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Youth – Yourself


When assuming, older men declare war, young and happy youths are trained to fight and die.

Keep your eyes open in your best interests, young man, and know where your own best interests lie. If they be to renounce the world because you otherwise fear to break, proceed undauntedly so that you may reap some successes.

Youth is a sterling break-through that needs fit values to prosper and give later rewards.

There is much good in a youth who does not want to be mean, presumably.

By persevering in profitable ways, a youth may gradually be deemed worthy of joining others, and grown-ups, and even for his or her own good.

The youth should be as savoury as he or she can to get fine teachings and reach deer goals.

Topics and things of youth should be announced truthfully, for if you are sincere, you may have true have success.

Youth is often a period of attaining many small things one by one, as in studying languages and the like. It is a time for building that way.

Youth should escape any resort to arms, for the future good of the folk.

While a firm youth may find himself walking alone and not led like a sheep, he is not therefore to blame.

It is natural in youth to examine what true virtue is like and what might be correct conduct.

Some unhappy youths have persevered in unlucky limitations that were probably imposed on them by strict authority figures. [Cf. life scripts and more]


You assert and affirm yourself or someone else.

To marry the maiden who meets you frankly and sincerely under heaven, should bring good fortune when things take their course. There is hardly any blame in it.

Discriminate carefully to fortify your thinking and your sense of Self too.


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