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Norse Mythology: Legends of Gods and Heroes
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In the Preface to the Norwegian original Professor Olsen gives the following list of the more important works in the field of Norse and Germanic mythology [in 1926]:

CHRISTIANSEN, REIDAR TH., Veiledning in Maal og Minne 1917; also issued as a separate pamphlet.

CRAIGIE, W. A., The Religion of Ancient Scandinavia, London 1906.

FEILBERG, H. F., Danmarks folkeminder (5. Bjærgtagen. 10. Sjæletro. 18. Nissens historie).

GOLTHER, W., Handbuch der germanischen Mythologie, Leipzig 1895.

GRIMM, J., Deutsche Mythologie, 4. Aufl., Berlin 1875-78.

HOOPS, J., Reallexicon der germanischen Altertumskunde (I-IV, 1911-19).

JIRICZEK, O. L., Die deutsche Heldensage (Samml. Göschen).

JÓNSSON, F., Goðafræði norðmanna og íslendínga eftir heimildum, Reykjavík 1913.

MEYER, E. H., Germanische Mythologie, Berlin 1891; and Mythologie der Germanen, Strassburg 1903.

MEYER, R. M., Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte, Leipzig 1910.

MOGK, E., Germanische Mythologie, 2. Aufl. 2. Abdr., Strassburg 1907 (also in Paul's Grundriss der germanischen Philologie III); and Germanische Religionsgeschichte und Mythologie, 2. Aufl., 1921 (Samml. Göschen).

DE LA SAUSSAYE, P D. CHANTEPIE, The Religion of the Teutons, Boston and London 1903.

SIJMONS, B., Heldensage (in Paul's Grundriss II, 1).

Works by SOPHUS BUGGE, V. GRØNBECH, K. HELM, KAARLE KROHN, K. LIESTØL, W. MANNHARDT, AXEL OLRIK, HENRY PETERSEN, GUDMUND SCHÜTTE, and C. W. VON SYDOW will be found mentioned in the notes and in the index.

To the above may be added the following titles:

The Poetic Edda, translated, with an introduction and notes, by H. A. BELLOWS, The American-Scandinavian Foundation, N.Y., second printing, 1926.

The Prose Edda, translated, with an introduction, by A. G. BRODEUR, third printing, The American-Scandinavian Foundation, N. Y. 1923.

OLRIK, AXEL, The Heroic Legends of Denmark, translated and revised, in collaboration with the author, by L. M. Hollander, The American-Scandinavian Foundation, N. Y. 1919.

A Book of Danish Ballads, selected and with an Introduction by AXEL OLRIK, translated by E. M. SMITH-DAMPIER, The American-Scandinavian Foundation, N.Y. 1939.

BUGGE, SOPHUS, The Home of the Eddic Poems, translated by W. H. Schofield. (The "Grimm Library", no. XI), London 1899.


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