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Irish Folktales

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Fairy tales of Ireland Irish folktales are a branch of Celtic tales. Irish folktales, indeed a bounteous harvest, were put down in writing mainly in the 1800s. They were orally transmitted in various dialects in Irish-speaking districts. Some folktale creatures have their origin in Celtic mythology. Some tales here are retold.

  1. Paddy Corcoran's Wife
  2. Jamie Freel and the Young Lady
  3. Grace Connor
  4. The Greedy Fox
  5. The Woman without Stockings
  6. The Giant's Stairs
  7. Billy and the Tiny Man in a Three-Cornered Hat
  1. The Girl Who Got the Better of the Gentleman
  2. The Old Crow Teaches the Young Crow
  3. The Lady Promised
  4. The Lawyer and the Devil
  5. The Magpie and the Fox
Connemara ponies, suggestive of Irish fairy tales and other folktales of Ireland
Irish horses (Connemara ponies)

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