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Simple ways in the world

Halcyon means such as golden, happy; peaceful, calm; affluent, prosperous. Home life that is justly described like that, could be worth working for. To such a fit end, among others, salient key points of ancient and modern writings may work for decision-making even today. What often remains is sifting and arranging key utterances.

Neat and sagacious efforts to make works freely available count only as long as the works are fair and don't make innocents victims of rigid indoctrination.

Plumbing the statements and accommodating to them with due respect for one's circumstances is up to the individuals in question.

Plumb two ways of living

To be informed, consolidate your standing, so as to feel existentially secure and OK in yourself, for great living is from the heart outwards. With puppets it tends to be the other way round where "a friend is easier lost than found [Ap 387]."

LoLife is from the heart outwards

As part of life on Earth, do it as well as you can. There are many keys to how to do such feats. You have a purpose for living; find out what that can be. How? I am one of those who find astrology very helpful. Bear in mind there are many forms of astrology, and I do not find the most known forms very helpful at all. But as for Vedic astrology, yes, I think it may help lots of guys. You may test it, first by getting a Vedic horoscope of yourself, your next of kin, and so on in widening circles, until you have some dozens of reports and lives to compare with one another. If nothing makes sense, you have managed to disprove the value of Vedic horoscopy in your case, and are ready to search for sources of error. There are some that it is best to know of from the start.

From that you may deduct: "Helpful tenets may be proved, at least somewhat." You do that. I have at least found the time to go into many biographies and compare them with their horoscopes in retrospect, to find out if the patterns manifested somehow, and love to think I am onto something. This hinted at, feel free to disregard the hint claim if it suits you as long as it is not verified and published and stands well-founded and well-rounded criticism. I mention these things for your good.

Try to read essential teachings and live up to the most fit of them through the life span you are allotted.

LoTo be informed from the outside can be too hard

Best truths are inside you. Think about what should be benefitting Tao and Creation - perhaps time is short.

LoYou're here to "mean truth" over and above earthly business lots of time

THERE are many persons on Earth that keep searching and groping for deeper truths and meaning, maybe bumping into more or less formidable boundaries . . . they may find answers that truly satisfy the soul.

"Before you attempt a thing, consider what you can perform [Ap 31]." Know all that you should know, and express what your really are.


  1. Life is from the heart outwards.
  2. To be informed from the outside, can be very hard. It depends on your standing a lot of times.
  3. You're here to mean truth over and above earthly business lots of time. [T+, st. 4]

IN NUCE The favourable life is had by making what is from within harmonise well with things from without - from birth and as long as life lasts - for the sake of fit accommodation. It makes you prosper, thrive and benefit - all three of them.



Earthly life may be artistic and good

Gladness may bring finer sides into play

Be glad and accomplish your things well. How? I leave that for you to find out.

Have regular inputs that charge you, and try to be in the company of informed persons who care a lot. It might all serve a higher purpose.

LoIf highlighted truth is great, it may require rather much courage

MOST SOAP opera fellows are only human. Still, we are connected with them and others in the superhuman realm - giant realm - which you may very well think of as an (ordinarily) unseen realm of collective consciousness.

Know you may be thinking thoughts of a god, and express one god. Take a moment now and then to reflect on these tidings.

Have some input . . . someone else might have thought better things.

Understand that what we tell you, is here to become yours to know. The very air becomes changed if you do your best, hopefully. The air above and between all human poles may get intensified in "electric" ways and changed for the better. Doing one's best is a long process on and up for most people.

Many people serve a higher purpose in the world. As an isolated group they can harness Brightness on Earth many times better or more intensely.

New, highlighted information is presented on new and better ways to go ahead and handle this and that. There are millions that are in these walks of life today. When finally they achieve what they thought could carry them, great satisfaction may fill the soul too.

Ponder how people of Brightness can live in groups or clusters and back up one another. ◊

Solid, reliable answers may not always come in a familiar and comfortable way.

Those of the brightness may have tremendous power to affect the Earth. Many have not, in these modern times. Environment and bad company counts a lot to our detriment too in these times. But try to be where you are supposed to be and don't get misinformed.

LoTo be one of order is very seldom unfit

NOT TRYING to escape calls for more and better effectiveness in general. Basic, technical items may help you.

Not a few clutch at the wrong things, but each person can become a sort of pole with sparks flying high inside and pulsating too.

It's generally fit to remain a bit open mentally and attune oneself to neat order or might that is of Brightness inside. ◊

LoGoing down into derangements may be easy, swimming upstream may be all right too if well mastered

THERE are many belief systems now, and not a few live out: "If something is different, it is suspect."

Dr Abraham Maslow has given another, legitimate notion: What is best fit may look different because what is common is often unhealthy, unfortunately.

Be that as it may, more often than not, civilized nations look down their noses as they exploit and bring on derangements that may ruin many. This is to be expected.

Despite that, keep evolving if you can. Be the one you are, and well; that's one basis of it.


  1. Build your reserves first to have a platform, a ground of yours. You must see and decide on what you can handle before you take it on, preferably. If highlighted truth is great, it may take much courage and maybe shelter too.
  2. To be one of order is very seldom unfit.
  3. Going down into derangements may be easy, swimming upstream may be all right too if well mastered. Learn from fishes mounting rivers and waterfalls: narrow facade, much behind it. The same holds good for expressions too at times. But mind there are different goings. [T+, st. 3]

IN NUCE Great truths may require plenty of courage to live out, and getting one's life in good order on some solid enough tracks is also a key. The other key is the art of swimming upstream like salmons - they don't talk and brag a lot, they evade attention from hunters by not splashing much. They go for more and better, getting upstream and fit places fit for their young -


Gain a fit enough life

A fit enough life is at least one that makes you prosper. To gain and preserve a good enough life as long as you can is usually fit to go for for many folks. The means tend to depend on what openings can be made, and which openings matter.

Decadence currents take away Tao and good living

Know about the sutble decadence currents and adjust to the opposite currents opposite them if manageable - to those currents or "riverflows" in life that build Tao. In acupuncture theory, this is vital for preserving health and in striving to get healthy again, if that can be.

Knowing that decadence currents makes sourer and goes against good Tao, try for what is essential to a good life.

Profit more from what is essential if you can. Later you may put it to use

A SORT of yearning in the deepest parts of yourself could be your giant (spirit) trying to reach beyond into golden understanding of itself and its whereabouts.

Remain bright and neat, and don't be so much concerned with persons of little relevant interest to yourself - and those that bluntly ridicule and scorn as lost ones.

After all, in some waters it is fit to be skeptical and untrusting and carring a polite veneer too. But don't shrink back and be thwarted from essential (heart) matters.

A glimpse into Tao theory: Tao-tending cycles. To see decadence cycles, reverse the arrowheads of the dotted lines and those of the rim.

Try to profit from the essence of what we tell you. You may fine-tune your senses instead of getting overly influenced by gross teachings - old and remote and outdated ones, that is - they fairly often interfere wrongly with ordinary, everyday handling.
       Get able to discern better if you can.

You may come to experience the intense satisfaction of your giant world many times if you get lucky. In fit alignment with that, it can't be all wrong for you to be curious -

But small minds around seem to value intellectual outputs greatly, and may be mistaken together. They pose many a problem. Intuition is not always accepted full well in academic circles, but among certain top-notch researchers it seems different today. (Ganzfield studies)

Good enough love may seem wholly without greed, hate, selfishness and evil, with a true intention to inspire onwards and upwards. Such love can be hard to find on a human level. The brightness of your being may ferret out others with bad intentions and impacts, even if they are hidden for a long time. What if young love is masking great ferreting-out?

The giant realm contains vast learning, things to explore too, and occupy the better parts of a lifetime. Those who have explored and mastered tall feats inside it, may be far superior - perhaps able to operate discreetly on a level over and above (subtler) than most others have interests in.

To explore and search out finest answers is a way to find the truth for yourself. There may be unique ways, maybe one, two or three for each individual. It could be fit. But it may not work that way due to unfortunate circumstances outside your present control.

Would you believe something that tells you to stop your search? Who you are is very special (unique) and that is even sacred at bottom anyway.

You are different if you manage so, for becoming a "you" to others can become quite dangerous. Any intense you-ness may have the inherent capacity to bring decadence and perhaps ruin unless you know how to master these currents.

SO: To profit from what interferes with your course, may require much more than getting curious. It may call for some degree of control, for one thing.

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Ap: Mieder, Wolfgang (main editor), Stewart A. Kingsbury, and Kelsie E. Harder: A Dictionary of American Proverbs. (Paperback) New York: Oxford University Press, 1996.

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