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Safety – Sarcasm – Say, sayings – Scandal – Scene – Science and scientists – Scorn – Secrecy, secrets – Self-confidence – Self-control – Self-esteem – Self-help – Self-knowledge – Sense: Making sense - – Sin – Sincerity – Slander – Slaves – Sleep – Smoking – Soldier – Soul – Space – Speculation – Study – Success – Superstition – Sympathy


There can be much safety in staying on a farm, but well-directed, hard work tends to go along with it as well.


Grand sarcasms consist of computed elements, and spell: "Indigenous communication was more wanted than friendship."

Sarcasm should do well when there is no way out anyway.

Those who are young should not be met with sarcasms.

Broken hearts easily resort to rattling off sarcasms instead of taking up a needed discipline.

Say, sayings

Saying and doing are at times two different things.

We need handy sayings to steer on top of in new and different settings.

It is fine to let something significant be made resolutely known and announced truthfully. Taking care of your cows tends to help too.

The bright and great man illumines by deep sayings too, not just his presence.


Gross scandal mongering often seems to be an expression of unfulfilled living of many thus gathered.


Most often a touching scene is there to be appreciated.

Science and scientists

To be fooled by science is a lot more than merely not reaching any firm conclusion and getting lost in abstract thinking or being stuck in inadequate theories from the past. It also consists in getting too tense, which is not expertlike at all.

Scientists were found worthy of persecutions earlier.

A mature scientist tries to be much discerning.

Puffed up, science turns into the technology of tomorrow if it does not breed neuroses first.

Adequate sagaciousness rises above technology and equipment at large. Knowing how, when, where and under what circumstances to use things must be ranked high.

Something new is hardly simple to implement, for along with a novelty comes the needs of using it, giving it proper care or upkeep, fixing it, troubleshooting, adapting the culture to it, keep an outlook for global perspectives, and so on.


Public scorn and ridicule may serve you if you know how to handle it and its dangers. If not there may be no way out.

Secrecy, secrets

Trust your deep secrets to none who laughs at you behind your back.

ABC of confession: Confess only so far as you definitely profit from it.

Maybe newlyweds should wait with trusting their great secrets to one another, and wait to see if they are still on friendly, loving terms a few years later.


Proper self-confidence is sanely rooted and hopefully adequately expressed.

Self-confidence shows up in actual completions, and not just of small matters. You can build stepwise.

By sound self-confidence, you may see and arm yourself against future disappointments.

Self-confidence helps you to slow down when it is good for you and not get abused through hard work for long.

Self-assuredness of politicians risen into power may come as a surprise and puzzle nearly all and sundry.

The fit self-confidence helps you not to run after women in Devil's Country.

Confidence in yourself allows you to go in rags without feeling inferior to well clothed ones, but most often it pays to be properly dressed, careful, and going for true happiness within. [Self-realisation]


Self-control needs to function well to get firm and attested, and unless it is congenial, it should hardly be resorted to in the first place, due to future repercussions from it. It may take some years to come to understand the reasons for such plagues.


Fit self-esteem is not too hard on yourself.


Lie down and employ slow, flowing motions - and visualize things well as best you can. Not a few principles of yoga postures are based on things like that.

Quality thinking and probing may take time. You should profit from the good thoughts of others, therefore.

Sound education, in school and otherwise, must enrich the imagination and other high faculties to stay on the safe side, and stimulate personal creativity and good-natured play far.

Along with sound study of how to get handy in this and that, one should tend to trimming off non-essentials as fits.

You can have a deep and suitable self-confidence - much in life may come by stages.

Good tools in proficient hands often pays. If not, look better.

Counsel without help is at times quite useless (Fable wisdom).

Before embarking on tall quests, train solvency and mirthfulness at home first. That could be best.

What we are taught in Kindergarten and onwards through public education tends to determine what we focus on.

Gentle beavers too may be tamed and the tamed ones get nowhere, no matter what things look like to them.

There is much to learn in handling people these days.

Great skills tend to rise higher than mere words.

Observant ones hardly get known as examples through observations alone, as the long art of living is had by living, activity.

Take a look at the bright side of education if you can find it.

One should go for solid technology in doing sane things and make the best out of it, come what may.

We often have to fight, fight for sound psychological space, for example.

Let divergent outlooks favour yourself too.

In order to see a true picture of anything or anyone, fear has to be overcome, for many fears block the ability to see without distortions and bias.

Understanding animals often takes away some of the fear for them.

Some answers you get, depend on who you turn to.

Tao lore has its lovemaking manuals.

Idol worship is a sort of wildness at play. Really mysterious ones may be all right individuals.

One duty to one's soul is to relax gently and well in between, and otherwise distrust plenty of wilful striving.

If you see or know where the ice is thin, it can save you.

Profitable living may need to be well attuned to local, winning ways on an everyday basis.


A sometimes overlooked need for those who go for self-knowledge is that of bulwarking. Fences may serve against angry bulls and against erring neighbours. Houses often have brick walls and the like, and both massive walls and social attainments help solid, private attainments - including work of self-knowledge.

Sense: Making sense -

You can "shake and dilute" pure water with pure water without looking obsessive, as long as you say "This is how a homeopathic remedy is made."

You may not always be on the winning side all your life. If conditions allow you to have a say and a home, go for it.

Have sense enough not to talk of what you do not know about, really. Know your limitations and operate accordingly.

If interpreted maturely, many things can make sense.

What is very helpful to modern men and women speaks of today, and perhaps not of tomorrow.


Many so-called sins on earth depend on what others call sins in the first place.


Sincerity is generally unsound where persevering in it brings misfortune. In such cases the favouring of your privacy is better. The same holds good for generosity; if it furthers misfortunes, limit its outlets to a better-chosen field.

Sincere persons may be generous.

Sincerity that leads to examining how virtues are and to correcting our conduct, may form successes, but not where just walking out of the door is blamed.

Sincerity that is less that great, may rot and become fluid in the face of disaster, severe deprivation and nasty, base conditions.

Sincerity has many forms and many ways of expression, as in art.

See to it that you are not outsmarted by your sincerity, generosity, and other good qualities, for the outsmarted may suffer from it.

The greater sincerity, the greater need for social security you may see.


There can be great, hidden value in some forms of slander. Many dailies make a profit by slander, for example.


Slave-takers are probably far worse than mere thieves are.

New Age slaves serve their gurus much and for free. Do not be that ridiculous. After all, you are supposed to have a spirit within to attend to.


Sleep is far from brotherhood and seeking holiness and greatness - it preserves basic health in many other ways too.

Sound and good sleep is many a time better than valour.


The best way to stop smoking is neat to yourself, remember.


A soldier is permitted to have lively gestures and a very offensive odour many a time. There is such freedom in the ranks.


Assert if you prefer, "The captain of my soul is a handsome fellow."

To have enough quiet time and to be thrifty and thriving and go for sound and healthy order should be good for the sincere soul. [Cf. The Middle Way]


The question is not so much whether there is life on Mars as whether it will continue to be possible to live on Earth.


The narrower the mind, the more bigoted and distorted a statement can become.


Do not deceive, and you may study appropriately.

A good human should not study in vain.

Study to make an end of troubles. After that, you could need to learn to play well too.

Up to forty-eight minutes of the study time should be spent on memorisation (says Robinson of the SP3QR method)

Our delight in any particular art, antique or study slowly rises in proportion to human investments (interest is one) bestowed on any of them.


Eight cardinal qualities that can aid success: Inoffensive conduct; nice and good clothing; arms; looking gruff in good time; talking in affected manner if it impresses goofs; much excellent outfit; not giving up things easily; and a good memory.


Being gross and deep makes superstition alarming.

Superstition has a deep influence. Some outlets are called parts of the culture, as in folklore.

As history repeatedly hints at, one must accumulate good and lovable resources to combat gross superstition - just brightness and truth are not good and solid enough to do what high rank and prestige can do. Be not outwitted, then.

One should beware of humbug in the hands of fools and much uncultivated individuals. There is much humbug around.


Listen around yourself to stop sympathising solely with yourself. Maybe it works at your neighbour's expense.

Sympathy is very often subjected to humbug and faking, as when watching actors in films on TV.

Think of heart-felt sympathy as a reserve meant to last according to some design. You do well not to waste it on unruly intruders and "jellyfish actors" on the telly screen, for example.

It may pay to be sparing with the sympathy you show, out of careful reserve: Try not to let that resource of yours be wasted on unworthy ones.


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