) at Virginia Beach, Virginia, was founded by Cayce in 1931 to research and explore transpersonal subjects. The A.R.E. community is a global network which offers study groups among other things, aiming to help people get better lives by ideas and information found in the Cayce Readings - holistic health and mindful living are A.R.E. ideals. There are tens of thousands of Cayce students in the United States and Canada, and Edgar Cayce Centres in twenty-five more countries.

[Sources of the above: Wikipedia, sv "Edgar Cayce" and "Association of Research and Enlightenment", and "Edgar Cayce's Prophesies" (Morgana's Observatory).

Basic Process

Below are extracts and quotations from the book Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation by Noel Langley, Page references are to that book throughout, with a few exceptions. And what Cayce calls the Entity, is called "the soul" in this survey.


Edgar Cayce told he was able to "tune in" telepathically on an individual's mind and body, independently of distance. [p 9]

So long as the connection is not made to waver, the source of information may be the Universal. [cf p 144]

The inmost thoughts of others can be known – If a person will seek first to know himself, then the ability to know another's mind will come. [p 268, 269]

Answers from deep within our inner selves could be the best. If it is of God . . . it must come from the All-Good. [p 143, 148]

The soul takes on a pattern – It shifts and changes its pattern as it uses or abuses the opportunities presented to it. - Edgar Cayce (1967, 158, 264, passim]

Cayce Ways

"On going into the unconscious state, on one occasion, to obtain information for an individual, I recognized that I was leaving my body.

"There was just a direct, straight, and narrow line in front of me, like a shaft of white light. On either side was fog and smoke, and many shadowy figures who seemed to be crying to me for help, and begging me to come aside to the plane they occupied.

"As I followed along the shaft of light, the way began to clear. The figures on either side grew more distinct; they took on clearer form. But there was a continual beckoning back, or the attempt to sidetrack me and bring me aside from my purpose . . . I kept going straight ahead. After a while I passed to where the figures were merely shadows attempting to urge me on, rather than to stop me. As they took on more form, they seemed to be occupied with their own activities.

"Finally I came to a hill, where there was a mount and a temple. I entered this temple and found in it a very large room, very much like a library. Here were the books of people's lives, for each person's activities were a matter of actual record, it seemed. And I merely had to pull down the record of the individual for whom I was seeking information." [p 46-47]

On thought-forms: Forms created by concentrated thought are things [better: objectified]. [cf p 132]

One may compare the physical body to an old swimsuit. We are finally rescued from a stifling suit. - Edgar Cayce abstracted (Langley 1967, 34, 35)

The good soul's task on earth is to make use of its successive rebirths [serial lives] to balance its positive and negative karmic patterns by subduing selfish impulses and encouraging proper creative urges. [p 10, 17, 19]

Edgar Cayce viewed the future in two quite separate ways. While the personal destiny awaiting a given soul may consist of the inevitable consequences of his own past actions . . . the future [usually] can never be entirely preordained. . . . It is feasible to alter and reshape its destiny in accord with the altering behaviour patterns of the people of one's country. [p 122]


Edgar Cayce literature

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