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Dreaming that he is free, man is weighted down [Ramakrishna, singing].

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is like a lady.

In the ruts of pleasure a fool never gets wise.

Super-human assistance is hardly had by barking up the wrong tree.

When you meditate some, or a lot, you could get visions - is that correct?

Answer: Why not? What is your next question?

Can begging be kingly?

Answer: A king or noble may be said to be begging if he crawls on his knees and begs of forgiveness for something bad. And if the king or noble cannot confiscate money or conquer and take booty, he has to spare and get less superior. If not, he may have to lend money, at a risk. If others at last are unwilling to lend him more, he may either sell off, resign, beg a lot, or all of these three. Begging a lot for military help has also been "kingly" in history. All the same, the kings or nobles of parades are expected to be show-offs in the regulated ways, and may not love to be reminded of debts that are due.

History shows how some kings have begged, some have become paupers -

Some folks beg and other folks don't. The king without a lot of means for his subsistence, is perhaps weakened, and unless he is careful with his balances and spending, at last he may get depending on allotted money - and being a nobleman without wealth is not being a nobleman of topmost regard, says a proverb. Thus, the role of a king in a country like Sweden may be weakened if there is a lack of wealth for the pomp, ceremonialism and celebrations that go on. What is more, a crown that is dependent on getting funds from others, hardly shines as brightly as before, figuratively speaking. For to be dependent is to be subordinate somehow.

Although very few humans are self-sufficient and thus independent all the way - others who are not that strong and blessed, may have needs of help some times, for example when giving birth to twins. Not everyone is prepared to graw off navel strings with their own teeth, unaided by scissors, after giving birth under a bush in the woods, unaided, with no cushions.

Basic, intertwined and reciprocal inter-dependency seldom turns all bad, as shown by lots of villages that have survived till this age.

I have talked for sane, fair accommodation fit for a natural id flow through life. Hindus organised the society so that sincere souls could benefit, and still can, I think -

Could there be first-class begging, medium begging and low-level begging?

Answer: There is a risk of being called bad things along with low-level begging, an undisciplined form of it.

"Medium begging" is perhaps on behalf of others. Those who ask for money for an organisation, a church, a private school, and so on, beg on some "medium level". Many organisations send "beggars" to collect resources, use TV programs, and further.

"First-class begging", or secret begging, does not look like begging at all. Keep your eyes open to see where the money flows to detect such begging - maybe. The people who dress to impress, are they secretly begging - for attention, better positions, new film jobs, and so on? Those who strive to flaunt by status things, are they secretly begging for esteem?

Look to docile cows in India and get impressed. Lots of them may produce milk for many by eating grass and drinking water and having sex. Their feats are tall.

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Gupta, Mahendranath. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. Tr. Swami Nikhilananda. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1942. Online.

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