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Passionate love and a cough cannot be hidden.

Please, make me the loan of your ears. [Please listen. Cf. Mark Anthony's speech from Julius Caesar: "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears."]

Poetry softens the relationship between men and women. [In pre-modern Japan, courtship among the upper classes was largely in the form of delicately couched love poems.]

Precaution must be taken in advance.


Scholarship in rural areas is equivalent to taking a siesta in the metropolis. [Yet outstanding leaders have come from rural areas.]

Sickness a convenient excuse. [When they get into a difficult situation, the Japanese will often plead "illness" and withdraw or resign until matters have cleared up. (Buchanan)]

Silent worms dig holes in (pierce) the walls. [Cf. Silent men, like still waters, may be deep and dangerous.]

Some wealthy persons and spittoons become filthier as accumulation takes place. [Mod.]

Stars on a rainy night. [Things that rarely happen]

Suitable ability in the suitable place. [The right man in the right place can be good for something.]

Sweet words please fools. Kangen wo gujin wo yorokobashimu. [Many a person is misled by the honeyed words of flatterers and sycophants.]


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