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Habit – Hair – Happiness – Heart – Highway – Home – Honour – Hope – Humility – Humour or? – Hypocrisy


Cultivate good habits and find they have it in them to convert luxurious enjoyments into boring routines that soon master the best of you unless you are careful.

Good habits amount to enriching the life.

Though the bamboo forest is dense, water flows through it.


Some say they can measure the inner conditions of others afar via a few hairs. That is a side to radionics.


Costly jewellery, paintings and other things that are easy to rob and carry away, may be less worth in the long run than wisdom that furthers happiness and sanity.

Happy people could have funds of goodness in their hearts.

Keep strong and true happiness within the family to make it last.

Real happiness is not just something you remember.


The heart is often making the head's reckoning strange if the heart says "Get into misfortune!"


One can point out the highway of daily contemplation.


Happy are those who find peace in their own homes.

A good home is a haven for beginners.


A candid man is reaching his sincere goals free from blame and carries on; these are altars of his own inner sacrifice.

A human can share nice ideas in the light of the setting sun till his mountain splits apart. (Share your main ideas while there is time.)


To hope is not always to cope. Hoping that lead to good coping can be OK.

Unfounded hope does not signify that we prepare for the worst.

Hopes outside rustic living are largely unfounded.

To put fervent hopes in soap may turn many guys into dopes.

There is sound hope and not sound hope. Hope in reaching artistry comes in between.


The one who is a good householder, husband and father, may be the best man around.


Pertinent humility is different from what is attained from clever social standards; It is more akin to being yourself, pure and simple and fairly natural. We are to be well centred for it.

Great humility is different from expert, strategic cleverness; it is more like being who you are somehow.

Imposed humility seldom comes right.

Essential humility is not the only thing we need.

Humour or?

Certain yogis affirm they penetrate a little star within a ring of golden light between the eyebrows. And "When that star bursts, a door reveals . . . the door of the heart", is a saying.

Contemplatives need to practise delicately, at the very least.

Great humour can assist oversight against oversight.

Many Oriental teachings, like Zen, can look like humour at first sight. [Orh].

Maintain your balance. Humour can often help that, by presenting a better perspective than many others.

Not all that is presented as humour works for good.


Major arts could perish without pompous, vain and hypocritical buyers.


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