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Languages – Labour – Learning – Leisure – Liberty – Life – Loneliness – Long run – Look – Love, lovers – Luck – Luxury


Thoughts and theories can be expressed in many kinds of languages, of which mathematics is only one.


Much, unsavoury and unrewarding labour is what you succumb to for the lack of good outfit, diplomas and skills of handling things and stuff.


Learning should ideally profit your eating at home next to mate and kindred.

If you acquaint yourself with many sayings to strengthen your character, such "axletrees from the wagons of others" can bring favourable success, and that is what learning is about. Then go on to clear up current affairs or issues, as you are up to it.

Good repetitions favour learning.


If you have somewhere to go, leisure could be good for you. However, you may have to stand firm in the face of humiliations, insults, remorse, and disgrace along with it if helpers are absent.

If we disregard leisure and get tense, there must be reasons for it. One such could be the strife for freedom. There is a freedom deep inside that is worth fighting for too.


Stout liberty needs a rest from time to time.


Better savour your own life experiences where and when they are had - for that attitude may assist you.

Beware of interfaces; how some of them function may not conform to classic, Aristotelian logic, much as the interface of the universe itself.

Good life can offer some the privilege of adjusting better.

In life, it pays to study as well as you are up to.

It must be a mistake to hold an unattainable ideal and get very depressed and callous for not having reached it.

Life at best concerns the basic relevance of having a family, control and human dignity.

Your own life and thoughts should matter to you. [Compare a saying attributed to Buddha: "You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person will not be found: You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection." It is most often like that.]

We have to adjust smartly to go on, and count the expenses. That is often how it is.

Where I have things, I could die a bit.


Being lonely without pangs is not too bad.

Contact with nature in very delicious settings is a great cure of loneliness to some.

Expert loneliness brings many bitter fruits, not unlike awake for very long.

It could pay to bulwark against loneliness ahead of time. Calculations help that.

You can feel lonesome in a crowd, and fakers happen to feel lonesome even though they seldom admit genuine stuff.

If you feel lonely at work, there is reason to fear you feel lonely in other arenas too unless you are careful and tidy up a good deal.

Loneliness is by degrees and very often depends on how the goings of others are too, and the whole set-up.

Urban life or city life evokes loneliness after nerves have been laid bare. It is quite often like that.

Loneliness is often a sign of being outsmarted.

Conform men can be lonely deep within, and miss themselves somehow - the ones they did not turn into full well by becoming.

Make the best out of loneliness; it allows for fine artistic development, for example.

Sometimes when we feel alone and forlorn, there is nothing better to do that to steel ourselves, and discriminate into what thoughts lead to good fortune and which to blame.

Love appears to be a recurrent cure for loneliness. However, there is a risk of trading in aloneness for stresses. [See the research.]

If you enjoy your own company, you are a good comrade of your deeper nature.

If you thrive and others do not understand it, you might be someone that enjoys your own company too.

Long run

In the end the poor fellow cannot cope much.


Attain to a solid, good look into nature if you can. [Learn to observe]

Love, lovers

Bats need to love too.

One must be commensurable to love well.

Love that is based on soundness from deep inside, could work.

If anything looks better than to be loved, it is loving well, but it may not actually be that way.

During rest, retreat well and accumulate new reserves for coping and bright love, wonderful and abiding.

It is far from true that everyone who loves is loved right back.

Love dies because of betrayals and not being fully up to snuff. Withering and going downhill through old age have things to say too.

Great love may still be called one way out of distress.

Love is not always savoury.

Dentist lovers may be proficient lovers.

Common love, it looks like the hardest there is.

Life as we know it can be perpetuated by sound love-making. It is not too discerning. Do not be fooled away from that.

We do not always love those who fools admire at length due to black ignorance or surface impressions only.

Women may spend their whole lives looking for true love. If you wish for true love, learn to love yourself.


You can route out bugs, and if your luck lies in that, that is luck for you.

There is luck among the living.


Outward success and luxury stem from someone getting wealthy, but not necessarily OK.


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