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Norse gods and other beings were conceived of in Scandinavia of old. This revamped vocabulary lists a lot of the most usual terms alphabetically. Most of the information in it is the vocabulary in the Eddda-translation The Younger Edda, Also Called Snorre's Edda, or The Prose Edda (1901) by Dr. Rasmus Anderson. Additions are from Norse Mythology: Legends of Gods and Heroes (1922 and later editions) by Peter Andreas Munch (1810-63), and a few more works.

NOTE: The Scandinavian vowels Æ, (quite as in English fare), Ø (as in French coeur), and Å (as in fore, four) in caps - otherwise æ, ø and å - were converted without diacritical marks by Anderson, so that Norse Á (and Å) are written as A, for example. Others do it differently. Further, the ending -er may be -ir (etc.) in other translations. Thus, Thor's Hammer, Mjolner, is also Mjölnir, Mjolnir, Mjollnir, Mjölner, Mjølner and Mjølne [see ◦WP s.v. "Mjölnir"] - TK


Adils   A king who reigned in Uppsala.

Ae   A dwarf.

Aeger   The god presiding over the stormy sea (also written Æger).

Alf   A dwarf.

Alfather   A name of Odin.

Alfheim   The home of the elves.

Alfrig   A dwarf.

Alsvid   One of the horses of the sun.

Althjof   A dwarf.

Alvis   A dwarf.

Amsvartner   The name of the lake in which the island was situated where the wolf Fenrer was chained.

Andhrimner   The cook in Valhal.

Andlang   The second heaven.

Andvare   A dwarf.

Andvare-naut   The ring in the Niblung story.

Angerboda   A giantess; mother of the Fenris-wolf.

Annar   Husband of Night and father of Jord.

Arvak   The name of one of the horses of the sun.

Asaheim   The home of the asas.

Asaland   The land of the asas.

Asas   The Teutonic [Germanic] gods.

Asa-Thor   A common name for Thor.

Asgard   The residence of the gods.

Ask   The name of the first man created by Odin, Honer and Loder.

Aslaug   Daughter of Sigurd and Brynhild.

Asmund   A man visited by Odin.

Asynjes   The Teutonic goddesses.

Atle   Gudrun's husband after the death of Sigurd.

Atrid   A name of Odin.

Aud   The son of Night and Naglfare.

Audhumbla   The cow that nourished the giant Ymer.

Audun   A name derived from Odin.

Aurgelmer   A giant; grandfather of Bergelmer; the same as Ymer.

Aurvang   A dwarf.

Austre   A dwarf.


Bafur   A dwarf.

Balder   Son of Odin and Frigg, slain by Hoder.

Baleyg   A name of Odin.

Bar-isle   A cool grove in which Gerd agreed with Skirner to meet Frey.

Bauge   A brother of Suttung (qv). Odin worked for him one summer, in order to get his help In obtaining Suttung's mead of poetry.

Beigud   One of Rolf Krake's berserks.

Bele   A giant, brother of Gerd, slain by Frey.

Bergelmer   A giant; son of Thrudgelmer and grandson of Aurgelmer.

Berling   A dwarf.

Bestla   Wife of Bure and mother of Odin.

Biflide   A name of Odin.

Biflinde   A name of Odin.

Bifrost   The rainbow.

Bifur   A dwarf.

Bikke   A minister of Jormunrek; causes Randver to be hanged, and Svanhild trodden to death by horses.

Bil   One of the children that accompany Moon.

Bileyg   A name of Odin.

Bilskirner   Thor's abode.

Blain   A dwarf.

Blodughofde   Frey's horse.

Bodn   One of the three jars in which the poetic mead is kept.

Bodvar Bjarke   One of Rolf Krake's berserks.

Bol   One of the rivers flowing out of Hvergelmer.

Bolthorn   A giant; father of Bestla, mother of Odin.

Bolverk   A name of Odin.

Bombur   A dwarf.

Bor   Son of Bure; father of Odin.

Brage   A son of Odin; the best of skalds.

Breidablik   The abode of Balder.

Brimer   One of the heavenly halls after Ragnarok.

Brising   Freyja's necklace.

Brok   A dwarf.

Brynhild   One of the chief heroines in the Niblung story.

Budle   Father of Atle and Brynhild.

Bue   A son of Vesete, who settled in Borgundarholm.

Bure   Grandfather of Odin.

Byleist   A brother of Loke.

Byrger   A well from which Bil and Hjuke were going when they were taken by Moon.


Dain   A dwarf.

Dain   One of the stags that bite the leaves of Ygdrasil.

Dainsleif   Hogne's sword.

Day   Son of Delling.

Daybreak   The father of Day.

Delling   Daybreak.

Dolgthvare   A dwarf.

Dore   A dwarf.

Draupner   Odin's ring.

Drome   One of the fetters with which the Fenris-wolf was chained.

Duf   A dwarf.

Duney   One of the stags that bite the leaves of Ygdrasil.

Durathro   One of the stags that bite the leaves of Ygdrasil.

Durin   A dwarf.

Dvalin   One of the stags that bite the leaves of Ygdrasil.

Dvalin   A dwarf.


Eikinskjalde   A dwarf.

Eikthyrner   A hart that stands over Odin's hall.

Eilif   Son of Gudrun; a skald.

Eimyrja   One of the daughters of Haloge and Glod.

Eindride   A name of Thor.

Eir   An attendant of Menglod, and the best of all in the healing art.

Ekin   One of the rivers flowing from Hvergelmer.

Elder   A servant of Æger.

Eldhrimner   The kettle in which the boar Sahrimner is cooked in Valhal.

Elivogs   The ice-cold streams that flow out of Niflheim.

Eljudner   Hel's hall.

Elle   An old woman (old age) with whom Thor wrestled in Jotunheim.

Embla   The first woman created by Odin, Honer and Loder.

Endil   The name of a giant.

Erp   A son of Jonaker, murdered by Sorle and Hamder.

Eylime   The father of Hjordis, mother of Volsung.

Eysa   One of the daughters of Haloge and Glod.


Fafner   Son of Hreidmar, killed by Sigurd.

Fal   A dwarf.

Falhofner   One of the horses of the gods.

Farbaute   The father of Loke.

Farmagod   One of the names of Odin.

Farmatyr   One of the names of Odin.

Fenja   A female slave who ground at Frode's mill.

Fenris-wolf   The monster wolf, son of Loke.

Fensaler   The abode of Frigg.

Fid   A dwarf.

File   A dwarf.

Fimafeng   Æger's servant.

Fimbul   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Fimbulthul   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Fimbul-Tyr   The unknown god.

Fimbul-winter   The great and awful winter of three years duration preceding Ragnarok.

Finnsleif   A byrnie belonging to King Adils, of Upsala.

Fjalar   A dwarf.

Fjolner   A name of Odin.

Fjolsvid   A name of Odin.

Fjorgvin   The mother of Frigg and of Thor.

Fjorm   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Folkvang   Freyja's abode.

Form   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Fornjot   The ancient giant; the father of Æger.

Forsete   The peacemaker; son of Balder and Nanna.

Frananger force   The waterfall into which Loke cast himself in the likeness of a salmon.

Freke   One of Odin's wolves.

Frey   Son of Njord and husband of Skade. This god of fertility is the son of Njord, and rules over the weather and the harvest, happiness, peace, and prosperity. He rides a wonder-boar (or hog) through the air and on water. The collapsible boat Skibladne that can sail on land and sea, and always has fair wind, can be carried in his pocket. He also owns a sword that strikes even by itself. (Munch 1981, 43-46)

Freyja   The daughter of Njord and sister of Frey.

Fridleif   A son of Skjold.

Frigg   Wife of Odin and mother of the gods.

Frode   Grandson of Skjold.

Froste   A dwarf.

Fulla   Frigg's attendant.

Fundin   A dwarf.

Fyre   A river in Sweden.


Gagnrad   A name of Odin.

Galar   A dwarf.

Gandolf   A dwarf.

Gang   A giant.

Ganglare   A name of Odin.

Ganglate   Hel's man-servant.

Ganglere   A name of Odin.

Ganglot   Hel's maid-servant.

Gangrad   A name of Odin.

Gardrofa   A horse.

Garm   A dog that barks at Ragnarok.

Gaut   A name of Odin.

Gefjun   A goddess; she is present at Æger's feast.

Gefn   One of the names of Freyja.

Geirahod   A valkyrie.

Geirrod   A giant visited by Thor.

Geir skogul   A valkyrie.

Geirvimul   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Gelgja   The fetter with which the Fenris-wolf was chained.

Gerd   A beautiful giantess, daughter of Gymer.

Gere   One of Odin's wolves.

Gersame   One of the daughters of Freyja.

Gilling   Father of Suttung, who possessed the poetic mead.

Gimle   The abode of the righteous after Ragnarok.

Ginnar   A dwarf.

Ginungagap   The premundane abyss.

Gipul   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Gisl   One of the horses of the gods.

Gjallar-bridge   The bridge across the river Gjol, near Helheim.

Gjallar-horn   Heimdal's horn.

Gjallar-river   The river near Helheim.

Gjalp   One of the daughters of Geirrod.

Gjuke   A king in Germany, visited by Sigurd.

Gladsheim   Odin's dwelling.

Glam   The name of a giant.

Glapsvid   A name of Odin.

Glaser   A grove in Asgard.

Gleipner   The last fetter with which the wolf Fenrer was bound.

Glener   The husband of Sol (sun).

Gler   One of the horses of the gods.

Glitner   Forsete's hall.

Gloin   A dwarf.

Gna   Frigg's messenger.

Gnipa-cave   The cave before which the dog Garm barks.

Gnita-heath   Fafner's abode, where he kept the treasure of the Niblungs.

Goin   A serpent under Ygdrasil.

Gol   A valkyrie.

Goldfax   The giant Hrungner's horse.

Gomul   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Gondler   One of the names of Odin.

Gondul   A valkyrie.

Gopul   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Got   A name of Odin.

Gote   Gunnar's horse.

Gothorm   A son of Gjuke; murders Sigurd, and is slain by him.

Grabak   One of the serpents under Ygdrasil.

Grad   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Grafvitner   A serpent under Ygdrasil.

Grafvollud   A serpent under Ygdrasil.

Gram   Sigurd's sword.

Grane   Sigurd's horse.

Greip   One of the daughters of Geirrod.

Grid   A giantess visited by Thor.

Gridarvol   Grid's staff.

Grim   A name of Odin.

Grimhild   Gjuke's queen.

Grimner   One of the names of Odin.

Grjottungard   The place where Thor fought with Hrungner.

Groa   A giantess, mother of Orvandel.

Grotte   The name of King Frode's mill.

Gud   A valkyrie.

Gudny   One of the children of Gjuke.

Gudrun   The famous daughter of Gjuke.

Gullinburste   The name of Frey's boar.

Gullintanne   A name of Heimdal.

Gulltop   Heimdal's horse.

Gullveig   A personification of gold; she is pierced and burnt.

Gungner   Odin's spear.

Gunlat   The daughter of the giant Suttung.

Gunn   A valkyrie.

Gunnar   The famous son of Gjuke.

Gunthrain   One of the rivers flowing from Hvergelmer.

Gwodan   An old name for Odin.

Gylfe   A king of Svithjod, who visited Asgard under the name of Ganglere.

Gyller   One of the horses of the gods.

Gymer   Another name of the ocean divinity Æger.


Habrok   A celebrated hero.

Hallinskide   Another name of Heimdal.

Haloge   A giant, son of Fornjot; also called Loge.

Hamder   Son of Jonaker and Gudrun, incited by his mother to avenge his sister's death.

Hamskerper   A horse; the sire of Hofvarpner, which was Gna's horse.

Hangagod   A name of Odin.

Hangatyr   A name of Odin.

Haptagod   A name of Odin.

Har   The High One; applied to Odin.

Harbard   A name assumed by Odin.

Hate   The wolf bounding before the sun, and will at last catch the moon.

Heide   Another name for Gullveig.

Heidrun   A goat that stands over Valhal.

Heimdal   The god of the rainbow.

Heimer   Brynhild's foster-father.

Hel   The goddess of death; daughter of Loke.

Helblinde   A name of Odin.

Helmet-bearer   A name of Odin.

Hengekjapt   The man to whom King Frode gave his mill.

Hepte   A dwarf.

Heran   A name of Odin.

Herfather   A name of Odin.

Herjan   A name of Odin.

Hermod   The god who rode on Sleipner to Hel, to get Balder back.

Herteit   A name of Odin.

Hild   A valkyrie.

Hildesvin   A helmet, which King Adils took from King Ale.

Himinbjorg   Heimdal's dwelling.

Hindfell   The place where Brynhild sat in her hall, surrounded by the Vafurloge.

Hjalmbore   A name of Odin.

Hjalprek   A king in Denmark; collects a fleet for Sigurd.

Hjatle the Valiant   One of Rolf Krake's berserks.

Hjordis   Married to Sigmund, and mother of Sigurd.

Hjuke   One of the children that accompany Moon.

Hledjolf   A dwarf.

Hler   Another name of Æger.

Hlidskjalf   The seat of Odin, from where he looked out over all the world.

Hlin   One of the attendants of Frigg; Frigg herself is sometimes called by this name.

Hlodyn   Thor's mother.

Hlok   A valkyrie.

Hloride   A name of Thor.

Hniker   A name of Odin.

Hnikud   A name of Odin.

Hnitbjorg   The place where Suttung hid the poetic mead.

Hnos   Freyja's daughter.

Hoder   The slayer of Balder; he is blind.

Hodmimer's-holt   The grove where the two human beings, Lif and Lifthraser, were preserved during Ragnarok.

Hofvarpner   Gna's horse.

Hogne   A son of Gjuke.

Honer   One of the three creating gods; with Odin and Loder he creates Ask and Embla.

Hor   A dwarf.

Horn   A name of Freyja.

Hrasvelg   A giant in an eagle's plumage, who produces the wind.

Hreidmar   The father of Regin and Fafner.

Hrib   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Hrimfaxe   The horse of Night.

Hringhorn   The ship upon which Balder's body was burned.

Hrist   A valkyrie.

Hrodvitner   A wolf; father of the wolf Hate.

Hron   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Hroptatyr   A name of Odin.

Hrotte   Fafner's sword.

Hrungner   A giant; Thor slew him.

Hrym   A giant, who steers the ship Naglfar at Ragnarok.

Hvergelmer   The fountain in the middle of Niflheim.

Huge   A person (Thought) who ran a race with Thjalfe, in Jotunheim.

Hugist   One of Odin's ravens.

Hugstore   A dwarf.

Hymer   A giant with whom Thor went fishing when he caught the Midgard-serpent.

Hyndla   A vala visited by Freyja.

Hyrroken   A giantess who launched the ship on which Balder was burned.


Ida   A plain where the gods first assemble, and where they assemble again after Ragnarok.

Idavold   The same as Ida.

Ide   A giant, son of Olvalde.

Idun   Wife of Brage; she kept the rejuvenating apples.

Ironwood   The abode of giantesses called Jarnveds.

Iva   A river in Jotunheim.

Ivald   The father of the dwarfs that made Sif's hair, the ship Skidbladner, and Odin's spear Gungner.


Jafnhar   A name of Odin.

Jalg   A name of Odin.

Jalk   A name of Odin.

Jarnsaxa   One of Heimdal's nine giant mothers.

Jarnved   The same as Ironwood.

Jarnvidjes   The giantesses dwelling in Ironwood.

Jord   Wife of Odin, mother of Thor.

Jormungand   The Midgard-serpent.

Jormunrek   King of Goths, marries Svanhild.

Joruvold   The country where Aurvang is situated. From there come several dwarfs.

Jotunheim   The home of the giants.


Kerlaugs   The rivers that Thor every day must cross.

Kile   A dwarf.

Kjaler   A name of Odin.

Kormt   A river which Thor every day must cross.

Kvaser   The hostage given by the vans to the asas; his blood, when slain, was the poetical meed [poet-making meed] kept by Suttung.


Lading   One of the fetters with which the Fenris-wolf was bound.

Landvide   Vidar's abode.

Laufey   Loke's mother.

Leipt   One of the rivers flowing out of Hvergelmer.

Lerad   A tree near Valhal.

Letfet   One of the horses of the gods.

Lif and Lifthraser   The two persons preserved in Hodmimer's-holt during Ragnarok.

Lit   A dwarf.

Ljosalfaheim   The home of the light elves.

Loder   One of the three gods who created Ask and Embla.

Lofn   One of the asynjes.

Loge   A giant who tried his strength at eating with Loke in Jotunheim.

Loke   The giant-god of the Norse mythology.

Lopt   Another name for Loke.

Lovar   A dwarf.

Lyngve   The island where the Fenris-wolf was chained.


Magne   A son of Thor.

Mannheim   The home of man; our earth.

Mardol   One of the names of Freyja.

Megingjarder   Thor's belt.

Meile   A son of Odin.

Menglad   Svipdag's betrothed.

Menja   A female slave who ground at Frode's mill.

Midgard   The name of the earth in the mythology.

Midvitne   A giant.

Mimer   The name of the wise giant; keeper of the holy well.

Mist   A valkyrie.

Mjodvitner   A dwarf.

Mjolner   Thor's hammer.

Mjotud   A name of Odin.

Mode   One of Thor's sons.

Modgud   The may who guards the Gjallar-bridge.

Modsogner   A dwarf.

Moin   A serpent under Ygdrasil.

Mokkerkalfe   A clay giant in the myth of Thor and Hrungner.

Moon, brother of Sun   Both children of Mundilfare.

Moongarm   A wolf of Loke's offspring; he devours the moon.

Morn   A troll-woman.

Mundilfare   Father of the sun and moon.

Munin   One of Odin's ravens.

Muspel   The name of an abode of fire.

Muspelheim   The world of blazing light before the creation.


Na   A dwarf.

Naglfar   A mythical ship made of nail-parings; it appears in Ragnarok.

Nain   A dwarf.

Nal   Mother of Loke.

Nanna   Daughter of Nep; mother of Forsete, and wife of Balder.

Nare   Sod of Loke; also called Narfe.

Narfe   See Nare.

Nastrand   A place of punishment for the wicked after Ragnarok.

Nep   Father of Nanna.

Niblungs   Identical with Gjukungs.

Nida mountains   A place where there is, after Ragnarok, a golden hall for the race of Sindre (the dwarfs).

Nide   A dwarf.

Nidhug   A serpent in the nether world.

Niflheim   The world of mist before the creation.

Niflungs   Identical with Niblungs.

Night   Daughter of Norfe.

Nikar   A name of Odin.

Nikuz   A name of Odin.

Niping   A dwarf.

Njord   A van; husband of Skade, and father of Frey and Freyja. Njord lives close by the sea, rules over sea, fire, and wind, and is a wealth-giver. (Munch 1981, 41-43)

Noatun   Njord's dwelling.

Non   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Nor   A man.

Nordre   A dwarf.

Norfe   A giant, father of Night.

Norns   The weird sisters.

Not   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Ny   A dwarf.

Nye   A dwarf.

Nyrad   A dwarf.


Oder   Freyja's husband.

Odin   (Germanic: Woden etc). Son of Bor and Bestla; chief of Teutonic gods, and with some shamanic hallmarks too. In the Norse pantheon, he is equipped with a magic eight-legged horse for riding everywhere, the gift of poetry, along with spear and cover, and a sword. (Munch 1981, 33-37)
     His name is related to Icelandic óðr, which applies to movements of the mind, and to German Wut, meaning "rage" or "fury." There is much more around Odin in the Wikipedia (WP), s.v. "Odin".

Odrarer   One of the vessels in which the poetic mead was kept.

Ofner   A serpent under Ygdrasil.

Oin   A dwarf.

Oku-thor   A name of Thor.

Olvalde   A giant; father of Thjasse, Ide and Gang.

Ome   A name of Odin.

Onar   A dwarf.

Orboda   Wife of the giant Gymer.

Ore   A dwarf.

Ormt   One of the rivers that Thor has to cross.

Orner   The name of a giant.

Orvandel   The husband of Groa, the vala who sang magic songs over Thor after he had fought with Hrungner.

Oske   A name of Odin.

Otter   A son of Hreidmar; in the form of an otter he was killed by Loke.


Quaser   See Kvaser.


Radgrid   A valkyrie.

Radsvid   A dwarf.

Rafnagud   A name of Odin.

Ragnarok   The last day; the dissolution of the gods and the world; the twilight of the gods.

Ran   The goddess of the sea; wife of Æger.

Randgrid   A valkyrie.

Randver   A son of Jormunrek.

Ratatosk   A squirrel in Ygdrasil.

Rate   An auger used by Odin in obtaining the poetic mead.

Regin   Son of Hreidmar.

Reginleif   A valkyrie.

Reidartyr   A name of Odin.

Rek   A dwarf.

Rind   Mother of Vale.

Rogner   A name of Odin.

Roskva   Thor's maiden follower.


Sahrimner   The boar that the gods and heroes in Valhal live on. Munch writes: "The Heroes . . . their number is never so great that they do not have enough to eat from the flesh of the boar Sæhrimnir. The cook, named Andhrimnir, each day boils the boar in a kettle called Eldhrimnir; but at evening the beast is just as much alive and unhurt as before. The Heroes drink ale and mead poured out for them by the Valkyries." [More]. It could look like a bit one-sided diet, but after all they were dead anyway.

Sad   A name of Odin.

Saga   The goddess of history.

Sager   The bucket carried by Bil and Hjuke.

Sangetal   A name of Odin.

Sekin   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Sessrymner   Freyja's palace.

Siar   A dwarf.

Sid   A stream flowing from Hvergelmer.

Sidhot   A name of Odin.

Sidskeg   A name of Odin.

Sif   Thor's wife.

Sigfather   A name of Odin.

Sigfrid   The hero in the Niblung story; the same as Sigurd.

Sigmund   Son of Volsung   Also son of Sigurd and Gudrun.

Sindre   A dwarf.

Sigtyr   A name of Odin.

Sigyn   Loke's wife.

Sigurd   The hero in the Niblung story; identical with Sigfrid.

Silvertop   One of the horses of the gods.

Simul   The pole on which Bil and Hjuke carried the bucket.

Sinfjotle   Son of Sigmund.

Siner   One of the horses of the gods.

Sjofn   One of the asynjes.

Skade   A giantess; daughter of Thjasse and wife of Njord.

Skeggold   A valkyrie.

Skeidbrimer   One of the horses of the gods.

Skidbladner   Frey's ship.

Skifid   A dwarf.

Skifir   A dwarf.

Skilfing   A name of Odin.

Skinfaxe   The horse of Day.

Skirner   Frey's messenger.

Skogul   A valkyrie.

Skol   The wolf that pursues the sun.

Skrymer   The name assumed by Utgard-Loke; a giant.

Skuld   The norn of the future.

Sleipner   Odin's eight-footed steed.

Slid   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Slidrugtanne   Frey's boar.

Snotra   One of the asynjes.

Sokmimer   A giant slain by Odin.

Sokvabek   A mansion, where Odin and Saga quaff from golden beakers.

Sol   Daughter of Mundilfare.

Son   One of the vessels containing the poetic mead.

Sorle   Son of Jonaker and Gudrun; avenges the death of Svanhild.

Sudre   A dwarf.

Sun   Identical with Sol.

Surt   Guards muspelheim   A fire-giant in Ragnarok.

Suttung   The giant possessing the poetic mead.

Svade   A giant.

Svadilfare   A horse, the sire of Sleipner.

Svafner   A serpent under Ygdrasil.

Svanhild   Daughter of Sigurd and Gudrun.

Svarin   A dwarf.

Svartalfaheim   The home of the swarthy elves.

Svarthofde   The ancestor of all enchanters.

Svasud   The name of a giant; father of summer.

Sviagris   A ring demanded by the berserks for Rolf Krake.

Svid   A name of Odin.

Svidar   A name of Odin.

Svidr   A name of Odin.

Svidre   A name of Odin.

Svidrir   A name of Odin.

Svidur   A name of Odin.

Svipdag   The betrothed of Menglad.

Svipol   A name of Odin.

Svol   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Svolne   A name of Odin.

Sylg   A stream flowing from Hvergelmer.

Syn   A minor goddess.

Syr   A name of Freyja.


Tangnjost and Tangrisner   Thor's goats.

Thek   A dwarf; also a name of Odin.

Thjalfe   The name of Thor's man-servant.

Thjasse   A giant; the father of Njord's wife, Skade.

Thjodnuma   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Thok   Loke in the disguise of a woman.

Thol   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Thor   Thor's name derives from the Germanic term for "thunder". The German Donner is derived from that too. He, a thunder-god, is essentially the Champion of the gods, and is related to the ancient Vedic king of gods Indra, and the Greek Zeus. Thursday is named after him. Place-names, personal names, poetry, and prose show that he was widely reckoned with. Some (perhaps added) myths tell he is One of the sons of Odin and Fjorgyn. Anyway, he is of great strength and fertility. Valiant and brusque, Thor rides through the air in a cart drawn by two he-goats. Thunder is thought of as the sound of his chariot. He owns remarkable tools, such as a belt that increases his strength, great working gloves for protecting the hands, and a boomerang-like hammer which he uses to smash the heads of enemies. He has human friends.
     He was well known as Thunor in the Saxon and Jutish areas in England. Saxons on the mainland venerated him as Thunær. When the Vikings conquered Normandy and the Varangians settled in Russia, they called on Thor to help them in their military enterprises. (Wad 1985; Munch 1981, 37-40; EB "germanic religion and mythology").

Thorin   A dwarf.

Thorn   A giant.

Thride   A name of Odin.

Thro   A dwarf; also a name of Odin.

Throin   A dwarf.

Thror   A name of Odin.

Thrud   A valkyrie.

Thud   A name of Odin.

Thul   A stream flowing from Hvergelmer.

Thund   A name of Odin.

Thvite   A stone used in chaining the Fenris-wolf.

Thyn   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Tyr   The one-armed god of war.


Ud   A name of Odin.

Ukko   The god of thunder in Tshudic mythology.

Ukko-Thor   A name for Thor.

Uller   Son of Sif and step-son of Thor.

Urd   The norn of the past.

Utgard   The abode of the giant Utgard-Loke.

Utgard-Loke   A giant visited by Thor; identical with Skrymer.


Vafthrudner   A giant visited by Odin.

Vafud   A name of Odin.

Vafurloge   The bickering flame surrounding Brynhild on Hindfell.

Vak   A name of Odin.

Valaskjalf   One of Odin's dwellings.

Vale   Brother of Balder; kills Hoder.

Valfather   A name of Odin.

Valhal   The hall to which Odin invites those slain in battle.

Vanadis   A name of Freyja.

Vanaheim   The home of the vans.

Var   The goddess of betrothals and marriages.

Vartare   The thread with which the mouth of Loke was sewed together.

Vasad   The grandfather of Winter.

Ve   A brother of Odin   (Odin, Vile and Ve).

Vedfolner   A hawk in Ygdrasil.

Vegsvin   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Vegtam   A name of Odin.

Veratyr   A name of Odin.

Verdande   The norn of the present. ["Becoming"]

Vestre   A dwarf.

Vid   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Vidar   Son of Odin and the giantess Grid.

Vidblain   The third heaven.

Vidfin   The father of Bil and Hjuke.

Vidolf   The ancestor of the valas.

Vidrer   A name of Odin.

Vidur   A name of Odin.

Vig   A dwarf.

Vigrid   The field of battle where the gods and the hosts of [the fire-giant] Surt meet in Ragnarok.

Vile   Brother of Odin and Ve.

Vilmeide   The ancestor of all wizards.

Vimer   A river that Thor crosses.

Vin   A river that flows from Hvergelmer.

Vina   A river that flows from Hvergelmer.

Vindalf   A dwarf.

Vindlong   One of the names of the father of winter.

Vindsval   One of the names of the father of winter.

Vingner   A name of Thor.

Vingolf   The palace of the asynjes.

Vingthor   A name of Thor.

Virfir   A dwarf.

Vit   A dwarf.

Volsungs   The descendants of Volsung.

Von   A river formed by the saliva running from the mouth of the chained Fenris-wolf.

Vor   One of the asynjes.


Wodan   A name of Odin.


Ydaler   Uller's dwelling.

Yg   A name of Odin.

Ygdrasil   The world-embracing ash-tree.

Ylg   One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

Ymer   The huge giant out of whose body the world was created.


Æger   The god presiding over the stormy sea.


Norse vocabulary, terms, Literature  

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