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I Ching Hexagrams with Pen Drawings


2. Kun - The Receptive / The Female Principle

Trigrams: Kun, the receptive, earth, is on top of Kun, the receptive, earth.
See: 22 Ari 30 — 28 Ari 08.

Statement: Being well receptive can bring about sublime success. If the superior man follows, he should find guidance through it. And quiet perseverance brings good fortune.

ar22o30 and hexagram 2
The female principle obtains much influence and many things as time goes by, unless there is sordid confusion.

A great fortune in a sack causes bloody fights at times. (L)

Draw strength from being careful, and in time. (M).

You could strive for a pure natural responsiveness based on inner strength. (M)

Rather than wasting time and other resources on unprofitable projects you can rest well and recuperate to prepare for better times. (M)

Keeping things within, one avoids being aroused by blame as well as praise.

The power of the earth may well be called handsome, global nurturing, but look at it now.

Basic sense-experience that may suit you.

The mare that is roaming over high plains can be taken as a symbol of frank vastness within and around.

It's possible to go about one's business indefinitely without completing it. Thus he may mature.◊

Friends and helpers may get no easy jobs if they are known to swindle others.

It may never go completely well to lead a great army.

Some get to the best without effort. Such men or women may be studied to our long-range benefit.

To be bland is also smart. To be territorial is usually above that again. (3)

To some, to find friends involves getting warm-hearted, good-natured and solid guidance.

Thoughts that are brought to "birth" by Kun may seem without plan and purpose in the start. That is often as it should be.◊

It can be hard to manifest staunchness. (5)

Often think of how one thing fits one day and another, perhaps complementary thing fits better another day.

Much Kun should make savoury impulses real.◊

Kun feats include merging well and extensively at times.


7. Shih - The Army. Leading / Leadership

Trigrams: Kun, the receptive, earth, is on top of Kan, the abysmal, water.
See: 28 Ari 08 — 3 Tau 45.

Statement: The army needs to carry on, and a strong man. That could bring fortune that is without blame.

ar28o08 and hexagram 7
A good leader has to familiarise himself with the needs and problems of many people, and sees to it that negative influences don't take hold.

If you hold or aspire to a position of leadership, remember that the true leader captures the hearts of the people, and articulates a clear, simple vision which binds them together. (M)

Leaders need to remain flexible, so that the organization can adapt to changing conditions. (M)

A good leader does not merely give orders but familiarizes himself with the needs and problems of the people. (M)

It should help to deal with negative influences as soon as they crop up. (M)

One should employ people in their proper places so that all can perform efficiently, and nobody has more of a say than deserved. (M)

One should be on one's guard against disruptive influences, also right under one's nose. (M)

An experienced leader tends to advance good fortune. (L)

Solidarity can be crucial for the outcome. (M)

For balance to be preserved, government must be steady, and mild toward its own people. (M)

Inferior people of weak character had rather not be employed in high offices. (L)


24. Fu - Return, The Turning-Point. Returning

Trigrams: Kun, the receptive, earth, is on top of Cheng, the arousing, thunder.
See: 3 Tau 45 — 9 Tau 23.

Statement: See to it that none distresses you in your exits and entrances. Let friends come and return without error and without blame.

ta3o45 and hexagram 24
Many individually anchored patterns function; if so, inner balance can ride out a storm of four.

The perilous return to your proper path is no small error.

He who changes his course often and lacks direction, can manoeuvre himself into dangerous situations. (M)

Have somewhere to go; don't just go to and fro.

The tall turn-around should start with rest. (M)

The one who misses the right time for a friendly return, may meet with misfortune. (W)

Try to ride out the storm if your company turns out to be unsuitable. (M)


46. Shang (Sheng) - Pushing Upward. Ascending / Building up Slowly

Trigrams: Kun the receptive, earth, is on top of Sun, the gentle, wind, wood.
See: 9 Tau 23 — 15 Tau.

Statement: In moving up the ladder of success, listen to your conscience. (M)

ta9o23 and hexagram 46
During a growth period one is to push upward, but not hastily.

'During the growing season, plants and trees follow the trend of the time and push upward. They grow step by step, gradually and patiently. (M)

In order to achieve something high and great, learn to push aside small things so as to grow.

The significance of those who foster the spiritual life of the nation, endures beyond time. (W)

Advantages are open to us as long as we fit in and maintain firm correctness. (L)

One can go for calm, steady, ever mindful progress, step by step. (W)

One should go for true gains rather than insubstantial icons of merit. (W)

I Ching with pen drawings, Yi Jing, END MATTER

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