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47. Kun - Oppression (Exhaustion). Confining / Adversity

Trigrams: Tui, the joyous, lake, is on top of Kan the abysmal, water.
See: 0 Cap — 5 Cap 38.

Statement: There is sweet and sour reality. Sour sides to reality may contain gains in firm composure, if nothing else. Some who have risked, and tasted disappointments and the like, may often speak from sourness-reality only. (M)

cp0 and hexagram 47
A great man doesn't go back on his given word. A tree doesn't crawl back into its roots.

You can grasp the situation, change some mental attitude, and make a firm decision, and thus master some sort of subtle oppression. (W)

Correct yourself whenever you have lost the right path so that nice things will start happening again and you may reach a worthy goal. (M)

One could turn within, with firm composure, and go for the general well-being. (W)

Powerful and wealthy acquaintances draw him into their circle; he has to do as they do and cannot withdraw from them. Hence there can be great embarrassment. (W)

A worthy cause should be your own. And you can be sparing with words. (R)

To someone who perseveres patiently in a worthy cause, right actions might accumulate and all may turn out well. (M)

Your best ideas and best intentions should not so silly as they are thought of. (M)

Strong silence might the most skillful help when facing advancing adversity in public. (M)


17. Sui - Following

Trigrams: Tui, the joyous, lake, is on top of Cheng, the arousing, thunder.
See: 5 Cap 38 — 11 Cap 15.

Statement: To go one's way with sincerity brings clarity. (W)

cp5o38 and hexagram 17
Many forms of excellence depend on parents and good upbringing to be firmly held and clung to.

At nightfall the superior man goes indoors for rest and recuperation. Immature others may leave you if they feel offended by your honest approach. Yet sincerity that is excellent may bring good fortune too. (W, M, L)

Remain steady enough to be sincerely committed to right values and cultivate worthwhile relationships.

By choosing meaningful guiding images and by associating with worthwhile people you can ensure your success in life. (M)

We may have to leave some inferior habits and relationships behind, quite as when retiring for the night. (M)


28. Tun (Ta Kuo) - Preponderance of the Great. Great Exceeding / Inner Strength

Trigrams: Tui, the joyous, lake, is on top of below: Sun, the gentle, wind, wood.
See: 11 Cap 15 — 16 Cap 53.

Statement: The superior man, when he stands alone, is quite unconcerned. (W)

cp11o15 and hexagram 28
There are times when retiring in a noble way (and let the ox do the main work) is a fit solution.

An older woman takes a husband, a withered poplar puts forth flowers. (W)

In tense times people need to be aware of their perilous position and proceed with great caution. (M)

You must be confident to be able to win the support of your neighbours. Be free to brace yourself and thereby remain master of the situation. (M)

With a ford a stream or when starting on a significant venture, first seek to make sure that the water will not go above your head. (M)

Someone of so-called firm correctness may have been trained and thereby half-tamed for it. In such a light so-called correct firmness spells "retiring in some noble-looking way". (L)

Exhausted soil cannot produce strong plants. (M)


43. Kuai - Breakthrough Resoluteness). Parting / Determination

Trigrams: Tui, the joyous, lake, is on top of Chien, the creative, heaven.
See: 16 Cap 53 — 22 Cap 30.

Statement: Everything looks easy. Just there, however, lies the danger. (W)

cp16o53 and hexagram 43
Showing a culprit's guilt without getting repressive or getting blame for these doings, could work well. But the one who is alone, may have to back off or meet with evils.

In dealing with the evil in one's own character, one must go to work with thoroughness. (W)

Your attitude should be friendly but uncompromising where calm thoroughness helps you out. (R)

Uprooting corruption can be a very difficult task. (M)

You can follow the sane middle path and cultivate worthwhile social relationships. (M)

I Ching with pen drawings, Yi Jing, END MATTER

I Ching, Yi Jing, LITERATURE  

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