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Bachelor – Behaviour – Beauty – Belief – Best – Bible sides – Birth – Blame – Blind, blindness – Blond – Blood – Body – Books and reading – Borrowing – Bragging – Brevity – Brightness – Brotherhood – Business


Bachelors may have common sense, married men may have more of it.


A vast power to manipulate can be dangerous, because it soon tends to arouse a mighty dragon that gives many causes of repentance.

Live so that you can prosper and get the benefit of doubt.

To increase the odds of making a success of living, study the odds furnished by reliable and fair statistics.


Beauty tends to be well shaped, or it does not matter much.

Outward beauty may carry with it a risk of getting egocentric.

There are few better cosmetics than a gracious temper and great calmness.


Belief in recovery is fair enough. Otherwise, believe as little as you can, unless tested methods go along with it, so that you can prove things too.

You can get nervous and unsound if you believe indiscriminately everything you are told by big guys.

Hardships dealt with can serve as a yardstick of the strength of one's belief.

Believe well in yourself and thereby make belief in very much else redundant.

How we believe can matter more than holding a belief.

Seeing is not always a pleasure, nor is believing.

Some people will believe anything if such a bargain suits them. It may not even be classy.


Be allied with the best to be found. Do not just preserve the best, but learn to make use of the best for handy, practical ends.

Bible sides

If there is a time for everything, as the Bible says, there is also a time for ignoring there is a time for everything. [Cf. Ecclesiastes 3:1-11]

For the many Christians who have had black pudding and wrangled poultry against what all the apostles and the Holy Ghost set down as two of four basic requirements, will they have fun in the future far ahead? (Cf. Acts 15 and 21:25)


Our birth is our death begun; it starts humans on the path of waking up somewhat too.


It is easy enough to blame and waste time otherwise too.

Blind, blindness

In the country of the blind it hardly matters how you look.


For the lack of good frivolity, artificial blondness might set it.


Young blood can have its course and seductions too unless you are well guarded.


A human resides in an effulgent and intricate organism, be it foul, ugly or otherwise. It has its own logic and work to carry on too, like it or not. And it is better to take good care of it than to worship or neglect it.

Books and reading

A classic is classic because some people call it so.

A room without books is also fine for some who are oblivious to simplicity.

Good books, like good proverbs, are worth over five well-shaped, implied consequences.

Learning to read has been reduced to a process of mastering a series of narrow, specific, hierarchical skills.

Some books are to be tasted; others swallowed; and some are loaded with a horrid ambiance.

The one who is fond of books may be found to be fond of occasionally doing things alone, even in a cellar.

The pleasure of reading is at times: Today a reader, tomorrow a kneader.

The successful reader is able to cope beyond silent conversation too.

You may not be able to read all new books, so prefer only best books so long as you have a choice.


The one who borrows before it is too late, should not be thought of as a crank for that matter.


By a brag a guy may unconsciously express one of his valuable ideals somehow. Nourish him if it helps, to draw that ideal out.


Good words, when short, the deeper they glow.

Salvador Dali gave one of his shortest speeches when he said, "I'll be so brief I have already finished," and then sat down. The danger of being so brief that you get obscure is there too.

To say something stately, briefly, with aplomb and to the point rides above much else.


Be smart, it often pays.

Brightness is entitled to respect; it is a good sign.

Do not want to be over bright or somebody with less intelligence and more sense than we have.

Non-sordid brightness sees with the eyes of a child and performs things formerly thought to be out of the question.

People that are smart, get into Mensa. People who are really smarter look around and leave. And those who are People who are really smart may never enter it.

Test yourself if you can hold two opposed ideas at the same time, and still function very well.

There are many forms or sorts of brilliant men, and thus many forms and sorts of brightness. We should not forget that.


In a world that has narrowed, all are not brothers who say they are. Sound caution is not the worst thing there is.


Corporations cannot commit treason unless they are steered into it.

Dwarfing the customers is not the last resort of the mighty businessmen.

Flaunting goodwill is an emphasis of fit egotism.

One purpose of business is to create a customer that is not so disappointed that he goes elsewhere.

There is proper and fit business and those who try to usurp and dominate.

With all of the merchandise from so-called good and speculative business seeking to make money, some children can still play on their own if they are given good conditions for it.


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