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Bear up with a Bright Way

Go for holistic health above any "God-tomfoolery"

This is to assist all who want to rise higher, including fair Christians.

There is so much in the Bible you do not need, as goat tent services that God once said were to last, but did not. And it is should work better to be healthy, wealthy, happy, and going in a fine direction than to be poor, seriously ill, disgruntled, and going downhill. Just rise soundly above Jesus and his dictates by not being a morally inferior follower, and go for great holistic health in so doing [cf. John 14:12]. Stay as healthy as you can and go for solid gains. They include deeply moral ones, affluence, and probably solid, harmonious relationships too.

Even if you see glimpses of something better to spend time on and with, you have to go against many degenerate currents in the large society. Look to the salmon ascending a river to make little of your front to pass through as "a good thing" going upstream somehow.

Fit company helps too

The Triple Gem, also called the Three Treasures in Buddhism, may loosely be understood as venerating Buddha; learning his teachings or Eternal Law or Truth - there are many nuggets to think of, practice, and realise; and company with like-minded individuals, or betters. A Buddhist samgha (company, group, etc.) is of followers. A true friend helps; a company of them is said to work much better, and may do so for each involved also, as long as life as a hermit does not agree full well with you. Do what you can.

Find time to cultivate yourself

We may find time to cultivate ourselves soundly and laxly enough. Learn to relax. That involves going along with the sincere interests and could make you happy if you find a formula for decent, balanced living.

Improve your opportunities and social standing to gain mental health and build such health reserves. Go for enough free will and spacious and deeply rewarding living, and enjoy your opportunities.

Seek a rewarding living

For our own good we had better not be taken in by ideas, customs and rituals that serve tyranny. If fellowship is needed, a fair and lax company could be suitable, even though there is more to a samgha (rewarding fellowship) than that.

To drop tomfoolery and go for progress in meditation while also adjusting to Buddha's solid Way teachings, should be good for you. And consider the alternatives.

Consider what could get good enough to last a lifetime

Just adopt the healthy attitude and corresponding doings as the all-round strategy. Solid Buddhist living could be good enough for anyone wanting to advance though life, but authoritarian plots are into that way of life too. So be careful, and do not dispense with your own heart.

If this will not be all easy, what are the alternatives? Learn to consider; take time for deep thought as you go along in what is hopefully a rewarding direction for yourself. If you find yourself let down, even in a gutter, good crawling might be what is needed.

Swindling Ones Are Not Kind for It

It pays not to succumb to old and new boasts that are imposed on goofs to make them support a clergy or nasty cause.

Do not be content with evil companions. "Who keeps company with wolves, will learn to howl, not only growl. [cf. Dp 36]"

Get companions that go for fair play, fair deals, rather. And leave the commands of Jesus behind, as they were meant for sick sheep according to Jesus, and you do not have to be among them.

Next go for constructive, health-helping outlets accordingly.

This does not mean that every isolated decree in the Bible is of no worth. But the basic teachings of Buddhism help us to manage far better and worthily.

Visualise your goals; there is evidence that judo-like visualizations improve performances.

Discard Jesus for the sake of soundness. Further, proficiency in living may be learnt.

Adjust to please your deepest Self

Not all train platforms need to be heavily trafficked at all times. Not all minds have to be bright for thriving and regularity-founded survival and fitness. Not all brilliant minds have to show off. You can build towards it. And do not let good opportunities flitter and float away.

Fit rationality can be evolved. Well-founded teachings may be boons too. However, this is to be expected:

1. Adequate and skilled thinking often gets ridiculed by those riding on top of destroyed cognitive development of their members.

2. Lessons that presuppose mental soundness and not darned foolishness, may be set in too late in cultish fools.

Crude and perverted minds take to crude, perverted thinking.

The depth of yourself is brighter than your conscious Self

Having a completely infallible "master" is a rare indeed. But being skilled and well educated also helps too. Being adequate and clean-cut may work well, depending in part on circumstances.

Life is not always fair, not for all who get subjected to an unfair and demoniac spirit.

"Real Jews will not be oppressed"

Go for getting thoroughly reliable: that could be good. By big and small lies you could undo good. What is untrue, do not want that. What is unreliable, drop it. Consider your steps out of the fixated "God-gutter", as skilfully as you can. Rewarding tenets may be sorted and stringed to work even better, and in some cases even change the life course for the better. [Link]

Mind that not all good things come easy. Be bright. Transcendental Meditation should help it.


Go ahead and live up to higher standards fit for good living.

Getting likable and reliable could do good. By "buying" and conforming to big lies you could undo good. A happy, rewarding living and outcomes along with inner development, should suit nearly all of us. If fellowship is needed, a fair, lax company of friends could be suitable.

Much mess in the world is caused by verbiage that seeks to camouflage enmity.

It can work well to visualise that we can amount to much and get better. There is research evidence that quite judo-like visualizations work well.

Bright Way, advancing, END MATTER

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