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I Ching Hexagrams with Pen Drawings


60. Chieh - Limitation. Articulating /Limitations

Trigrams: Kan, the abysmal, water is on top of Tui, the joyous, lake.
See: 0 Cancer — 5 Can 38.

Statement: A measured approach is for bringing happiness, freedom and success in the end. The superior man examines the nature of virtue and correct conduct accordingly. (M)

ca0 and hexagram 60
Hard and severe regulations should not be permanent. And sweetly and acceptably adjusting to morbid regulations, furthers future repentance.

Sweet limitation brings good fortune, whereas the tormented body will rebel against excessive asceticism. (W)

Difficult regulations are causes of repentance. (L)

A measured approach is for bringing happiness, freedom and success in the end. (M)

Proficient self-control should not lead to a negative and ascetic withdrawal from life. (M)

It should be all right to leave one's home periodically to explore the world and widen his horizon. Such going may bring esteem in time. (M, W)

Go for an approach that is neither too lax nor too severe. (M)


39. Kien - Obstruction. Limping / Dealing with Difficulties

Trigrams: Kan the abysmal, water, is on top of Ken keeping still, mountain.
See: 5 Can 38 — 11 Can 05.

Statement: The one who, seeing some peril, can arrest his steps, is he not wise? (M)

ca5o38 and hexagram 39
If someone is struggling with the greatest difficulties, merely forging ahead without due forethought might form further hardships, whereas friends might give back-up or nice help.

A superior man who is thwarted, may turn his attention inward and perhaps examine himself, and as one result of his inwardturned efforts may go on to mould his character. (W)

Good timing may also help to avoid an obstruction what is very difficult and problematic. You could also need the help of reliable friends and the advice of experienced people. (M)


63. Ki Chi - After Completion. Already Fording / The Fragile Balance

Trigrams: Kan, the abysmal, water, is on top of Li, the clinging, fire.
See: 11 Can 15 — 16 Can 53.

Statement: The superior man takes thought of misfortune and arms himself against it in advance.

ca11o15 and hexagram 63
A leak in the boat may prove dangerous, no matter how little and insignificant it seems in the start. Guard against it.

When you have built the boat of your life (home, etc), you need to steer it along for the future too, so as not to endanger the happy fare or flounder in life.

The urge to expand, with its many dangers, is part of many an ambitious undertaking. (W)

God looks into the heart to check the state there, its piety, and more. (W)

Even a new boat can spring a leak, and the captain must ever be prepared for unexpected cliffs and bad weather. Materials for repair should have veen obtained in advance, for the sake of being prepared. Then he may accomplish more with these means than with expensive implements later, when things could have become much worse. (M)

Do what you can to avoid, eliminate or extricate yourself from difficulties before it is getting late. (M)

Prepare for some worst case scenarios so that they may not happen, or if they do, do not get as serious and damaging impact as they may have to the unprepared. Stay well prepared by living up to mottos like "Safety first", "A stitch in time saves nine", and so on.


8. Pi - Holding Together (Union). Grouping / Joining Together

Trigrams: Kan, the abysmal, water, is on top of Kun, the receptive, earth.
See: 16 Can 53 — 22 Can 30.

Statement: A group is commonly held together by mutual interests. (M)

ca16o53 and hexagram 8
It may work all right to seek union with someone of good fortune. Before it, it might be fit to examine and re-examine oneself in a state of rest and as few attachments as can be, because greed and attachments are likely to ensnare.

A group that is held together by mutual interest can have a beneficial effect on all members. (M)

Fit associations could form naturally and spontaneously. (M)

Become a more sincere person and frequent the fit places, and you could attract suitable people. (M)

Common experiences strengthen relationship ties. (W)

A superior man never loses his dignity by his own words and actions.

I Ching with pen drawings, Yi Jing, END MATTER

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