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All-round Life Arts

Joy is good, yet there is more to the Highest too

Love is secondary to joy. - Yogananda, love guru, in The Divine Romance, p. 4-5

Then follow up and ask yourself, "Is the highest to go for joy?" There is more to life than joy, and more to God than joy too. There is more to the Self than joy. The terms Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being-Consciousness-Joy) and Sat-Tat-Aum ("Being-Intelligence-Vibration") are often used to describe God, or the Self. They show there is more to the highest (subtlest) than ananda, bliss, joy. A look:

  • Sat: Absolute, Truth, Existence
  • Tat: Intelligence, Consciousness
  • Chit: Consciousness
  • Ananda: Joy, Bliss.
  • Aum (Om): Spirit vibration
  • Brahman: The Ultimate.

In Mahayana Buddhism the highest is Totality, encompassing both samsara (the world experience) and nirvana (joy of the beyond). The venerable Padmasambhava is one of the gurus in Tibetan Buddhism who teaches it. Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, is in the Nyingma tradition, the oldest surviving school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Hence, Joy is good, but not all there is to say about the highest - That is to suggest there is a lot more to go for or develop in also. Freedom, moksha is another side to it, one of the four main goals of life in traditional Hinduism. To get free from limiting or cramped outlook, is good. Freedom may be won by degrees and various strides. There are many sorts of freedom, yet inner freedom is what is aimed for basically. Can sex help you on and up, then it helps. That should not be going too far. It could be wise to learn basics of tantra sex against getting cramped, and the teachings of Padmasambhava may be found to be fit.

But let us have some figurative talk:

Entertaining deeply. Ploughing too

The tips on this page apply to both sexes. "Through rustic love-making: a future, also a good one." - When general conditions allow you to have a say and have your own home, it is good to go for it through sexual activity before it gets too late.

Enough foreplay leads to sexual arousal
To the end that both partners move their hips
Often continuing up to a climax or six.
All are not unhappy with being sexual beings.

The Special Garden

The plough needs to be sturdy, the soil fertile
That could make for a successful enterprise.

No good and able ploughman should expect to benefit from acting irresponsibly. And the candid ploughman goes on, doing his best, knowing that to rest on long gone accomplishments is not the best rest there is, having rewon one's life companion and first ally to share intimate feelings, deep friendship, and the struggle to make it together.

The jolly good carpenter assembles his tools and marries betimes.
He gradually learns to adapt to and function with his ally,
Sleeping together or otherwise.

He seldom expects his ally to be totally devoted and decent.
He's not fond of making mistakes,
For they can get costy, very costy in time
For a fattended, hammering, pounding ally.

Suspect in time that good time fairly easily breeds discontent, but not always. During leisure hours we may occupy ourselves at breeding contentment and advancing accomplishments. These uses of free time reflect a little Shogun wisdom: "In times of peace and favourable circumstances, prepare for war and strife ahead." Being prepared is a Boy Scout ideal too.

Bold gardener

The gardener has to adjust in an ongoing enterprise.
Attacks by silly people, animals and pests may ruin harvests.
In times of peace and plenty conditions are good for preparing against untoward happenings some way or other. Life skills may be learnt and passed on.
Gather seeds and store them.
Merely ploughing is nowhere quite enough.
To rest complacently on ploughing of the past will not do in the long run. Thriving and wise enough work and foresight go together.
One is to deal with bugs and weeds, perhaps drainages. The climes and times may differ.
So live to till your garden and thrive there, but learn to keep it too.
Reap berries, vegetables, and fruits all along.
Associate with fellows on like bent.
Against over-inflated views: get good friends.
Marry someone friendly in just your case. Friendships can run deep.

Managing Odds Better

Get carefully informed and build togetherness.
Study well in front of the hard things.
Consider the average chances and estimate how average you are yourself, to get alert to common impediants and improve personal odds and good chances of favours.
Marriages break far and wide. We may improve our odds if we know the most common, underlying causes of break-ups, and fortify what helps a sound marriage accordingly.
Study successes first, learn to adjust with some tact.


Secret Garden Love ☼

Proverbial tips try to assist the handling of the love-life too.

Sound and sensible love-making

1. Going to bed for making love helps democracy - unions tend to work that way

Great and smart love-making is jolly enough and fair too. Such sexual love can ride above holiness to look at.

Sweet are the uses of mature love-making. Liberal love-making could be one of the rich man's essential contributions to the democracy. Canonisation of a good and sound penis changes our attitudes to it too.

You must stand strong to stand naked. Decent love-makers can have sex and fun and like each others.

2. Attractions may need tobe dealt with by skills

Pleasant love-making doesn't really suit city jams and cramped living, and gets degenerated from abuses.

3. If ulterior motives crawl into the bed, sex life may be tamed

In a society of love-sick persons that send in personal ads of the spectacular sort and go further, the love-sick person may not be very pleasant to be with. Desperate people seldom are, and if legal formalities are brought in later, it may indeed show.

Love-making and misfortune go much together nowadays, as reflected by divorces. If fatal attraction has set in, much and sound advice may be too late.


The road was too slippery
Where the river is deep.

I sit up as the clear night drives past.
Grass and leaves grow.

Hair is getting scanty,
Full of goodbyes.

- Tu Fu, fragments in Young 1990 sown together anew.

Rounding Off

Proverbs from Norden (Jensen 1996):

  • Like mother, like daughter [meaning: they probably have features in common]. (Norden)
  • I restrained myself for seven weeks, said the widower, before I found another wife. (Sweden).
  • Laziness is a valuable talent when it is suitably used. (Finland)
  • Who sits closest to the fire, gets burnt first. (Norway)

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Jensen, Brikt, red. Ordspråkleksikon. Tr. Gunnar Gjengset. Oslo: Schibsted, 1996. (Carsten Bregenhøu og Solveig Pått: Politikens Ordsprogleksikon.)

Young, David, tr. 1990. Five T'ang Poets: Wang Wei, Li Po, Tu Fu, Li Ho, Li Shang-yin. Oberlin OH: Oberlin College Press.

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