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I Ching Hexagrams with Pen Drawings


11. Tai - Peace. Pervading / Harmony

Trigrams: Kun, the receptive, earth, is on top of Chien, the creative, heaven.
See 15 Tau — 20 Tau 38.

Statement: Slowly let go of small things to let great things approach.

ta15 and hexagram 11
The one who is firmly centred with Maya, ie, cosmic order, resembles others, but hardly lives in fear.

When the spirit of heaven (Chien) rules inside man, then budding, delicate elements may move up and be exposed. (W)

You should go for a new awareness, and learn to feel into expectations of future developments, to forestall unrewarding consequences, and to act accordingly. Cultivate such a happy balance within yourself, and let it manifest outwardly too, in time, through harmonious conditions. (M) If so, strong and rich inner nature hardly remains deserted. (W)

A truly modest, non-boasting union of high and low brings happiness and blessings, when matters have come to this. (W)

Stand by your inner, guiding light, and not so much by external aids, motives, pressure and obscure motives. (M)

Firmly centred in Self and harmonising with the Atman of the world, fear is lost. It could be fit to withdraw all right within.


19. Lin - Approach. Nearing / Gathering Strength

Trigrams: Kun, the receptive, earth, is on top of Tui, the joyous, lake.
See 20 Tau 38 — 26 Tau 15.

Statement: Approach well and perseveringly while there is time. Promoting wisdom and honesty crowns such success.

ta20o38 and hexagram 19
Your real strength rests on the cosmic side and shows up as firmness, honesty and generosity to deserving ones.

We need to take heed of any change in good time - as "spring does not last forever". (W)

You can delegate authority to able, fit, and good-hearted people of clean dealings and by such steps promote self-government, bearing in mind that your own advance also grew out of humble beginnings. (M)

See to that honest principles are used right from the beginning, and especially by those in charge. (M)

One is to rely on one's strength only in times of outer adversity and turmoil. And share one's riches carefully and gladly. (M)

The sage is quite inexhaustible in his readiness to teach mankind (W)

Adhering perseveringly to what is right, brings supreme merits, as Buddha says.

One is to approach someone of great ability with an open mind. (W)

Select fit, able, and good-hearted people, and allow them freedom enough to thrive. That expert handling could pay off in the long run. (W)

The advance of wisdom should be followed by advance of honesty and generosity. That can bring great good fortune, hopefully. (L)


15. Khien (Chien) - Modesty, Humility. Humbling / The Middle Way

Trigrams: Kun, the receptive, earth, is on top of Ken: keeping still, mountain.
See 26 Tau 15 — 1 Gem 53.

Statement: Modesty carries things through. That is, the superior man, modest about his modesty, weighing things, reduces that which is too much and augments that which is too little, and remains sincere.

ta26o15 and hexagram 15
Useful and giving persons should not be made use of, should not be exploited for their good sides. And all who are regularly counted on, need to balance between haughtiness and servility to improve the imbalances of others or their sets of circumstances.

Modesty manifests itself even in severity. (W)

People like common sense and often go along with it. (M)

The most desirable state lies in the middle between excessive wealth and poverty, and between arrogance and servility. (M)

Keep aware of your weak areas and try to improve - you can keep your own house - personality included - in order thereby. (M)

Expect to be treated as an equal, just because of your inherently modest ways. And look neither very much down on people (they are hardly worth it) nor very much up to them. It works best that way.

Do not demand too much or too little of yourselves or the world, or you may soon attract calamities and bring about your own failure. Strike a rewarding balance. (M)

A superior man also carries things to conclusion. (W)

A weak man takes offence perhaps, of even favorable reality-sincerity, such an acme of modesty. (W)


36. Ming I - Darkening of the Light. Brightness Hiding / Hiding the Light

Trigrams: Kun the receptive, earth, is on top of Li, the clinging, fire.
See 1 Gem 53 — 7 Gem 30.

Statement: One must not expect to plunge the depths of earth all at once (!).

ge1o53 and hexagram 36
Face the facts; you can adopt a more modest way of life when the period of glory is over.

Living with the great mass, the superior man veils his light, yet still shines. (W)

Trying to solve large problems can be a sign of weakness. (M) [Cf. The great man does not solve big problems; he took care of them when they were small. - Tao Te Ching]

When you enter a dark period, come down on earth. You can still get your way by hiding your light and adopting a modest way of life. By keeping a low profile you may escape attention that is beyond your strength. (M)

One can emerge from dark periods unsullied and strengthened. (M)

I Ching with pen drawings, Yi Jing, END MATTER

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