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TA, Transactional Analysis –; Tales ⌣ Taste –; Teach, teacher, teaching –; Theology –; Thought –; Time –; Tolerance –; Tradition –; Tragedy –; Training –; Travel –; Tricks –; Trust –; Truth –; Tyranny

TA, Transactional Analysis

Ruthless, rotten, and silly TA Games, hanky-panky, counteract good reasons to smile throughout life.


Often there are deep ideas and things to learn at the bottom of good tales.

Recurrent fairy tale lesson: Impulsive acts with no good advance planning are often risky.

There is value in making old fairy tale versions palatable in these hurried times. Not a few tales seem to contain symbolic teachings to be taken seriously. In folk tales and folklore there seem to be good keys for finding our these things. The symbols must be scaled in order to reap useful information. See if you can do this: "She sought out the key, and when she had got it in her hand, she put it in the lock". [From the Grimm tale "Our Lady' Child"].

"Masked plays" with typical, often repeated situations and enactments happen to stimulate old and young ones, and sometimes it is pure and simple enjoyment.

Gotham tales are favourable stories. They may have unreckoned-with depth.

To consider humorous tales notorious lies made easy for boys and girls, could miss something significant.

Good jokes can harmonise.


The psychometrist Hans Eysenck identified a mental factor called taste. Quality taste can be reckoned with, then.

Teach, teacher, teaching

Never try to teach a pig to swim well, since it annoys the pig.

Surrounded by eager little ones, the parent figure can find that what he needs the most is to learn.

How to awaken the natural interest of a young child: Get genuinely interested in much yourself. That should help; it is a cornerstone in such as Waldorf Education.

Ideas can grow where something deep inside grew up before.

In pursuit of knowledge it is wise to relax from time to time on top of stuff you have already attained, as it helps integration of the material.

Most subjects at universities reflect the sad state they are in.


Beware of human ideas applied to God. Ensnaring ideas that are grouped, may become theology to some, and often to their loss.

The effort to explain the unknowable might end up in some theology that borders on "I do not know", or cream foolishness.

Main insanity forms side with Christian theology.

"No to sick sheep," looks like a very good slogan.


Basic thought is rigged up to come more into awareness through nightly dreams and their visions. They are often better digested when recorded, if you seek to know what is within a wider mind-frame.

Long-range outlooks, vistas, slowly form our thinking. Doubt with style and inspect discreetly to your profit.

Well-schooled thinking favours good enough accuracy of thought.

Good yoga alerts the mind while not resting it on anyone else.

There is good thought and not good thought. Fit thought assists clean living too.


If the capacity to change evil into good is a hallmark of the great leaders, there could be more room for fun and likeable sincerity in very many places. Instead, in many countries, those who are commonly called great leaders, get associated with great threats, armament threats too.

Lack of sincerity often breeds a host of masked threats to the nation, even to the whole of mankind.

Fine solvency, finer arts, warm humour and tact can all combat many a threat, but not all kinds of threats at once. That may require a long-lasting culture built on fair and fit customs.

Mushrooms may be mortal threats to those who know too little about which sorts may safely be eaten, and yet ventures into the woods for mushrooms all on their own.

A knife in the hands of a fool can be a threat to himself and others, but a knife in the hands of a known enemy may be more easily dealt with.


Apply time measuredly to last long and do well, if you would live well.

As soon as there is life there is strife.

You may do well to "glide away" from a tricky setting and fend for yourself. That is the idea of good family living too.

Being short of time can reflect one or more of these: not good ideas; not efficient enough outfit; maybe wrong priorities; lack of helpful routines and outfit; and at times an unwelcome setting.

By a frank look in the mirror we detect some "workings of time", also called getting older.

Make time serve yourself also; not just things and more assets that you mobilise for.

On "doing time": One severe, off-hand punishment is looking nasty and becoming a bed-wetter from it.

Put interest into time at hand, and see what you end up with: it could be a full-fledged personality if all goes well.

The mirror that reflects passing time, looks like the large universe itself. Clocks depend on it.

The unexpected arrival of rain and counsellors can suggest troubles over your head.


Laden with tolerance of the broad-minded, that is fit to be.


A fine tradition is a great help unless there are built-in blunders and lack of congruence with a present setting.

Good traditions breed sweet, lovely smiles too.

Best tradition is there to encourage boys and girls to live well in time.


There are tragedies in life: getting marked or lazy could bring on one of them.


Time well spent on calm, measured and skilled enough training makes you a happier human.


Travelling can be hard. In not a few cases it takes the heart away.


Many tricks are easy to see through, others remain hidden and are hard to bring to light still. [Cf. TA]


Trust in unreliable persons and you may reap alarm and end up disappointed.

Stay as lax as can be in relation to a dogmatist or cheating expert, and do not really put any great trust in them.


Difficult (hard) truth seems to take a part in making some persons rather crazy.

Truth-land is where our talk should come from.

Truthful ones are much needed, but not swollen verbiage.

If you forget what you just said, a bet is you should have refrained from telling it.


Tyrants have their vogues.

A mild tyranny may not be tyranny at all. To remain, be careful and very well guarded all the same.


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