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Boosting Self-Esteem
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Many benefits come silently along with developing meditation [◦Study some research].

Boosting Self-Esteem Where It Matters

If you are struggling with low self-esteem you can boost it where it matters and improve yourself too, applying some fit items in time to your daily life so as to make it more delicious:

  1. Cherish this pearl of wisdom that stems from a saying by Wayne Dyers: "When you judge anyone, you may also be defining yourself as someone who judges others." The question is whether it is good for you and others, or you or others, and to what degree, if so. If you are biased, judging too soon, and wrecking another by such deeds, you are not doing good. Consider that some people think they get better than others by putting others down.
  2. Relax well enough at intervals.
  3. Choose some exercise(s) you enjoy doing – and choose doing what you like, make it fun and enjoyable.
  4. Cherish yourself as fits, after shifting your focus from blaming yourself. Permit yourself to plainly go for your needs.
  5. Meditate, if possible every day, and keep a sense of humour rather than being distraught. Read about constructive humour.
  6. Those who are not nice to you or nice to be with, leave them alone as gently as you can.
  7. Celebrate your successes in a childlike spirit, for example by fit goodies. That practice tends to help the id system, that Child in you. Celebrate your positive qualities fitly too, as a means to keep them.

Practice any of these tips any day for as long as you like. The key is to do what makes you feel good, and go on to make the things that work for you a bland routine. [A]

There are many tips and counsels around otherwise too. Some are in self-help books, and some of them at least can be recommended. Sound self-esteem, sound accomplishments and proper self-assertiveness are interlinked, if not intertwined. Also, there is a selfhood to be kept and developed in good and deep meditation. TM (Transcendental Meditation) stands out as best all-round method of many tested meditation methods. It is recommended for a series of good reasons: [◦Link]

A few related books are furnished below.


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A. See 8 ways to Boost Self Esteem by Carla Valencia.

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