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Dreaming of Mysteries
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Some Poems

"Hold fast to that which is good [American proverb]."

Dreaming of Mysteries

Dreaming of mysteries, get free from the bondage of earth-men.

Go well beyond dreams of finite men in your thoughts.

And whatever it is, it is one with the stars and the great source of the cosmos.

By Order you are united with the All.

So centre your soul-force for the coming of 'one with all things'.

And move freely.

Old ways of relaxation

Ever follow the path of wisdom.

He who would follow the pathway of wisdom,

Must be open to the flower of life.

Sealed in your heart is eternal brightness,

Darkness is only a veil.

Sealed in your heart is eternal brightness

Waiting the moment to rend the veil.

Some who once freed themselves from the bondage of toil,

Also managed to coalesce the ether into forms as they had learnt.

In your mind you may likewise form a picture -

And neatly created, it may grow.

Be truly aware of your kinship with Light.

Sparks of the flame you are, my children,

Burning with colour and living with music.

Lift up your flame from out of the darkness.

Linger till you are free from desire,

Then lie down and close your eyes.


[And you may pray a while.]


At last I passed to a plane,

It was hidden from knowledge and unknown to wisdom,

Extending beyond all we know.


Place in your mind-place the image you wish.

Picture the place you desire to see.

Vibrate back and forth with your power.


Magnet of fire, One with the ALL,

Lift up my soul.

Upward into the morning of harmony

Let it move.

And freely move with the Children of Light.

[Garnered around Tablet 4]

Brothers of Idiocy

Some, Masters of Old Darkness and Ruin (idiocy),

Sought to fill all with their idiocy:

Sought to draw others into their night.

Fiercely they withstood the masters of inner brightness:

Fiercely they fought from the darkness of ruin,

And ever sought to tighten the fetters,

The chains that bind men to the darkness of ignorance of what is inside.

Banded together as one order, the Brothers of Darkness,

Were antagonists to mankind through the ages.

Man in his ignorance calls THEM from below.


Go for It

Through the ages has knowledge existed and never been lost.

Throughout the time-space, consciousness surely exist.

Deep in the essence of matter many mysteries are hidden.

The soul is space-free.

The one who is seeking it right, may ever hope to be free.

He who attains it must be absolutely in order inside and draw on the Word.

Also put forth your effort in gaining Light on the pathway of Life.

Seek to be one with the Sun that Matters as the State -

When you have plumbed the heart of all mystery, knowledge and wisdom will also be yours.

On Time

Into the first 'nothingness' there came a thought, purposeful, all-pervading, filling that old 'Mammy Void'.

In the beginning, there came the "eternity-lasting thought" Om.

And into the all-pervading thought grew the great law [or concern] of time.

You move through time as your consciousness moves from one event to another.

Throughout the time-space, consciousness surely exist.

And Time moves through strange curves in the universe (its angles).

I can see mankind's beginning, I have learned from the past there is nothing that is lyrical and ever-new.

Without the divine Light nothing ever exists.

Man is of Old Light and that inward Light is also of man.

In the world, seek such Old Light at its roots only.

If this lore is true, more Light is not really a goal you shall seek to attain.

Know the old, eternal brightness.

Become one with the oldest and greatest of Subtle Lights.

Find at the Old Source what is the Old End of your Old Goal.

And then you can walk more in the light of the glorious day.

Walk a lot in the pathway that lead to an Old Sun State.

In some Deep Words are power to open the planes that are hidden from man.

Think-mass 'ZIN-OUROU' and you shall find power.

Don't be afraid of the power within you.

And don't fear the path that leads you to right and sound knowledge.

Matter is the Cosmos, and the Cosmos brings an Old, Old Order, modifying things anew and anon, there are movements of many cycles in it.

From very long ago, there is a battle of darkness (matter) and light, and that battle is fought fiercely all around us.

Hurrah began the struggle and brought sourness deep into mankind.

As a result, what has being is growing to perhaps meet yet another being somewhere else, that is, in some distant grouping of space and of time -

Did you believe that? Healthy doubt is something tall. It makes us ask for evidence. See Buddha's counsel: [Kalama Sutta]

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