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Ability – Abroad – Absence – Achievement – Action – Adaptability – Adventure – Adversity – Advertising – Advice – Affliction – Age – Agreement – Aim – Alcohol – Ambiguity – Ambition – America – Amusement – Ancestry – Anecdote – Anger – Anticipation – Anxiety – Aphorism – Appearance – Appetite – Argument – Aristocracy – Art and artists – Authority


For bright achievements, be able to learn a lot from the cat.

Intelligence suggests an ability to remain blithely within the bounds of dignity.

It is an auspicious achievement to translate something learnt into fit activity and keep heart, mind and spirit intact throughout.

Some problems can be solved by learning from the great achievements of others.

The ability to choose one thing over many others helps in solving many problems.


A marring question is whether we need to know more than a bit before going abroad.


Absence can help in spreading a lot of rumours.

The striving for happiness goes on for a while in spite of clutter.

True love is not completed in absence.


After surmounting achievement, watching your steps is a good thing.

To renounce renunciation is better renunciation than plain renunciation. [Find the teaching in the Avadhut Gita's ch. 4, v. 21.]


Good actions can ennoble us, and we are in part the sons of our own deeds.

In order to act you must not fail to realise that a sensible-looking man is often satisfied merely with thinking.

Persistent clarity can help to stand firm against degrading instincts and molesting women.

The actions of the tongue bear fruits too, at times much later.

Think like a man of action and act like a man of thought: conclude well.

What is about to happen is often like a blossom that should be nipped in the bud firmly.


You either adapt or get adapted. Much can go wrong in both ways.

Time management is much of what adaptation eventually is about.


Distance may promote rather unfounded admiration.


Not all adventure is outside of man.


Better learn from the adversity of others and be on the safe side.

By trying we can easily learn to side with success in front of adversity.

One should seek and find a way out of misfortune before it is too late.

Privation can at times lame and drain the formerly pampered minds of men, but prosperity carefully handled is a blessed and handiness-loving teacher that can strengthen more often than not.

Hopes belong to adversity.

Some good sides to adversity are that it can make us learn and get guarded for the future.


Elegant advertising may consist in steering nobody else and making nobody immune to their own dear business.


It is all right when in prosperity to give advice to the afflicted.

Friend's counsel may build if it does not come too late to be of any use or is not welcomed at all.


Affliction is one of the things to avoid the sooner the better, and still better was to steer out of it.

Afflictions smite courage and can stultify through sufferings they foster.

Long-suffering hearts may lack in common sense.

The fool believes there is a value in afflictions that is greater than that of avoiding them.


Age belongs to the wrinkled.

Go well against being outsmarted and old age could reach you: be smart enough for that.

Steadily refuse to accept that anything written per se is a fine alternative to living along.

The woman who tells her age is either too young to have anything to lose or too old to have anything to gain. [Chinese Proverb]


There is a chance we do not learn a lot from anyone who agrees with us. On the other hand we may not find any other persons of good sense, it seems.

When two men in business always agree, one of them could be unnecessary.


Aim better than outside of your present and safe enough reach.

Good aims are better than good slogans.

Good and decent aims reach higher up than mere expressions - and they reflect in action fairly well.


It is my serious opinion that if you want to cry, alcohol does not fix the problems behind it.


Those that write safely, amass comments enough.


A dubious ambition might be the best one.

Ambition may get madder by enjoyments.

Ambition should be funnelled into sterner stuff than dreams.

Many ambitions are lawful enough.

Many would try to succeed above themselves.

Petty ambition rides above lawful quest with most people.

The will to develop oneself may grow small in those who try too hard to impose as great.

What is called a good ambition is what we feel to be beautiful, right and wrong.


America is fabulous and large, so a driver's license is hardly out of the way.

Half-smart platitudes seem to have conquered America.

California may still be a fine place to grow for oranges without fear of bugs, bandits, earthquakes, and rampant wildfires.


Those who do not think deep can enjoy themselves anyway.

Fine enjoyments can keep people from vice.

It is better to let card-playing amuse, not enslave the mind.


Many have something ancestral, some desirable thing or the shadow of some name to look worthy by.


Both fables and anecdotes can contain deeper messages, as found out by reflection.


The greatest remedy for anger may be to wake up to cunning, like it or not.

There is sudden anger and long-range anger. The latter may be converted into a cunning with no antidotes to it.

When laughed at, the bright and clever mind tends to get somewhat annoyed.


What we anticipate is either something that fulfils or disappoints our dormant expectations.


To be anxious is natural to well-nigh everyone in a circus of clowns.

Till trouble really troubles you, anxiety is an easy way out in comparison.


A good aphorism rides some sort of neat tact fairly often.

An aphorism tends to be formed as a "hard-boiled" or condensed statement.

Aphorisms deal with reflections of many kinds.

Authors of maxims and aphorisms strive to make the thinking terse and well-looking, even memorable.


Many wretches seek to buy themselves into happiness.


Sound reason should try to govern the appetite too.


From any argument a quarrel can rise among low-life folks.


To merely forget that some try to be above others by ugly means in cliques and other means, must be tough.

Art and artists

Very precious art may lie in the story-telling, good love and jokes of a grandparent's heart.

A major work of art may contain grand ideas about the seriousness of life alone.

A primary function of art comes from the continual tendency to keep something interesting in good sight.

Art can be very helpful. Artistic ways of expressing oneself can be fine.

Art consists of things needed, and at bottom its source is Great Bliss.

Art is often too serious to be surveyed by conform measures or "panhandles" alone.

Art may serve great and beautiful ideas by its visible forms somehow.

Art happens to go alongside conquests also.

Art that was formed to relieve a burdened wreck, ideally speaks with some candour, if not class.

At intervals to liberate judgement and perception through art should furnish understanding.

Humble-looking artists of horrible dreams bring no good fortune to others, it may be suggested.

Ennobling art hardly smothers the children.

Fortunate art can be good for the self-esteem.

Fortunate art may not try to bite and hiss, and will not exactly kill the artist.

Great conversation is in part of skills, and in part of art, and therefore not a very great mistake, presumably.

Good art may suggest artistic conquest of the weather, even.

Great works of art both pierce and excite, and to some they are sources of felicity too.

In his later years Pablo Picasso was not allowed to roam an art gallery unattended, for he had previously been discovered in the act of trying to improve on one of his old, sold masterpieces.

It helps ideas to find good and savoury patrons in the arts.

Nice art may not convince clowns of its own generation of its richness or value.

The art of teaching is not too bad, nor is it all there is to art.

The arts of writing, reading, are listening are at times rational and at other times irrational.

The artist who is not outsmarted, should keep his or her dignity. One of the finest signs of it, should lie in the innocent sense of wonder at things and occurrences.

The artist may be extremely lucky in exploring or adventuring into the rich mind reservoirs around him.

The finest works of art seldom come from the mere engineers of the soul. They have more guts to them.

The image-rich artist who keeps her sense of wonder in business and otherwise, could find herself unable to give it up.

What art does and how it does it, can be hard for a puritan to understand full well.

Youthful art needs to go against narcissism.


Authority without wisdom soon learns to go for security, often to the point of neglecting decency and progress.


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