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Idea, ideas – Idleness – Idolatry – Immortality – Impossibility – Indecision – Individuality – Influence – Inheritance – Insights – Inspections – Instinct – Insult – Interests – Interpretations – Invention – Irony

Idea, ideas

Idea maps can be OK, and are not difficult to make.

Inner strength is needed to back up splendid thoughts. (It is a side to psychodynamic theory. Cf. Rolly May.)

A good idea is like a seed for lifting the culture by fit and suave uses of it.

Great ideas whose time have come, may be great fun to be with.

Handiness is often a result of good ideas that reach fruition.

It helps ideas to find good and savoury patrons in the arts.

It is not stupid to go for a good idea with tact and diplomacy.

If you are not interfered with, okay ideas happen to pop up from inside.

Never hesitate to lay claim on a good idea, as thoughts are toll-free.

Some people entertain ideas; others put them to work. Be among the last ones to get fabulously rich.

Splendid, carefully imaged ideas and wise speech can reach and affect souls.

Test an idea to see how it works, and if it still holds promise, maybe you go on to modify it to serve you in time as well.

The delicate art of having friends often rides over and above having clever ideas.

To compete with others for the daily bread you should have decent methods and very good equipment; not only good ideas.

To host a great idea and not regret it, maybe you should live up to it.

To host a great idea, you have to live up to it fairly well, and if you do not you may have to recuperate till your guts get restored.


A crown of magnate living is the well-founded idleness found in swimming pools and golf clubs all around.

Prolonged idleness could purify you even though your initiative dwindles.

There is a good chance the cobwebs of habitual idleness will not reach you if you tread on the tail of the tiger, and that resolute inspection will not help you either in such a case.


Where men insist on their avatars, there is no essential blame in keeping still and not permit your fancy or imagination to take off.

Idolatry tends to cost your good fortune.


Well-created forms may at least last long without pangs.

The way to go is of turning your attention inwards, to the Self, and make wise use of the powers that can be given. [Cf. Yoga Sutras]

Life is of giving, and living long may imply giving generously too, especially if you are a celebrity. At a point it hardly helps you or further your deeper aims. The joy of living fit for a measure-stick in this.


If something hitherto impossible happens, it was not wholly impossible anyway.

Some people confuse insurmountable and impossible from what they themselves are capable of attaining.


Indecision is a big rat and can cost a lot.


In the long run men acquire mediocrity from just fitting in somehow and without thinking much either. However, individuality rises higher.

One should be careful that each gets his rightful place. Those graced with much individuality seldom find safety enough in standardisations.

In places where just ready-made discipline is rewarded, genuine confidence in oneself may be blamed, and development of the individuality suffers.

Generous gifts help artists to freedom enough and ample time to develop at least simple individuality at times. Such artist may become cultural icons too.


To refuse bad ones entry can turn things around and make everybody in your sphere of influence benefit.


To inherit is no alarming cause of regret, whereas castles in Spain tend to get difficult to manage.


Very good insights can pave the way for both frauds and smart solutions. The right smartness had better be fair and welcome.

We do well to put tall and slowly stabilised insights to proficient use.


Skilled questioning and inspections may be crucial for scientific candour and quest.


To reap a reward, be carefully allied to your dominant instincts and well geared too.

There is no sounder look than the instinctive one. It allows itself to be expressed with tact, though, to escape some nuisances and troubles.


The true nobleman and lady will not insult anyone out of gentle humour, style and tact.


Sound interest suits life and may be joyous.


Analogies depend on interpretation to get useful.

Figurative matters elicit searching interpretation.


Sound invention can be very good for man.


Very bright people can be ironic without knowing why.


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