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A Libra Dwad Understood

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Libra's 9th Dwad: ♎ / ♊. Libra over Gemini

A recap: In the traditional arrangement of dwadashamsas (- they are 2 1/2 degrees each, and often abridged into dwads - the first dwad (2 1/1 degrees) of a sign is "resonating to the sign". In this system thinking the first dwad of Libra is a "Libra dwad", accordingly, and so on clockwise. The ninth dwad in such a clockwise, serial order is the Gemini dwad. By combining claimed hallmarks of both Libra and Gemini, we arrive at the given characteristics of the dwad to inspect. The gate to good living may be found by combining terse statements into a survey that is fit for training or practice, or both. Thus one gate of endearment swings open, hopefully. You may find such gates near the end of each Tao essay of this kind. Below is one example - but there are 144 dwads in the zodiak circle, each with their hallmarks and lessons to perform well on top of, I daresay.

Many other factors go into jolly good living than one's own, personal efforts, though. But through astrology we may get input that helps us in deciding what to do, in what order, and in what ways, "all around the zodiak circle". In such endeavours, if we refrain from desecrating our own efforts and blame our own, possible mistakes of thinking, superficiality, gullibility, performance and lack of equipment - whatever - on astrology alone, that could be good . . .

Time and general conditions have to follow suit. Postponements make us miss good time and many chances. To waste one's dear time may be the cause of much harsh as time goes on. The first step is to get into one's own prominent dwads, ponder their possible lessons for nights and days and go for the most convenient ones, so that as the crown of our the gate is given and swings open. Thus we may be admitted into higher, more beneficial circles of living, in part as a result of seeing through tenets, then sifting and arranging them for maximum benefits. It is as it should be. Good luck with that.

And take it to heart: It is low to believe in things blindly, but adequate to inspect things carefully before committing oneself a lot. Win the trick: Deal with astrology tenets in order to benefit yourself. Don't sell your property and dispense with your other assets to study astrology alone, in peace. Stay calm, stay well composed. The proper tenets must be reasonable and good-looking in themselves, no matter their background - be it a matrix or another faith system. We cannot hope to cope without rational, beneficial tenets to sustain our thinking and efforts, methinks.

One more thing: The planets, including the sun, moon and especially the moon's nodes, are deemed heavenly significators in a birth horoscope. Other significant fields are there too, but I give you just one example here: The way to a gate of endearment for those with a significator in the 9th dwad of Libra, and with Neptune in that field (dwad), would be marked by some of the qualities allotted to Neptune. To test it and ascertain to which degree it all seems plausible, probable, likely, laughable, ridiculous and so on, refrain from being garrulous first, and go ahead.

Now for an example. And remember: Sensible, all-round tenets often seem able to stand on their own legs, no matter what sort of speculation went into them first, and a tub manages to stand on its own bottom too. You be the judge of that, in any case. TAO STUDY

LoLove-given trespassing tends to bring its charms

Love-given discussions and harmony matter, and so do "trespassing and making way into one another".

Love-evoked flaws, like great possessiveness, may still take a situation firmly in hand.

Great love brings interest in some things, and great love is herding others.

Love charms a lot, and so do fair items for happy encounters.

Love-given discussions fairly well "trespassing one another"

Neatness, grace of style, and good order rarely hurt. ◊

Congenial wit or wisdom tends to great standards.

Love ensnares, and love-making can put people at ease. Yet trespassers of love have to be guarded against.

Cooperative thinking adjusts.

To weigh this and that in the balance can be almost irresistible.

A fool for love goes for balancing along by seeming agreeable for a long time.

From love, people weigh this and that too, as far as they are able.

We should not pretend to have feelings that are not there.

LoWho spends a lot to put others at ease, guards against being all alone

Love is an expert at ensnaring and making ad hoc solutions. ◊

Love tends to solution-making and quite naturally.

Having ample space, can dupe fairly naturally.

Thinking your own thoughts seems agreeable, but should be skilful and well guarded to work to your future advantage.

Love ensnares, and so do hobbies that put others at ease.

To think and develop your own thinking, go for reasonable standards of such endeavours.

Love secretly admonishes a lot of persons. Stress and divorce statistics show it. ◊

Basically, thinking one's own thoughts takes much, and remaining alive is also alone.

The easy-gong professional is intelligent enough to be a little superficial as fits.

A hobby or five should be good - including that of posing as a pope of a sort.

To be warm-hearted is not everything in art and living. Lovers are also served by staying tidy and guarding against the negative.

LoWarm-hearted dilettantes may be in for losing a lot

Quick-witted and warm-hearted communication is a boon. ◊

Warm-hearted communication is quite an art, and so is seeming superficial to one's advantage.

Dilettantes, losing, can develop nervousness and neuroses

Efficient communication is not all there is to a relationship and the papacy. MM

The adaptable, quick-witted, flirtatious and fun to be with, try to debate only skilfully. ◊◊

The versatile may successfully bend communication to their own sweet advantage. See if you can.


  1. Love-given trespassing tends to bring its charms.
  2. Who spends a lot to put others at ease, guards against being all alone.
  3. Warm-hearted dilettantes may be in for losing a lot, whereas efficient ones at pope-showy doings seem to score, but may develop neuroses.
IN NUCE Transcend a dire urge to put others at ease, the sooner the better, to find time to be lovably alone and free from neuroses -

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