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Life Benefits from Plumbing

Padmasambhava statue. - Vajra-Guru Padmasambhavas Ausdruck, sein freundlicher und durchdringender Blick - einer großen Inspiration
Back up carefully and do not deceive little children.

"Do you wish to be great? Then begin by being. . . The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation," wrote Augustine of Hippo, also known as Saint Augustine.

Being has several meanings, and 'plumb' has many meanings. Among them are 'measure, explore, penetrate, probe, feel out, see how the land lies; examine; scrutinise; gauge, fathom' and make 'careful investigations'. So to plumb the innermost recesses of one's mind can be had both by "introspection", and "shining", as Zen roshi Hakuin terms it in a book (Shaw 1963). Meditation is a way.

Life needs to be lived forwards toward solvency and to one's best ability. Then much in it may make sense when looked into in retrospect. That is one way of learning lessons for those who survive without breaking and are able to tell." Experience can be a hard teacher because she often gives the test first, the lesson afterwards". If we learn from the dear life lessons of others we may improve our own lot, but it may still be awfully hard to tackle costly wisdom - and prepared for that by plumbing in the sense of searching, measuring, unraveling and similar.


A child's attachments tend to be given up if all goes well.

A disarming disloyality is often fit for the matured artistic spirit.

A tiger's paw is cool thought put into practice somehow.

According to Eastern wisdom, what is called the Great Void isn't vacant anyway.

Advancing proficiency often calls for growth of care or judiciousness to go along with it.

Align your initiatives with the natural order and the high and great without being fitful.

An author sees while a gardener shapes and allows for nice upward growth.

Artists have attained to the boldness of little children also.

Being expertlike may soak up one's zest in living.

Being true often leads to some danger, Not to be true may grant a lot acceptance without and degeneration within.

Careful and figurative mentions are often the highest ones.

Clerical worship tends to become dogmatic and rigid if not gay.

Conform and not too complicated manners are often helpful, at least for beginners or for some time.

Conform outlets seldom lift anyone upwards and into heaven.

Conform strides and outbursts seldom hurt a common man unless in war.

Decent living is in part by conform manners that bring benefits. Delicate and sweet outlets are often fairer than most others.

Do not deceive yourself by listen to words of the Bible [Cf. James 1:22]

Each needs to be a fool in his own silliness-right.

Figurative mentions are often the highest ones.

For making success, try to see great people to make good use of excellent people.

Generosity is supported far and wide, but does it bring any benefit to yourself?

Good fortune is far from shouldering a burden while riding in a carriage.

Good jokes count a lot among educated people too.

Grandeur is shown in nature's displays. One may delight in well formed flowers.

Great judiciousness fairly often costs.

Grizzly bears are loveable to those the grizzly bears are meant to be loveable to, and not all and sundry.

"I may confess there was a time when I liked Herp Albert's Tihuana brass."

If Rama is fit for public veneration, then what about the Ashlad? To take Rama to heart is fit, but the Ashlad steals and lies in several folk tales.

It may save plenty of time and thereby pay very well to resist initial urges to embroider a whole lot.

It tends to be fit to push upward with unceasing constancy.

"Men seek less to be instructed than applauded." (Proverb)

Not everything is solved by good thinking and decent deals of an excellent upbringing.

One is to go for fair living and count the cost.

"People learn more and more as they learn to discharge energy in different ways." [Cob 346]

Proficient ways and means and methods should be studied and learnt well and hopefully mastered in due time; it pays to be careful.

Rise above Fido the watch-dog.

Serious discontent with one's educational system can be a hallmark of a maturing mind, like outgrowing one's school teachers.

Sound conclusion to flourish by can be smooth and delicate like flowers, and well rounded.

Stingy conclusions can maim unless they let us roll on somehow.

Study of the thoughts of other may be philosophical. But to remain clearheaded is fair and good no matter what.

The arts can be based on figuring prowess ever so often.

The cobwebs of life are fay-networks and much taming as such. They count a lot and require high skills to be dealt with.

The golf swing may be a quite difficult and demanding physical practice.

The more expertise, the more subtlety.

The more rewarding experience, the better or higher the culinary outlets and outfit tends to be.

The more uplifting the encounter, the better your footing needs to be if you want to remain.

The wise howler also counts.

Things depend in part on what jack and jill are taught to put into them.

Things depend a lot on what kind of needs we cater to.

To be lucky one needs the setting for that sort of thing.

To be on the outlook for wisdom books is handy.

To be fooled by great-looking swindling talk is not at all classy.

To conclude well isn't the only boon there is, although it often helps one's mental outlook, if not one's lot.

Touchingly beautify sceneries invite us to appreciate them.

Warm and solid frankness, may lead to your gate.

Warm, brilliant humour may help you on and up at times.

Welcome the best, and leave behind the rest.

What humans laugh at is in part what they cannot enjoy full well and protest against by laughing. Surprise!

Who is above being detached and everywhere in nature too, can support your needs and dreams.

Why haven't Discovery Channel and National Geographic and BBC lined up hard-headed believers that are given the gospel-authorised task of casting mountains into the sea by their words? By their lack of works you shall known them, I figure.

Why try to find out things you don't tackle to live through? Maybe you find a use for some of them later.

Winning wit, why not try it for favouring ourselves?

Wisdom without a touch of humour may not always work very well.

Wise direction counts; a home and a place to go to as well.

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Shaw, R. D. M., tr. The Embossed Tea Kettle: Orate Gama and Other Works of Hakuin Zenji. London: George Allen and Unwin, 1963.

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