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Peacock Sayings
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Peacock Sayings ☼

In the human world there are many showy persons, many ostentatious human peacocks. The following consists of proverbs, adapted proverbs, and proverbial sayings that might fit in well enough on occasion. Smug decadence is a too poor aim in life.

1. Some peacocks fight one another.

A peacock has fair feathers, but foul feet.

Much depends on the vigilant eye.

Some peacocks fight one another.

High hopes in a chicken seem too vain at times.

There is more to a bird than fine feathers.

Fine feathers have only surface brilliance.

2. Cackling becomes a burden as heavy as lead to some.

Cackling hens and followers rely terribly on cackling and goading. (3)

A pound of peacock feathers and a pound of lead weigh the same.

You can't eat your peacock and have it too.

3. Fine feathers and fine clothing make fine fowls, but how human are they?

Fake not, and shun a "fine feather parade".

A peacock is a spectacular bird, and flirtatious only to its own kind.

Fine feathers make fine fowl.

Send a poor peacock to the zoo to be looked at, and a poor peacock he returns.

For your benefit, try not to listen much to hearsay cackling.


We do well not to be carried away by peacocks in fine feathers. A fully functioning human being is more. (Rogerian term)

Do not take all hope away from show-people and the hordes that would love to be like them. Don't take the straw or twig away from a drowning man either.

A good goat seldom needs gold to defend himself.

Sane conformity seldom makes you a victim of obviously molesting, marring ones.

Realism looms taller than being taken in.

It may not be easy to shun those who parade in fine feathers.


Actors, Liars, Bluffers

"I've been to Hollywood," sings Neil Young in his Heart of Gold. In Hollywood some go for becoming actors or actresses. They have in common some measure of feigning and "make believe." will help them on and up and similar.

Many liars and bluffers can be found out

Modern research has shown that some persons who lie or bluff betray themselves by their body language and so on. And good actors are not supposed to do that. It is held that inexperienced liars

  • blink "all the time"
  • are poor at focusing their gaze
  • do not keep their face still.
  • Tend to have unnatural smiles without "smile wrinkles" around the eyes.
The bluffer
  • cannot keep his legs still
  • keeps his hands lying still, and readily lock them in a firm grip.

These are some markers to be thought about with some reservation, cum grano sale, since inveterate liars and psychopaths may dispense with any such signs.

How to handle your peacock

Some would claim that an innocent ploughman is of more worth than a peacock.

As for "The better the cook, the tastier the peacock stew," one may add, "The better the film director, the better the peacock stew (movie)."


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Harvesting the hay

Symbols, brackets, signs and text icons explained: (1) Text markers(2) Digesting.

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