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O Lutefisk and Lefse
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O Lutefisk

(May be sung to the tune of "O Tannenbaum")

O Lutefisk . . . O Lutefisk . . . how fragrant your aroma
O Lutefisk . . . O Lutefisk . . . You put me in a coma.
You smell so strong . . . you look like glue
You taste yust like an overshoe
But Lutefisk . . . come Saturday
I tink I'll eat you anyvay.

(. . .)

O Lutefisk . . . O Lutefisk . . . now everyone discovers
Dat Lutefisk and lefse makes . . .
Norvegians better lovers

(the song goes on). [Rsn 157]

EXPLANATION. In the US, there are many time-honoured Norwegian dishes adapted to American kitchens, and lutefisk forms part of one such dish. Lutefisk is cod treated in a lye solution and served boiled. Lefse is a thin pancake from rolled dough served buttered and folded.

These are quite cultural-iconic foods of Norwegian Americans in the "Lutefisk belt" across parts of the United States - and in other places too.

Lefse Joke

What did the Norwegian say when he saw his first pizza?

"Who threw up on that lefse?" [Rsn 27]

Lefse making is called an art form. Its goal is lefse, a thin, round pieces with not too much flour. Eating lefse and lutefisk is a tradition that Norwegian-Americans continue. Wrapping lutefisk in lefse is a Norwegian-American tradition - part of the diversified lefse ways.

At a standard ethnic fiest among Norwegian Americans you cound be served lutefisk, meatballs, other balls (potato balls with bacon inside, and fish balls), rømmegraut (a sour cream pudding), and lefse.


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