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Obedience – Obstacles – Opinion – Opportunity – Optimism – Organisation – Originality – Ostentation


Obedience to unsound duty can be dangerous in the long run, especially duties imposed on us by bigwigs or top dogs.

Long-lasting obedience that makes you sorry is not good for you.

If you cannot be happy, why obey?

Silly obedience mars yourself or someone else.

Willing obedience is like paying a compliment; it had better be returned adroitly.

Great obedience is often due to fear, and it may lie deep within.


A popular man can seldom do his best: being pampered seldom helps.

Many difficulties that disappear suggest fair use.


One should refrain from firing squads if public opinion does the trick.


Be not seduced from all right livelihood by seemingly fine opportunities.

If the good man finds opportunities enough, why, he smiles and welcomes beginners.

Many a man and woman in times gone by planted the seeds of what yields great enterprises today.

What others want you to consider a great opportunity might turn into an opportunity to make a fool of yourself, and one that loses money too.

Fiendish business strife often slays big abilities that lie dormant in the one next to you.

Much and hard work by workers is praised as good by those in top management.

It tends to pay a lot to find a frontier of good opportunities and better livelihood.

When a fine-looking opportunity knocks on your door and you let it in, remember to ask it: "Are you really ready and true? And are you strong and deep?" You can ask yourself the same question and see if the two of you match.

Who finds no opportunities here, may become subtler, finer and seek from that advantage level.

Opportunities have their different seeds and harvest-times.

Big enterprises may seduce for getting workers by more than pay.


Do not expect the world to bring good fortune to someone who just wanders by. It happens that the inn of the world burns down too.

There is no reason to be an optimist if it does you no good.

When things go bad is the time to manifest optimistic outlooks and refrain from marring nervousness.


A large organization may act unjustly and highhandedly without fear of being brought to account for a very long time.


For savoury creativity to succeed, it needs to be attuned to a great deal of perseverance.

Originality rests on much else, like a rose springs from the whole bush that carries it. Let us not forget that.


Some very ostentatious fellows may be better served by relaxing copiously instead of flaunting far and wide.

Bright ostentation is not always charitable, no matter what it seeks to look like.


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