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Don Juan Matos of Carlos Castanedas
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A Novelist and Don Juan

"The universe is an infinite agglomeration of energy fields, resembling threads of light," said Don Juan Matos from Sonora according to his shaman-apprentice, the Peruvian-born Dr. Carlos Castanedas (1925-98). Castanedas claims the Yaqui Indian was his mentor while he was doing field work as a student of anthropology at the University of California.

According to Castanedas, his first meeting with Juan Matus took place in 1960 in a dusty Arizona bus depot near the Mexican border. Castanedas wrote twelve controversial books. They are described as beautifully constructed, with an "unforgettable" Don Juan's character in them. Existential stoicism penetrates his books. Castaneda narrates in first person what he claimed were his experiences under the tutelage of Don Juan.

This said, there is little evidence that Don Juan did what he is said to have done, and that he existed at all. At the very least, "Juan Matus" is a pseudonym. A Castaneda admirer said, "Either Carlos is telling the documentary truth about himself and Don Juan, in which case he is a great anthropologist. Or else it is an imaginative truth, and he is a great novelist . . . Carlos wins."

Castanedas' father was a goldsmith and watchmaker. His mother died when Carlos was twenty-four. He studied painting and sculpture at the National Fine Arts School of Peru. One of his fellow students there, Jose Bracamonte, remembers him as "witty, imaginative, cheerful - a big liar and a real friend." These things are documented, and go counter to what Castanedas tells himself about his life.

Castanedas did not tire of telling of weird events and claimed sorcerer teachings along with them. "Don Juan taught me that . . [i]f you want to do something, do it impeccably." The visits to the Southwest and the Mexican desert gradually became the spine of Castaneda's life, we are told. The training took Castanedas into humito, which is a preparation of dust from Psilocybe mushrooms that had been dried and aged for a year, and then mixed with five other plants, including sage. This was smoked in a ritual pipe, and used for divination. But it is not a part of Yaqui culture.

Through it all, Castaneda asked questions, for he often had little idea of what was going on. And it became widely supposed that this author was El Freako the Acid Academic tripping through the desert with a crow on his hat, cackling, "Oh, I am a bull-shitter!"

According to Castanedas, his priestly Indian guide was severe. He himself kept vivid notes, and gradually he understood the sorcerer's way could be traversed without drugs. "Learn to perceive with your whole body not just with your eyes and reason," said his mentor. Part of the training involved minutely, even piously attuning the senses to the desert, its animals and birds its sounds and shadows, the shifts in its wind, learning about the virtues of herbs, and further.

"Whether Carlos Castaneda is, as some leading scholars think, a major figure in an evolution of anthropology or only a brilliant novelist with unique knowledge of the desert and Indian lore, his work is to be reckoned with," concludes a Time article about Castanedas, the only source of Don Juan that is found, it seems. [More]

Serious analytical criticism of Castaneda's books emerged after 1975. And besides, he was sitting in the library when his journal said he was squatting in don Juan's hut - [Wikipedia sv "Carlos Castanedas"]

I think it is best to consider Castanedas a novelist.


Hidden Eggs with Yolk and the Like

Quack Teachings?

These energy fields are also emanations of a rather indescribable energy outlet. They radiate from a force source that can be called the Eagle through metaphor.

Human breasts manifest of intense brilliance to seeing artists.

One should face the point of meeting with what was hitherto in secret, even unimaginable.

One result of intent is control and maybe taming.

One should face what is essential in the art or work one is about to learn, to remain quite allround functional in fair ways.

Besides these outwards measures or strides, sound dreaming can help a man out. Dreaming is a wise man's "jet plane" into advanced thinking at times.

You should care to understand what matters deep inside - you may feel it is inside you while it actually is in everybody else around you, those you live or work with.

Group "instinct" or "group feeling" isn't good if tender concern is done away with.

A source of the above quotations: Don Juan Matos' instructions in Dr. Carlos Castaneda's [The Power of Silence

"It is more exciting not to know which bush the rabbit is hiding behind than to behave as though we know everything." - Don Juan Matos. [Journey to Ixtlan]

"Whatever is beyond our capacity to perceive is the unknowable. And the distinction between it and the knowable is crucial." - Don Juan. [The Fire From Within]

"Any habit is, in essence, a doing, and a doing needs all its parts in order to function. If some parts are missing, a doing is disassembled." - Don Juan [The Second Ring of Power]

The hidden 'eggs'

"Some hidden eggs float around humans," is a teaching.

Don Juan Matos said that many see the energy essence of human beings, and depict human beings as bright shapes that resemble giant eggs and call them lighted eggs that float about somehow, and with a taproot dragging from underneath them. These eggs are seen without use of standard vision. The light balls are round spots of intense brilliance, intensified to - say - the size of an easter egg in the "centre" of the big periphery of the ball that is much bigger than the human body. It floats around it.

Within the huge egg is it's "yolk" like a halo, and a tiny germ-spot inside that "yolk" again. Below are instructrons on where to find them - perhaps. The outcome of a try depends on dispositions and training. Maybe both need to be excellent.

Learn "germ, yolk and the whole egg" are considered together

At an arm's length from a person's back on the level of the shoulder blades the intense ball can be seen with some excellent training. That's the spot we're assembled inside, in normally invisible realms. The golden germ-spot inside the easter egg makes us perceive, or just as well hinted at: perception is assembled there. The perception in general must take place on that spot.

There is also a spherical extra glow or halo (yolk) that is slightly bigger than the assembbley spot: it surrounds it. It's the layout.

We'll talk of the tiny germ, the brightest glow inside. The "germ" or assemblage point (inside) isn't terribly difficult to note or see. But we need to steady oneself if restless, and maybe acquire such energy as can be channeled or funneled into the steady non-striving and confluent awareness training. Some breathe a little extra for it, and very gentle panting called kriya pranayama, may do the trick.

And one had better abandon dire self-complacency if one would like to become an expert in these "waters". The quite random or false security it is tied in with, seldom lasts a lifetime.

When the germ spot (assemblage point) is placed as usual, in a regular and carefully regulated position, perception and awareness appear normal, judging by the standard behaviour of those phenomena that are studied.

But when the assemblage points (germ) and surrounding glowing sphere (yolk) are differently placed that otherwise, eccentric behaviour can be observed in someone, or very unfamiliar sights. The greater the displacement of the assemblage point from its habitual position, the more unusual the consequent behaviour and the greater the possibility for tricks and art - from the awareness and perception. There are some possibilities:

  1. The tiny spot inside (the assemblage point) can shift colours and shapes (golden forms) deep inside, where the heart is.
  2. The assemblage point of the human being can dislodge itself from the spot where it is usually located. Maybe one's awareness is found to be moving or roving or soaring outside the golden egg - travelling inside to remote places or locations. These feats may be mastered in due time or come more or less by themselves. It depends, and not a little depends on upbringing. Travelling both interiorly or in the filtered secret rays around somehow, or beyond day-to-day perceptions, the tiny spots sift or glide inside filaments of energy that can be quite improvable today - much beyond the realm of common consensus in the realm of knowledge.
  3. Also, culinary sages actually note that the glow of the tiny spot (assembley spot) turns utterly dim in people who have been rendered unconscious or are about to die, and that it is wholly absent in dead bodies.
  4. In addition, much depends on the nature surrounding oneself and the family.

The art of telling with variations

One had better cultivate his or her mind. It includes the deeper segments of mind too. Through TM you can reach up to it.

One should beware of the friendly look if one's heart isn't lighted from it.

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MAIN SOURCE: Don Juan Matos' instructions from Dr. Carlos Castaneda's book Dreaming]

Time. Don Juan and the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Monday, Mar. 05, 1973. [◦Link]

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