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Sunny Day Teachings:
A Good Day Can Be Harvested
Accommodate Better

Fit for the Tedium:
Handiness Often Brings Boredom and Is Good

Fit for a Largely Bad Day:
Friday 13 and Better

Fit for Transitions:
Life Is Easily Altered during Transitions

Tao study

A Good Day Can Be Harvested

One is to bear approaches to appearances and learn just how to observe in general. Then go on from there, on top of it. Study well, that is. However, "There are many valid interpretations of what is worth while," says John J. Sparkes (Tpd 135).

What about winning instead of wasting one more nice-looking day?

Learn to ask a winner question to yourself in any encounter: "What is at stake here?" Try to sort it out, preferably in advance. Ask yourself such as, "Who benefits?" and "Where does the money go?" Also "Follow the money flow" to search out something interesting, even.

It helps to be prepared [Fable]. "In fair weather prepare for foul" (American proverb). You can keep your things tidy and see to upkeep and repair before going get precarious. It helps to have necessities at hand. Sound precautions may assist us through some phases of doings.

Also try to sort out what good you can do all right. Good schooling is fit for improving a life too.

Another stand is that at the height of good times, or when everything looks calm and easy, one had better get more than average suspicious and bulwark against attacks, disasters, and the like. The fact is that when all is calm, great danger may be approaching fast, and it tends to help to be prepared for troubles in some ways. Bulwarking may help, for example.

Inspect up to snuff. A circumspect man or woman resists being satisfied only with surface appearances.

Then what about oracle teachings? Do they give a head start, and can they true and for all? An answer is that a great oracle can instruct all and yet none. It depends.

Fit sayings - no matter their origin and original setting (context) - can be grouped in this way:

  1. Fit for a warm and sunny day.
  2. Fit for many other days.
  3. Fit for the rainy day and Friday 13.
  4. Fit for many transitions in life.
  5. Fit for a sojourn into Hare Krishna's realms, if needs be.
  6. Specialised concerns.

Could we need an oracle saying for a good day?" Maybe, many not. How much free space do you have, after all? There are some whose lives are set so that they cannot do very much else than what they are doing anyway. A question is, then, what you can make out of the oracle saying in some helpful, constructive way. That depends on yourself too.

So to what degree are you free to try out and tentatively apply costly insights in your own fare (life). What can be reshaped, formatted or formed in new ways? And what will the costs be? What could be at stake in a new fare? Try to determine such things first.

Do what you can as soon as you can, preferably in good time. In nature, on sunny, abundant days and well-nigh any other days, wild animals learn to be alert and prepared for unexpected dangers no matter how, in order to carry on.

Statistics often divulge sides of how conditions deteriorate or are, they don't remedy our mistakes and transgressions, thanks to big business

A good day doesn't maim you, and maybe it leaves you happier, more clear-sighted, richer on some levels - for example richer in good deeds or stored merits - or more healthy. a day when you have shown good moral, is termed a good day too.

A wasted day, on the other hand, works in quite opposite ways than the ones above. When you waste free time and other resources, spend your qualitity time foolishly or with litte forethought, you may be on a road of weakening yourself.

One trouble is you may not notice how confusion like fog comes on silent cat paws. Another side to it is that some long-lasting hard experiences are introduced by something sweet or pleasant to all appearances, like the sugar-coating of the bitter pill. And having sex with a neighbour's wife may be felt to be very pleasant till remorse knocks on you door, or your neighbour does. In retrospect you may find that some days that you thought were good days, eventually took you downhill.

There are many teachings that eventually bring you down. As far as I can see, Buddha's teachings do not.

LoIt pays to be allied with the essence of publicly known statistics to ensure in time and so on

BEING ruined severely limits one's options onward. So ruin and the company of fools are to be steered away from or out of the fastest one can, before the "play" becomes serious and you cannot needed afford dentist treatment. "Go to the dentist in good time and get many pain-free days from it." Most persons would assent it is so. But the day you are placed in the dentist's chair for an hour or less, may not be felt to be good, not good at all. Still the day of repair works for your long-time good, and may be needed as well.

If your doctor sends you to the hospital for some minor trouble and you get infected with antibiotics-resistent germs there, maybe going to the doctor paved the way for losing a leg, an arm or the whole life. It happens to many today. Only in little Norway tens of thousands get infected by microbes that are much resistant to antibiotics. There are many risks around, and some tie in with visiting a good and well-meaning doctor.

There are outer conditions, inner states of pleasure, steps of culinary artistry of advancement and expertise in handling this and that, and that a really good day is a harmonious blend of outer and inner conditions, with our health intact. Yet a good day may not be as good as it seems it your autonomy is at stake on that day, or if pleasantries allure you into a glide down somewhere.

There are many occurrences that go too deep to be ascertained by reason alone, as illustrated in a little tale.

A Tale from Ancient China

An old man had a son and a horse. They were his only treasures in life. One day the horse strayed and got lost. When the old man's neighbours heard it, they went to tell the old man they were sorry about his bad luck.

"How do you know it is bad luck?" he asked.

Soon after that the horse returned, bringing with him many wild horses. Now the neighbours came to congratulate the man on his good luck.

"How do you know it is good luck?" he asked.

The son took up riding. One day he was thrown and broke his leg. The neighbours came to the old man and expressed sorrow at his bad luck.

"How do you know it is bad luck?" he asked.

Very soon afterwards a war broke out and the military came to the old man's village to draft all the young men there. They should help in building the Chinese wall. None of them ever came back. The old man's son was not drafted, however, because of his broken leg.

Now, do you know it was his good luck?

Good News and Bad News

A man reported his wedding to a friend.

"Good news!" responded the latter.

"She was a shrew," continued the first.

"Bad news!" said the friend.

"With her dowry I bought a house," continued the first.

"Good news!" congratulated the friend.

"The house burned down," replied the first.

"Bad news!" said the other.

"Not all bad," said the first, "for she burned up with it!" (AT type type 2014A. Cf. type 96*. [Agha].

The Hare's Marriage

The hare's marriage was not all good, for his wife could be a devil, but there was good news: she had a good dowry and a house of her own. But there was bad news too, for the house burned down. But the news wasn't all bad, because his wife burned up with it. (AT type 96*). [Agha].

LoMany conditions deteriorate in our times. Ruined rain-forests are just highlighting abuse that goes on and makes man silly

There are quite a lot holistic health parameters. Fit independence is often overlooked. So is mental balance and fair judgement.

LoTo be meticulous, accurate and bent on minding one's own best business may help, but there is hardly a fixed guarantee in it

Most people have a need to bulwark themselves to take care of themselves and their family. Homes are for that, among other things.

A good day is above average, and what's above average is envied. From this it can be deducted that the worse the general fare, the more inhuman-looking the bulwarking could need to be to be efective. Africans that try to sail to Europe in small boats, experience sides to that.

Affluence is desired, and leads to precautions of those who benefit from it, too.

Exercises, at least for thought

In sum

  1. Be allied with the essence of publicly known statistics or trends to get advantages in the long-run planning of a good life.
  2. Balance for at least some success in your circumstances. Things do not have to be all bad while carefully siding with the winning side, the one that holds the resources and money and other coveted assets, like public popularity and influence.
  3. Try to mind your own best business first and foremost. There are many who strive to make you fall away from such an attainment.

The essence of the winning side is shown by firmly set gains-winning "business as usual". That "side of the street" tends to define what's formidable, fit and tidy most often, and there is little to do about that. Acceptance is what it takes to get a good enough platform, including an okay education that matters.

You may not get an education or a reputation as professional or highly qualified unless you take some part in that side. There may be no middle - so venture to go for it.


Tao study

Accommodate Better

LoA sound phh in time may save you embarrassment and expensive professional assistance later

Some people adhere to the faith that a good day is a smooth day, and seldom inspect to see what is underneath it: A smooth and easy-flowing life is based on or lies on top of ruthless suppression of others, such as domesticated animals.

Maybe a good day is found in the middle somewhere - by "not too little, not too much" - by not too strenuous accomplishments also, perhaps. Buddha advocates the middle way.

LoDodge little for all who don't dare much as individuals, and who never show much personal strength either

Have as a custom to affirm freedom, growth, and happiness. If an individual is able to love himself or herself, he (she) can love others too.

LoTo remain non-swindled and savoury, maybe you need your own personal understanding and general acceptance along with that

Some claim a good day is one of artistic accomplishments.

Some seemingly good days can undermine our later fare or soundness or moral fibre, and high-standing concerns. That could make life more intriguing. And a good day that's not made use of may feel like a sort of shame to sensitive ones.


We may speak of global accommodations here. In sum

  1. A sound phh or hah to robber doctrine well in time could save future embarrassment and expenses later.
  2. Too many neat and tidy robber hearts - they could be well dressed - in time breed more horrible conditions on the planet. Cold-hearted business and industry that Western man accommodates to, surely destroys a whole lot, and many things can't be remedied later. The greenhouse effect is on.
  3. We need better ways to be cultivated. It stands out, and so do hoary teachings of China. China's quite general suggestions may suit some.

In nuce Robber teachings breed more unsavoury and in time poorer conditions, also globally, towards corrupting healthy living, savoury and cultured living. Where there is no local alternative to such accommodation, it is suggested that good living has been sort of robbed (taken). What a shame!


Tao study

Fit for the Tedium: Handiness

Handiness helps toward gaining cultured boredom and can be solidly good. A useful hint: In the averaging din, on the nick of boredom, learn to relax better. Another often overlooked lesson: The tedium is all right, old, trivial matters can be top important. And what is more, the slight boredom experienced may be due to your mastery of things at hand - so keep up with it if you can - here's an easy way of winning (something) - perhaps, perhaps not. Gentle forecasts for an unspecified, general humdrum period should not help unwelcome plots and serious irresponsibility.

The Oracle in a Nutshell:

Be particularly brash if brashness is something to be proud of now or later. The knowledge of innocence helps some of us. Yet, advancing very good fortune in the arms of a mischief-making crook may not be fair - may not even pay. To lessen pain, go for fit Taos, that is, handling ways, routines and masterly skills among other things.

You can be on the border of great insight

LoScorn little and lose nothing. And you may be brash if that load suits your back

Let great justice be permitted, as it's generally better not to get negative.

You may be allied with the wealth of jewels; then there is good time to make excellent bed partners wet - even delightfully so.

Even hunters have to reckon with much time spent, maybe hesitancy and uncertainness - there can be brashness as well.

It tends to pay to prevent or avoid unexpected and unnecessary accidents in good time. To persevere till your ears have to give way, that is misfortune.

Many of those who rush headlong into things for the lack of good reflections, can later find ample study stuff or time for regret.

LoThe knowledge of innocence helps some of us

Think well of the omens and portents you appear in your life, if that is of assistance. Also, remain alert to artistic chances that come your way.

LoVery good fortune in the arms of a mischief-maker may not be fair - may not even pay

Be allied with some of the greatest and the good - and let your soul benefit and decide if you are up to it. To remain steady in a well rounded, savoury and art of living and making hey while the sun shines, may not be a blunder. Reduce chance-taking.  12.1.

Gist and Parade: Tedium living crowns most of the time

In sum

  1. Let savoury reflection and wisdom benefit you. It is markedly smart.
  2. To go for artist-looking outputs may help somewhat too, even though there may be many limits involved.
  3. To meet with, have and keep good fortune is what much is about in the long art of living. Proficiency may reveal itself by some boredom with what is well mastered - and good fortune is often not understood and caught for that reason alone.

In nuce Let good and staunch reflections assist you into the innocent-looking: "Artist-looking outputs in the life-long art of solid living, actually bore oneself and maybe others - in both ways it could even pay -" Or: "Getting bored in good and clever ways, that's what life is all about" - what do you think about that? How far do you agree to it?


Fit for a Largely Bad Day

On a quite bad day you can stick to your best or most conventient routines, and so avoid much calamity, by "business as usual" or something like that.

But there is much else to count in and reflect on for thinking man, for example what original Christians did on their bad days of persecutions and executions in the Roman Empire. They let themselves be slaughtered to entertain cruel barbarians at first. After a few hundred years the Christians got the reins of control, however, and then Christians could serve in the army by ignoring "Thou shalt not kill", "turn the other cheek" and much else that, after the bishops had sold out basic ideals of early Christianity.

The fight against harsh violence and such mobilisation goes on, but may seldom be on top of the menu in a society that is headed by men bent on taking, utilising, abusing, serving profit maximisation and so on - but at whose expenses? It might be those of the common folks, of animals, and even nature itself, and globally. Sadly, some in power seem to ignore these basics, and life as a human being may become less worth in consequence. That is where we stand. Some say it is on the brink of a global disaster, and that much of it is man-made.

A lesson on not being scared

It may not pay to get vicious and scared if something unpleasant is around the corner. Gain calm instead. Transcendental Meditation and other meditation forms are for that too. Get out of induced prejudice and superstition by slowly or steadily going for evidence. Ask for evidence first, if you can.

Good measures fit for an unlucky day may bring solid advantages lots of times in lots of places, and hence increase our winning chances. That's why you should study this professional counsel.

Relevant wisdom matters if it's made tidy and neat enough to serve gentle men and gentlemen alike. However, sound tenets may give way to habits and routines and even bad associates. One should guard against it. And it generally helps to take very good care, no matter how, according to the devise "Safety first".

Many regulations can be improved. There are many preventive measures that may help and reduce seemingly accidents, not just precautions. Tidiness helps too, in the long run. Good and clever forethought is a boon. Cooperate only with those who are worthy of it and you.

Try a training program if you care for it

For a training program of multiple routes, with several activities on each step along the way, it is advisable to sift parts that you respond or resonate to deep inside in the first place. Next seek to tailor them and let them blend into some uniform main constructs. You can let such chunks be stringed like pearls on a string. If you do it carefully enough, you have a program that may be used for ascertainments, prognoses; and as a help to mastery learning, and for fitting in too.

Avoid and abort retrogressive movements too.

gain dao scheme
Collecting beads on a strand: Tick tack tao scheming

It could help if you think of the figure as a string of beads. They are numbered 1-10 and coloured deep blue, deep red, and green. They can be grouped or "chunked" in different ways. To avoid risks of deflection and the like, try to pay attention in particular to initial stages of the streches or groups. Here we go:

  1. BEAD ONE: One sort of negative or indecent influence is at the start. It can be suggested as a deflection away from the route marked by an arrow. This may give rise to looking unusual and later deviation in general, tentatively expressed here.
  2. BEAD THREE: Another deflection can be somewhere around the third lay. This will be crowned by such as getting untidy, unwelcome and later by some sort of floundering somehow.
  3. BEAD FIVE AND SIX OR SO: A third main one can be near "the sharp angle" that is our origo in the sixth lay. This may give rise to no deal and being steadily overlooked over and over for no good reason, and by inadequate mishmash, perhaps.

The movement or flow of chained items that this scenario hints at, may warn against flounderings - that is, swerving from one's most probable, constructive (all-round building) route of drills that goes well along with one's character and conditions in general - or that seeks to improve them. [More]

SOME KEY STATEMENTS: Deep councelling atop of structural wisdom in a new key

Any TTT (tick tack tao) essay is in reality a Tao verse aiming at some good and sound all-round fare and Tao, if possible. On a horrible day it may pay to think much better, for example by mapping the main points and aligning yourself to what works best for you - short-term, tedium-wise, and in the long run. That is a significant side to Buddha's teachings.

LoA statesman used diplomacy first, and maybe good soldiers later. Fewer risks and less risk-taking should pay.

Even in an unlucky week we can gather relevant trophies, for example by hard work and some questioning, like "What's the root of this and that problem?"

Note the force of emotions and try not to feign or pretend and thus make yourself pretentious, even hypocritical along that fare.

LoThe dark-skinned buffalo will help - just a bit

It is possible to draw "help" - that is, life wisdom - from many sources. From what follows in this section you may get an inkling, and perhaps the idea, "Get the best out of it," which is even above "Turn unbridled if you can".

Astrology is one side to the history of human civilizations, and so is Ares (Mars), the Greek god that is taken to show sides to the planet Mars influence in a life or horoscope. Greek gods are parts of a map of the sky where planets are said to interact with one another in certain ways, and where it is more or less an honour to be hurled beyond the solar system and become a star -

One basic idea involved in astrology's Mars and other planets and claimed influences of theirs, is that the associated prowesses may serve harmonious ends - peaceful ends, for example, or serve discordant ends: great battles, war, violence of conflict and more. To become less discordant may be shown by forging weapons of war into tools for peaceful trade and farming - that is one option. But if a single individual finds that sort of human endeavur to be good and fit, his more discordant-minded neighbours may despite him or her, and try to break him too. Just be aware of that, and make first-class precautions. Yu could benefit from being clever and sagacious through live too: skilfulness is advocated in Buddhism.

Domesticated buffaloes serve lots of humans in times of peace, but may not serve in war.

There are many proverbs that talk of animals, and natural scientists discover many things about animals and ourselves and life on earth, things to be greatly thankful for.

Turn unbridled if you can, and count the cost too.

LoThere's no such thing as grave criticism of warrior guts, and that may be the sin, regardless of what strong honours your soul hankers after

Seek to be allied with the good sides to your family heritage, and wider, some mainstream of influence that works very well in your particular case and circumstances. You may "lift" elements higher, going from farm traditions to a biologist education, and so on. Tradition may pave the way for better, more refined or better customised programs later, by such as good education. ◊

How can we learn the art of maintaining the perfect and neat glide towards a life in the sun and be likely to take care to remain on the winning beam? We stay on the alert and back up what we can to be all-round prepared for well-nigh any common pitfalls we know of.

Unknown to some, the superior man lives on top of refining or making deft use of his obstacles, including his best inherited ones.

In nature the sincere may have good chances to advance their species. Bullies too. Humans are meant to get higher than the bullies. Reflect toward that.


  1. A statesman uses diplomacy first, and may have to employ standard soldiers later. Fewer risks and less risk-taking should pay.
  2. In times of peace the dark-skinned buffalo helps very much in ploughing fields and so on, but in times of war maybe just a bit. What can you make out of that?
  3. There is seldom any widespread, grave criticism of warrior guts: that may be the "sin" against uncultivated parading. Note how the original non-violence of Christianity was shattered when its leaders sold out the original pacifist teachings in 395 CE for wordly dominion in the Roman Empire. Today Christians may be armed instead of turning the other cheek and all that -

IN NUCE A certain instinct-diplomacy is the thing in handling a water buffalo to make it work for you day in and day out. It has helped many farmers in the East too.


Life is Easily Altered During Transitions

Truth can sound stranger than fiction. A self-helping and self-protecting scenario fit for bad days may serve to make good days work even better.

  1. The wisdom you need for a sunny day, is linked to the saying: "it takes a good back to bear good days." Implied: Evolve good moral while there is good time at the very least. As we evolve from crawling into walking, running and jumping in stages and by degrees, we could learn to make use of good periods to prepare for marring circumstances to come, if not before, then in old age.

    Learn to play yourself into the field you should be in or on top of; next learn the art of trade, through study or otherwise. If you don't overdo these things, maybe you can function all right and find time for vacations that matter, too.

  2. The wisdom required for a lot fairly common days of routines often deals with just hanging on, on top of what was acquired beforehand - either by yourself or forefathers and so on.
  3. The wisdom you need on, say Friday 13, should help you through that "rainy day" with no breaches of confidence in a good turn.

Man needs good days to help him get a surplus so that he knows how to handle the averaged fare. If not, there is Transcendental Meditation, TM, for example. It builds health reserves, studies document. What truly helps matters. It should give great esteem later in life, if all goes well.

Enactment is fit here

It helps to forecast the weather with some accuracy. But to say "Tomorrow about as today" most often turns out to be a best forecast in quite stable climates. Similarly with lifes changes in cases where routines and not alarming new happenings are involved.

It helps to be able to prognosticate core happenings too, but tenable clues are not always easy to found, all of them. Then,

"Be prepared in time for an unexpected hard turn or bad happening if you can." It's much like the Boy Scout's motto. You might improve your odds for happy survival if you learn to gauge odds and adjust in no menial ways to them. For example, the odds of winning a jackpot in the Norwegian Lotto is quite as that of being struck by lightning, but presumably more pleasant. Besides, Average statistics hardly applies full well to individual cases, but they can still be good for surveys of odds and much else.

What helps to handle a rainy day could help on sunny days too, but maybe there is no particular need for them on good days. Still, "Diligent youth makes easy age." It's a proverb. [Dp 27]

Some learn from hard experiences to bulwark ahead of time, and use sunny days for that with profit adjusting to "If youth knew what age would crave, it would both get and save." - British proverb [Dp 27]

Proverbs tend to reflect handling norms, but not all of them

The Danish thinker Kierkegaard once observed, "Marry and you'll repend, don't marry and you'll also repent." His sentiment reflects rather harsh odds from stress research. To get a better deal: If you want harmony, know of the stressors so as to be forewarned, forestalled. [Cf. Ams 467-9, 477] If you marry well in time after getting prepared, things may be different.

The world revolves on wheels of habits. So what to do with what you get if you ask for an oracular statement in some connection or some occasion? Maybe you study it for the fun of it, just like buying lotto tickets - a little amusement or fad at first -

Aligned with Carl Rogers' looming aims

Carl Rogers realised that the fully functioning individual is no small attainment. What goes into such a build? How are its flowers or first fruits?

Oracle, oracle study, Literature  

Agha: Ashliman, D. L. A Guide to Folktales in the English Language. New York: Greenwood, 1987.

Dp: Fergusson, Rosalind. The Penguin Dictionary of Proverbs. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1983.

Tpd: Keegan, Desmond, ed. Theoretical Principles of Distance Education. London: Routledge, 1993.

Harvesting the hay

Symbols, brackets, signs and text icons explained: (1) Text markers(2) Digesting.

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