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Proficient Ways ☼

Halcyon means such as golden, happy; peaceful, calm; affluent, prosperous. Home life that is justly described like that, could be worth working for. To such a fit end, what remains in many cases may in part be sifting and arranging tidy utterances and build on them to attain to home management, simply put.

Plumb two ways of living

From inwards out and from outwards in blend. Catch the best teachings and act on the most pregnant ideas from within, if you find out of them. Maybe nightly dreams contain clues.

1. Life is from the heart outwards

Vedic astrology may help many, but we also need to know how to handle the wise words for the simple reason: Wise teachings that are not put into likable practice, may not help as much as meant. Also, "Helpful tenets could be proved, at least somewhat." Statistics is a way to do it, but it is seldom fit for single cases. At any rate, we may live up to likable teachings if we care enough to try it for some time. If we care less than that, little could be gained, but who can tell? It helps to be effective.

2. To be informed from the outside can be too hard

Best truths are inside you.

3. You're here to "mean truth" over and above earthly business lots of time

There are many persons on Earth that keep searching and groping for deeper truths and meaning, and some happen to find answers that satisfy the soul and agree with a long tradition. Also: "Before you attempt a thing, consider what you can perform (American)." Give vent to what your really are.


The favourable life is had by making what is from within harmonise well with things from without - from birth and as long as life lasts - for the sake of fit accommodation. Life success makes some people prosper, thrive and benefit - all three of them.


Fine Living through Artfulness ☼

Gladness may bring finer sides into play

To try to be in the company of informed persons who care for many higher purposes of living might give help.

1. If highlighted truth is great, it may require rather much courage

Many people serve a higher purpose. but not always in a comfortable way for all of them. Many that have not mustered enough prowess or strength to influence much, may be advised to stay where they are supposed to be.

2. To be one of order is very seldom unfit

Each person that is alive can become a sort of pole, and pulsating too. Biomagnetic research considers such phenomena too.

3. Going down into derangements may be easy, but swimming upstream may be all right too if well mastered

There are many different belief systems on Earth, and also the idea that "If something is different, it is suspect." Further, Abraham Maslow considers how what is best fit may look deviant and not good to many. However, the average bunch may be too unhealthy to be a good yardstick of what is sane, good enough or proper, he is also into. "Seek out the best, and not the rest," was what he lived up to as he sought out presumable outstanding people and meant to find common features among them. He has written books about it.

Others have tried to find common features too. Alfred Kinsey, the man behind the Kinsey Report, found that the average white American housewife was sexually adventurous in the extreme. It might not be true. Here is why:

Kinsey was driven to the ghetto, to prisons and to gay bars . . . first of all, he liked the variety [and] this sort of person was the only sort who would talk to him . . . only a certain type of person . . . Psychologist Abraham Maslow brought out this "volunteer bias" in an article which appeared in The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology in April 1952, maintaining that
the bias introduced into a sex study by the use of volunteers is, in general, in the direction of inflating the percentage [of reported] masturbation, oral sexuality, petting to climax, premarital and extramarital intercourse, etc. The more timid and retiring individuals . . . are likely, it seems, to refrain from volunteering for sex studies in which they are asked embarrassing questions.

Maslow, who worked with Kinsey at the time he was gathering histories, made his findings known to Kinsey while he was preparing his first volume, but Kinsey ignored the objections. In a letter written in 1970, Maslow said that he warned Kinsey about volunteer error but Kinsey "refused to publish it and refused even to mention it in his books, or to mention anything else that I had written. All my work was excluded from his bibliography." According to Maslow, "the whole basis for Kinsey's statistics was proven to be shaky," by the findings on volunteer bias, which Kinsey willfully ignored. (Jones 2000, 322, 324.)

Hence, what one researcher or "researcher" makes out to be average, a fair researcher finds to be grossly error-ridden through self-selection bias and therefore not of good enough quality. Granted that, American housewives may have been much better than the reputation Kinsley sought to present them with.

It would be good if fine if sex-and-profit do not overshadow finer needs of likable people far and wide.

Abraham Maslow's Pyramid of Needs +

Figure. Abraham Maslow's postulated pyramid of layered (hierarchic) needs

"Fulfillment steps" that Maslow postulated, to be read from bottom and up:

  • Self-actualization desires and yearnings.
  • Esteem hankerings.
  • Social yearnings.
  • Safety adherence.
  • Physiological, steady competence needs.

Maslow's pyramid shows there are higher levels to cater to as the person grows up or develops. Now, the one you are, that's much needed for progressing adequately, and putting your best foot forward had better not be denied you.


  1. Build your reserves first to have a platform, a ground of yours. You must see and decide on what you can handle before you take it on, preferably. If highlighted truth is great, it may take much courage and maybe shelter too.
  2. To be one of pleasant order is very seldom unfit.
  3. Going down into derangements may be easy, swimming upstream may be all right too if well mastered. Learn from fishes mounting rivers and waterfalls: narrow facade, much behind it. The same holds good for expressions too at times. But mind there are different goings. [T+, st. 3]

Great truths may require plenty of courage to live out, and getting one's life in good order on some solid enough tracks is also a key. The other key is the art of swimming upstream like salmons - they don't talk and brag a lot, they evade attention from hunters by not splashing much. They go for more and better, getting upstream and fit places fit for their young -


Toward a Proper Life

"To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else." - Emily Dickinson

Decadence currents take away Tao and good living

Know about the subtle decadence currents and adjust to the opposite currents opposite them if manageable - to those currents or "riverflows" in life that build Tao. In acupuncture theory, this is vital for preserving health and in striving to get healthy again, if that can be.

Knowing that decadence currents makes sourer and goes against good Tao, try for what is essential to a good life.

Profit more from what is essential if you can. Later you may put it to use

Remain bright and neat, and don't be so much concerned with persons of little relevant interest to yourself.

After all, in some waters it is fit to be skeptical and untrusting and carring a polite veneer too. But don't shrink back and be thwarted from essential (heart) matters.

A glimpse into Tao theory: Tao-tending cycles. To see decadence cycles, reverse the arrowheads of the dotted lines and those of the rim.

Small minds around seem to value money above intellectual standing greatly, and may be mistaken also. They pose many a problem. Intuition is not always accepted full well in academic circles, and yet it is by some, like the physicist Albert Einstein -

Life is in part an opportunity to learn and explore - infants do it with glee, and scientists too. To explore and search out finest answers is likable.

You are different if you manage to come out of this life alive.

Day by day, nothing seems to change. But pretty soon, everything's different. - Bill Watterson, maker of 'Calvin and Hobbes.'

✑ See also Maharishi Vastu Architecture.

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