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I Ching Hexagrams with Pen Drawings


12. Phi (Pi) - Standstill (Stagnation). Obstruction

Trigrams: Chien, the creative, heaven, is on top of Kun, the receptive, earth.
See: 15 Sco — 20 Sco 38.

Statement: When the standstill is giving way, good fortune may follow for the decent and great men. (W).

sc15 and hexagram 12
Many a smallness sets in through lack of deep understanding. For removing some conditions of distress, fishing in good time may help.

Want of good understanding is unfavorable to the firm and correct course of the superior man. (L)

The great man may perish through conditions of distress before joy will come. So the superior man falls back on his inner worth so as to escape the difficulties and doesn't permit himself to be honoured with revenue. But will he succeed? He guards against complacency. (W, M)

The superior man doesn't forget danger in his security, not ruin when he is well established, nor confusion when his affairs are in order. In this way he gains personal safety. (W).

Effort must be put forth in order to end disintegration, by creativity well in order. (W)

By pulling out the main root you can then bring a whole complex of problems to the surface and deal with them one after the other. (M)

Someone who encounters obstacles and chaos, need not react aggressively, but rather pursue his goal patiently and keep a low profile. (M)

You can refuse to get involved in other people's schemes and avoid panicking when others get nervous. (M)


6. Sung - Conflict. Arguing / Avoiding Conflict

Trigrams: Chien, the creative, heaven, is on top of Kan, the abysmal, water.
See: 20 Sco 38 — 26 Sco 15.

Statement: In all his transactions the superior man carefully considers the beginning. A cautious halt halfway can bring good fortune to the sincere or obstructed.

sc20o38 and hexagram 6
Good fortune is sometimes kept through great caution and not venturing ahead.

To feel into alternatives gently and vivify a firm confidence is the least you can do in such a context.

In this context, regaining one's inner balance and vision, he is to weigh the alternatives calmly. Besides, the superior man takes good counsel about his first steps. (M)

From examining the sincerity of one's own beliefs and those around him (her), he (she) can convince others of good conscience too. Besides, she (he) can seek advice gently from an impartial and mature person. (M)

Consider: Some victories and defeats cost too much in terms of wasted time, energy and nerves. (M).


25. Wu Wang - Innocence (The Unexpected). Without Embroiling / Innocent Success

Trigrams: Chien, the creative, heaven, is on top of Cheng, the arousing, thunder.
See: 26 Sco 15 — 1 Sag 53.

Statement: Who is not as she (he) should be, is not ripe for further action. (K)

sc26o15 and hexagram 25
He who falls into a lot of errors, may get no great success no matter where he turns. And sincere ones often need help to remain that way.

Someone who is not as he should be, has misfortune. Without the quality of rightness, an unreflecting, instinctive way of acting may bring misfortune ahead. (W)

If the time is not ripe for further progress, the best thing to do can be to wait quietly, without ulterior scheming. (W)

No matter how innocent our transactions may be, we must accommodate ourselves to the demands of the time: otherwise unexpected misfortune may overtake us. (W)

If we lose our inner sincerity, our plans and intentions go wrong. (M)

If she (he) perseveres with a pure heart, the expectations and plans may ripen into good luck: To someone whose heart is pure, 'good luck' comes naturally to look at. (M).


44. Kau (Kou) - Coming to Meet. Coupling / Encroachment

Trigrams: Chien, the creative, heaven, is on top of Sun, the gentle, wind.
See: 1 Sag 53 — 7 Sag 30.

Statement: Who keeps ignoring his heart and repressing his sound emotions is in for being alienated (M).

sa1o53 and hexagram 44
The stern and bold woman may not be a nice marriage partner.

One should not marry a powerful maiden; It will not be good to marry a woman who is bold and strong. Perhaps fortunate circumstances prevent this; one would like to do it, but cannot (W, L).

You can display your brilliance or wit - the creative wind, so to speak - and get the support of nature - can enjoy the goodwill. In the context of society this means that people in leading positions should be reasonable and understanding, but that they should not let their followers dominate them either. Also, where power shifts into unprepared hands, harm may come to many. (M)

One is to go ahead with composure. One is to allow elements that are fit to be joined come to meet (W).

Holding yourself aloof from normal concerns or activities, can open you to criticism and reproach. However, if you are reproached for being proud and distant, but without active duties holding you to the world any longer, such upbraiding hardly matters very much. (M, W)

I Ching with pen drawings, Yi Jing, END MATTER

I Ching, Yi Jing, LITERATURE  

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