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Dreaming of Mysteries
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A Bright Mystery

"Hold fast to that which is good [American proverb]."
He who would follow the pathway of wisdom,

Ought to be open to the flower of life.

Your heart mails eternal brightness.

Yet a soul itself is space-free.

If in your mind you form a picture, your heart into it -

Neatly made, it may swell and grow.

Place in your mind-place the image you wish.

Picture the place you desire to see.

Vibrate back and forth with your power.

You may linger till you are free from desire,

Then centre

As neat as can be.

A soul itself is space-free.

Seek to be one with the Sun of your heart.

Without Light nothing may be seen.

Hear the Angels

This is much as Dorothy taught us.

Cooperation with the forces behind Nature does not mean that we throw aside gardening as practiced down the centuries . . . For instance, biodynamic gardening is based on the seership and cooperation with Nature developed by Rudolf Steiner . . .

It was the reality of the garden growth that brought home to us the reality of the devas. Out of this grew a new way of gardening, and a deeper understanding of life as a whole . . . There was the interaction between what the Nature forces were saying through Ogilvie and me . . . [D]evas began to relate more and more as educators. Just as they had taught us to see subtler aspects of Nature, they taught us how to live in touch with subtler aspects of our own beings. (Maclean 2008, 54)


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Maclean, Dorothy. To Hear the Angels Sing: An Odyssey of Co-Creation with the Devic Kingdom. 5th Lorian ed. Everett, WA: Lorian Press, 2008.

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