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Fables – Facts – Failure – Faith – Family – Finance – Fishers – Fit – Flattery – Flowers – Force – Forgiveness – Fortune – Fostering – Fraud – Freedom – Free will – Friends and friendship


There are European fables from ancient Egypt and Libya, not only Greece, Rome and medieval Europe. [Ct.]

The parable resembles the fable in being terse and simple looking. Both devices can work well for folksy or general counselling.

What determines the value of fables is their central meanings as interpreted, agreed on, determined and recalled.


By reliable and valid facts, your judgement can be called right all through your life.

Some facts are used for plots, so we have to decide a lot for the successes we are after.

Facts assist both comings and goings free from error in the long run.

It is fine to weigh information and sort the facts too, for the sake of modest enough success in general.

It is not facts alone that punish us or carry things through.


Many fail before perseveringly going astray and foregoing deep fortune.

One should beware of a coming failure in disguise.

It is quite favourable that breath of character has success and rascality gains penalties - that both reap their fit consequences, that is.


Goody faith does not have to be due to solid lack of sleep for a long time, but the effects on a life may get just as bad.

Where a fair person cannot enter without hypocrisy, there are marring roadblocks and possible fetters.

What people have faith in, tends to conform to great hopes and wishes they have, and the same holds good for pet ideas. They are the faces of great hopes and wishes.


The happy family deserves handy and careful outlets in the realm of matter to be esteemed.

Faking is not good for the family. Faking is often for avoiding contacts and regular situations that seem awfully difficult to handle all right otherwise.

Use good time for own resources, strike precisely and go for fit boundaries that favour yourself.

A well-run family: to be crabby is not all there is to it.


Let those who want so, finance you as long as it does not offend or dwarf anyone.


The fisher is really unkind and unfair to fish that he tricks onto the hook or hauls into nets of ambush.


You may think fit "well-well" to fit in and avoid drudgery.


The deft and sour bootlickers may hope for activities akin to those army generals try for.


A glimpse of a morning-glory gives instant satisfaction to sensitive ones.

Certain peonies are saluted by satisfied men and women.

Children in a family are like delicate flowers meant for growing and blossoming too.

Daffodils out-value many utilities of the world.

Delicate flowers leave their gentle impressions on the soul

Flowers have spoken to me more than I care to tell: Few can decipher what they mean.

Flowers reflect rays of sunshine to the soul.

If dandelions were hard to grow, they could be welcome and friends of gardeners they are eatable too.

If you can afford to let your garden flowers live and not pick and maim or kill every one of them, you have your own flowers to delight in for much longer. Yes, a gladdening thing is to have a lot of flowers and not to pick one.

If you really like flowers, you won't step on them when crossing lawns and the like.

Perfume is the essence of a flower.

Pluck not the wayside flower and it may fulfil its own course.

The "rape" of plucking a flower needlessly is not spoken of as that normally.

Those who can afford a garden of beautiful flowers and stroll about them, may know how to stroll.

What humanity would be without flowering plants, without lovely nature sceneries? Very badly off.

When used to express such as jaded friendship and used at decorum at funerals, fading flowers do have a menial task.

Who laughs a lot may come to find pleasure in flowers.


For the lack of good food, a man looks worried. Talk very carefully with such a one.


Great, advancing force does not have to be very much exhibited.


To forgive, try to get candid. It could help.


Some fortune can accompany those who think deeply and well.


Fostering results from true having.

Fostering needs fine balancing deep within to aim well.

Fostering should be rewarding - is it?

Eventually you cannot hold on to those you have fostered, so make every minute count.

Think well and perhaps twice before venturing into the fostering business.

What we gave our family we were in for giving or losing, and the state should not get all the benefit of it.


Fraud in the end brings on haughtiness and perhaps a bad reputation as well.


Freedom implies freedom to have a car, at least to very many people.

Freedom never endangered is seldom greatly envied.

The freedom to stagnate, do not welcome it so readily.

Free will

To do what you will can at length lead to the undermining of all laws.

The man who asserts himself fully at thirty, is liable to put much emphasis on will and cogency of output above the Divine Mercy.

Things may in time turn tough and bad for the nasty and shameless guys running free.

Friends and friendship

A crisis that raids and throws away your significant good opportunities is not to be mocked and taken lightly, as it aborts many possibilities of friendship in your way.

A very good way to have a friend is to persevere in building for that to happen more or less by itself.

The greatest friends can obstruct sound modesty.

Cunning flattery can look like friendship.

To assess and assist your various strong sides while you keep your I-ness intact, may or may not result in a limited fare which hardly favours you anyhow. Maybe youthful folly may help you into good contacts, though. Good friendship often closes its eyes. Great friendship has the eyes open.

Let him who gives in friendship's name reap one sound harvest at least.

Make new friends but keep the old ones; one can be silver and the other gold.

The glory of friendship does not depend only on money.

We cannot shake hands with an elephant.

What would you prefer, to foster thoroughness or youngish frivolity? Much comes down to this dilemma. To be able to host friends, woman friends, social life, and marry, remain sparing, no matter what fortunes come your way.


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