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Earth – Economy – Education – Efficiency – Effort – Ego – Enemy – Enjoyment – Environment – Error – Excellence – Existence, Being – Expectancy – Experts – Extravagance


Outer-space dreams of colonisation rather than thriving here? Fouling one's nest goes along with fleeing toward some another place to live.

Earth is like a mother that humans may destroy in the long run, and themselves along with it.


Economy is not felt to be so pressing for those wallowing in luxury.

Consult your fancy to detect the weaknesses of the conditions around you. [More]


Education can safeguard your freedom very well.

In decent self-help education, little that is worth knowing ought to be taught by blunders, as they tend to get alarmingly costly as a rule.

Sound, liberal enough education is quite a thing to go for.

Some among those who are not formally well educated may have open, quick minds.

You can lead a boy to college or feed him for a lifetime.

Education in the hands of paid educators is at best just second-class.

We seem to live less and less through performing duties following public education that is forced on most persons.

People commonly educate their children just as twigs are bent, and the outcomes are bad.


A deep sense of too short time at hand is a great cause of efficiency in one's work.

Doing efficiently what had better be left undone - that might call for the dreary fare and ruin in the long run.


Things that are felt to be well worth your efforts, are they sane enough too?

Those who foolishly seek power mainly by their own efforts, have not studied how a bureaucracy functions. Delegate, delegate.


You should develop your ego instance (realism) to get equipped to combat narcissists and heartless ones and morbid pits. [More]


In order to have, without blame, an enemy, there is probably a need for having success. There is that danger.

To get out of your waters may be an enemy to reckon with.


Those who are only allowed prudence in their way, may fall short when it comes to healthy deviations.

Hearty enjoyments are for those who have superior power, and such enjoyments can help being strong and untiring.

To be creative should not give way to being full of cares and restrict himself to definitions only.


Yearlong, enduring environment tills human loyalty.


We should never stop just because we are ridiculed by silly ones who seek to sacrifice our bravery, but examine ourselves and set our lives in order.

Often the finest qualities are worn out by over-taxation of the little sturdy ones.


If you accept anything but the very best, try to bear in mind that some ordinary things may work extraordinarily well.

Striving to do common things uncommonly well may be largely unrewarding.

Seek to become the good man you are capable of becoming without getting sacrificial.

Good, hearty laughs imply some kind of good fortune.

If nothing is lost there can still be good things to be done.

Existence, Being

Big words around existence seldom come round the corner, but a pair of good legs can.

Your existence is what ultimately brings perseverance, which brings even a wanderer good fortune at times.

If you are rested and solvent, but not glad, at least you exist. There is good hope in that.

Being clear-minded and cautious and yet busy oneself mostly with trivial matters, in the long run may be a far cry for realising one's potentials, although it is generally favourable to be clear of mind.


To sit and weep and regret can be a sign of having expected too much.


One may often observe that a man who knows a thing intimately has sound experiences, and some of it even has great transfer value.

A sort of specialist is someone who alarms or terrifies as he examines things closely.

Beware of and be careful with a self-molesting expert.


Extravagance that mars, may not pay.

Handy extravagance might help you into the gentle night.

Extravagance may spoil the simple, rustic stew and simple, good things you seek to build up.

From helping another greatly, try to get cautious and protract no law-suits.

Until the day you die it is being sincere and cautious that brings fortune and peace, and careful, savoury transactions.


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