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Wage – Watch out – Weakness – Wealth – Weather, the value of it – Well – Wickedness – Wife – Will – Wisdom – Wit – Wolves – Woman – Wonder – Wool – Words – Work – Worry – Worse: The worse the better – Worth – Writer, writing


Do away with the necessity of work and the problem of wages could be reduced to insignificance. What a change that would be.

Watch out

Even a pure and good state needs power to maintain itself against degradations.

Sensible men and women are much wanted in life, as judged from the state of affairs.

Many are the outward shows. Remain on the alert for a good deal.

If you end up where no one around you can understand you, evaluate you, admire you, perhaps you've succumbed to some unforeseen trap -

Strive for the right sort of winning and justice, but in some right way.

That mice in suburbs degenerate, is something they are barred from knowing while it happens.

The beaver that leaves the path of beavers before him could end up in deep trouble in short time.

The all right bedfellow may help a lot.

How much slavery and tyranny God loves! Paul sent a fugitive slave back to the slave-owner - the servant of Jesus in the Holy Spirit did such things. Judged from this, Jesus did not come to set the slaves free anyway.

From out of a burning bush came these words: "I have indeed seen the oppression." Compare the Roman: The woods have ears.

Neo-Platonism was developed and made known by persons who did not publish anything, odd as it may sound.


Some kinds of weakness love to form programmes too.


Multiply ostentatious riches, (and you) get many ostentatious cares.

Fit use of good money is not exactly putting it in the bank, but there are times when that approach helps.

Content reflects the abundance of nature.

The value of rustic scenery is hard to learn, hard to tax, hard to estimate - greater than many other forms of wealth it is.

The value of wealth depends on how you make use of it; and not only what you make out of it.

Put wealth as aptly you can to solid and good use.

Weather, the value of it

Lovely weather is what we like to surround us. Few things reach as high as that.


Doing well in time shows strength.


What is called judicious wickedness must be a confusion of terms, for wickedness is too foolish to be judicious.


Some say: "Heaven will be no heaven if I should meet my former wife there."


Great souls have wills that make much morality possible to actualise.

The will to have goodwill is no good will at all.


The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom. It is not ageing that does it, but rather experiences and innate receptivity combined, besides the recognition aspect of it too.

Many are the guards of the one who harbours wise thoughts.

Go to the woodpecker, see its ways and be wiser than those who stop at ants that woodpeckers feed on.

Looking into King Solomon's life and teachings, we find it was not quite as wise as fanatics think. For one, he made his dynasty crumble by idolatry, and how wise is that? Let the deeds reveal the man.

There is wisdom in persevering for sublime successes and in making oneself strong and quite untiring. There is also wisdom in not moving ahead in the dark when dangers lurk, and in being sincere, yet cautious, and in putting an end to misfortunes - and in seeing great ones.

Wisdom resides in the heart of the discerning and truly wise one, and he should be smart enough to make it.

Many heritage sayings offer sound advice, and others not. We have to discern among them for applying the best of them to our benefits.

Wisdom often looks a bit beneath the surface and surmises.

Down-to-earth wisdom can be humbling in its way.

Instead of harsh discipline, try some decent tenets. Many things can be fit for a warm and sunny day. Other things can be fit on the rainy day and overcome during a lifetime.

Bulwark against months of futility.

A beginning step toward better conditions may be to stop hailing those on top who are profiting from you.

Be quick to lie down and test the next moment.

Many wisdom sayings advocate prudence and forethought. But there are times when being guarded is no help anyway. Be aware of that too.

How to nourish and care for your family - including yourself - rests on principles. Firm principles need to be firmly rooted, lesser principles may sway some more in the common adaptation.

Solid words of wisdom suggest how to compete, steer well along through life and its grades and stages, and in the end galvanise the best result into the practices that are done customarily or regularly.

Brilliant solutions are lacking where good enough conditions start deteriorating, or rotting.


As there is refined humour, there is refined wit too, is the bet.

Wit and slogans often rise above sallow rule making.

Wit makes its own welcomed, and is at times called on to level some unwelcome upper class distinctions.


Is it the wolf or the king in command of armies that has most persons killed?

Wolves live on top of things wolves have ample reason to thank for in their way.


A cynic can be a failure in finding out about women at times, but little children win them over with ease.


Wonder leads into bereavement by stages, and few know much of it. Compare the seed and later fruits of very good science.


A sheep in wool and a chap in tweed, both have a finish.

Choose your wool before you itch.

A dress of wool ought to be enjoyable.

Wool brings a tickling sensation to be enjoyed as you can.

Fear is stronger than wool.

Wool is usually better and stronger than mere words.

To be of that wool [that sort] tends to be stronger than mere words.


Winged words carry you further. [Winged words are figurative too. The term stems from Homer]

Safe and sound words can bring us straightway to facts and basic issues beneath the surfaces and squalor.

Words are expressions that generally do very little without their back-up sentences.

Suit the action to the man, the words may come later on.

By duping words and brainwashing, the mind can be clipped to a great extent, regrettably.

By their words you may know the foes of good and decent reality.


All right work can make good pleasures possible.

Perhaps no good works are done from lack of caresses.


Some things that people worry a lot about do not happen anyway.

Worse: The worse the better

A long and happy life is much to be desired. To keep thriving may be your duty to your soul.

The rich, rewarding teachings in life should widen your access to influence and good things in life.

You can administer to your best concerns, without being bitter.

Difficulties hardly pay.

To get tricked without knowing it: could your religion or faith be for that?

Much can be helped if your neighbours and family refrain from trying to have you maimed and killed.

Tense living makes insecure, which in turns paves the way for great-looking leaders and tyrants. Relax in time.

Outsmarted by goodness. Many fail because they do not make do with giving another a fish and feed him for a day, but teach him how to feed on fishing in their own waters and in time compete them out of existence - better check how true it is before you believe it. — There is a certain comfort in this proverb: "The worse the man the better the soldier (American)."


Doing little may contain solid, old worth in it. Even strategic idling may help self-like.

Really lovely things may look cheap and free for all.

Sound worth begets the proficient mind from inside.

Writer, writing

Tact alone cannot make a fair writer.

Neat writing can be castrated through lack of tact, lack of wit, and through subtle influences.

Writing of merit may be looked on as an art, in part with standardized values and parts.


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