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Parents – Past – Patience – Patriotism – Perception – Perseverance – Pessimism – Pets – Philosophy – Pleasure – Poverty – Power – Precautions – Preparation – Pretension – Prevention – Priorities – Problems – Procrastination – Production – Progress – Promises – Propaganda – Prophesy – Proverbs – Prudence – Puberty – Punishment


Parents have to ignore that kids nowadays look brutish and persuade themselves that it is normal.


To be worthy of one's inherited past is different from feigning so.

To repeat past errors out of neglect can be bad even to think about.

To study and recall past errors for the sake of bettering one's future, is fit for many a woman and man.


Patience can wear out some problems, yet it is not always as patent as some say.


Essential patriotism is linked to how it is around here - mountains, rivers, and woods, and so on. However, patriotism is not the same to a slave as his owner, and not even to different members of a household.


To perceive and appraise clearly is no easy task. To be well meaning or well read is hardly enough. Realism rises above it.


The perseverance of barking up the wrong tree can be done away with.

There is wrong perseverance, steady perseverance and other sorts of perseverance as well. The best of them is neat. To be good by some off-hand manner is hardly bad, nor is it all there is to staunch sagacity, which is frequently needed to build personality as if brick-by-brick.

To fit in so that you have room to develop, use fine and fair play if you can. It often helps, but there is no guarantee it will either. Much depends on others.


Eventually, modest pessimism is not much fit for the bold.

Many quite pessimistic decrees may save lives if they are said in time and make neat impressions on those who heed their deeper or attuned messages above their own possible rashness. Decrees of that sort imply "Forewarned is forearmed," "Safety first," and "Bulwark against the worst-case scenario to happen, to the degree you can."

One should bulwark against degrading, humiliating pessimism that is not good for anyone.

Really rewarding, rational pessimism cheers up others fairly often, for some reason or other.

Because of rational and pessimistic forethought you may not have to throw in the towel.


Many pets help their owners against succumbing to too much servility.


Real philosophy is reflected in how a person accommodates and lives, above what he decrees seemingly rationally. Philosophy goes no further than probability-assisted or uncommon thought in attempts to peer into basic ideas - and ventures even into insoluble problems.


In themselves, sound and nice pleasures are hardly bad for anyone.


Some are called communists or saints just for helping out the poor.


You may dam up water and make it a stagnant marsh. And it will act, if not openly for good, then covertly for nature's ways - it will act.

OK hearts can be called great and smart. However, those who worry over a great or hungry heart in their family the sooner the better, may have seen a brighter light!

OK hearts give rise to being clear-minded, and being clear of mind is often envied and therefore punished, unless we are very cautious. [There are statistics on how bright pupils and students in Norway are mobbed more than average ones.]


"A stitch in time saves nine," speaks for swift repair of damage, whereas "Prevention is better than cure" speaks of sound, fit measures before evils have set in. Bulwarking against harm is sound too. What would a house be without good walls and a roof?

Master what is needed before you swim along, and still make sound precautions in case of a cramp, an accident, or harm of other sorts that may rather easily happen.


Today's preparation can bring in tomorrow's achievement.


To be good at pretending is not finer than being honest and true in one's life and main deals.

To strike root, have ample fun as you can. Decent pretension can be likened to fit play among children. Good play is a long-ranged preparation for striking root and getting skilled to live on in a setting somehow.


Sound prevention of undue taming can be good.

First-class prevention may not look much like prevention at first, and may even seem unnecessary.


Priorities may be ranked and graded and the factors may be given different weight - and so may goals to attain in a life.


Aim your axe at the root of the problems to reap the good fruits of handling them, in jolly good time. In some cases it can be done.


The old man and woman who have reached retirement age and have been waiting to explore life and pastimes till then, may come to see that very many opportunities tied in with being young among fellows that are gone now.


Production tyranny is unfit among humans.


There is good progress and then there are all the others.

Who suffers from bad gear and equipment may easily get it worse.


A creep promises a lot without meaning to keep it.

Promises are like debts, and should be kept.


Propaganda is for misfits.


If prophesy is the last resort of someone, beware a lot.

We have to be candid and give a prophesy a fair trial as soon can be.

The cheap prophesy is not as good as its first impressions.


You can use a tape recorder or mini disc or CD to listen to proverbs and wisdom maxims, good rules, and the like.


A good conclusion often serves prudence, and being modest and calm may preserve it.


Brittle folks seldom speak up for those puberty sides that bring vital sex partners.

Puberty is not something to be cured of, but rather like something to be taken in stride. [More]


If you whip nothing but eggs and cream on earth and foster bright enthusiasm in underlings too, it could be very, very well.


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