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Don Juan and Floating Eggs
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Don Juan

There is little evidence that Don Juan did what he is said to have done, and that he existed at all. At most, "Juan Matos" is a pseudonym.

A Carlos Castanedas writes of Jon Juan in several books. Castanedas' father was a goldsmith and watchmaker. Carlos studied painting and sculpture at the National Fine Arts School of Peru. Many documented sides to Castanedas' history go counter to what Castanedas tells himself about his life.

Serious analytical criticism of Castaneda's books emerged after 1975, for he had actually been sitting in a library when his journal said he was squatting in Don Juan's hut - (WP, "Carlos Castanedas")

"Some hidden eggs float around humans," is a teaching.

A World of Brilliant Eggs

Sound dreaming can help a man out. And whay may we see?

Human beings may be seen within luminous shapes that resemble brilliant, huge eggs of a sort. The eggs of heaven are bigger than the human bodies and float around them.

Within a huge egg is its "yolk" and a tiny germ-spot within that "yolk" again. Human perception is assembled within the golden germ-spot within the bright egg. The tiny germ may have the brightest glow within, in that side to life.

When the germ spot (assemblage point) is placed as usual, in a regular and carefully regulated position, perception and awareness appear normal, judging by the standard behaviour of those phenomena that are studied.

But when the assemblage points (germ) and surrounding glowing sphere (yolk) are differently placed that otherwise, eccentric behaviour can be observed in someone, or very unfamiliar sights. The greater the displacement of the assemblage point from its habitual position, the more unusual the consequent behaviour. There are some possibilities:

  • The tiny spot inside (the assemblage point) can shift colours and shapes (golden forms) deep inside, where the heart is.
  • The assemblage point of the human being can dislodge itself from the spot where it is usually located. Maybe one's awareness is found to be moving or roving or soaring outside the golden egg - travelling inside to remote places or locations. These feats may be mastered in due time, or come more or less by themselves. Travelling both interiorly or in the filtered secret rays around, or beyond day-to-day perceptions, the tiny spots sift or glide inside filaments of energy that may be quite improvable today.
  • The glow of the tiny spot (assembley spot) turns utterly dim in people who have been rendered unconscious or are about to die, and it is wholly absent in dead bodies.
  • In addition, much depends on the nature surrounding oneself and the family.

Beware of the friendly look if the heart isn't lighted from it.

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Although I can not lay an egg, I am a very good judge of omelets. - George Bernard Shaw

At least, now we know the egg came first - before the hen.

I'm frightened of eggs. - Sir Alfred Hitchcock

Ancient Egyptians held that the universe was once a big giant egg. - Sheila Cicchi

The Koreans claim their first king came from a mysterious red egg that was left by a flying horse. - Sheila Cicchi

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