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The Deep Mind
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The Deep Mind

The teachings of Padma-Sambhava (Guru Rinpoche) go deep, and I for one like them a lot. Consider what follows here, are fill-in steps and stages.

LoSincere and technically OK suits the House you are in

Meditative silence may expand until . . . (find out yourself). Try for enlarging your mind to fathom better, with your heart in it.

The great majority, if they start out on the path with enthusiasm, gradually become discouraged. As for athletics, methodical training tends to bring results in time..

Diving inside, into Deep Mind, you are a spirit.

It should be good to simply sit and enjoy the stillness after a session too.

To dive a short time with depth is better than expending a lot of will power and in consequence become nervous.

LoPositive practices enter stillness, evolving into a Greater Calm at times too

Pure, easy, within your limits or to your ability, and regularly, pausing well - there is much to consider.

LoTry to see what the aim is: waking to meadows and singing birds

Sincerity or wholeheartedness is all-round vital to man, and woman too.

Speak well. ◊



  1. Enjoy the stillness had from calm breathing and yoga meditation.
  2. Use positive practices for your calm training.
  3. Visualise as is pleasant, do some well-chosen dhyana (deep meditation) if it can be done wholeheartedly. Having a heart is not to be dispensed with.

IN NUCEEnjoy the mental calm that TM leads to, and keep things pleasant to remain wholehearted too. Compare:

Transcendental meditation is a simple, natural technique . . . This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort. [Mayo Clinic: Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress]



Much can be ruined within men and women if they seem to admire bigwigs too long, too much and too hard. Some "big ones" use others like cattle who often seem to be stuck in a blend of envy or vicarious aggrandizements.

Although birds of a feather flock together, there is often higher things to accomplish than become all top-dog servile - higher things than business moral that rides the planet like a plague.

It should be fit to go for sound, good and decent conformity, though. There is often nothing better at hand for many, aside from meditating deeply in one's private quarters. Finding acceptable fellows to be with is good too.

If reading is a help, why not try to rise to being better or higher educated through it? Yet there is more than one way to Rome: Do not try to help everybody first, ignoring yourself and close loved ones, for much insolvency is not good to carry along on your back.

The scientific community allows one to scrutinise the validity or potentiality of interesting statements, propositions, practices and sources. Keep the torch burning.

To get stunted into graveness and grimness is getting alienated.

Alienated ones seldom give much and substantial comfort.

In the long run you could benefit from guarding your tongue, even among friends.

Bottom line

1. To be honoured can be fine, but not sickeningly.

2. Thinking is a sign of being fit for science.


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Guenther, Herbert. The Teachings of Padmasambhava. Leiden: Brill, 1996.

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