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Waking Attainments
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Fit for Waking ☼

1. Get fit for deep meditation

The heart, not the head, is the seat of Consciousness. (Egyptian wisdom)

Let a person discover his Self. (Upanishadic and Advaitic wisdom)

Minding one's breath may work. (Ancient Buddhist method).

2. Those who are drawn to contemplate a lot, were hardly meant to compete like brutes and animals in a circus

What many could lack in the start, is to put themselves fitly and methodically into a good, regular drill (of sessions). It could be good for you.

1. Practical handling from cogent thinking, and a clear mind at the back of that again.

Words in books have value through their meanings and supposed meanings.

One may slowly wonder what is the value of that handed down view of a writer of old also.


Meditate to preserve your mental balance if you can. Self-preservation may require bulwarking too. There is value accrued from reading, and more value accrued from decent, skilful handling on top of it.

Deep meditation practice correctly done, over and over, and handling life along with deep meditation may count for something.



How to Meditate

One may, for example, focus gently on a fit mantra (sound) to benefit from, and stick to the training, gently resuming the focusing after the mind has drifted or been distracted.

Whatever place we choose to sit in regularly, it should be comfortably warm.

Traditional times for meditation are dawn and dusk and otherwise . . . what could work best for you.

Regularity often helps too.

Words from the Brahma Purana

The body is the means of acquiring virtue, wealth, love and liberation, so an intelligent man should maintain his body with great care. (Brahma Purana, Chap. 120, v. 45)

The achievement of virtue, wealth and love and the rare acquisition of liberation becomes possible due to the truth of men. Hence one shall never forsake truth. (Ibid. v. 54)

Truth is the supreme Brahman in the world . . . one shall never forsake Truth. (Ibid. v. 55)

If you interiorise your mind you can delve deeply

Do not believe much by others that aim to profit from such beliefs; stay sane instead. Rationality may be developed a long way. [Kalama Sutta].


Meditation tips, Literature  

Shastri, J. L., ed. Brahma Purana: Part 3. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1986.

Harvesting the hay

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