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I Ching Hexagrams with Pen Drawings


51. Ken (Kan) - The Arousing (Shock, Thunder). Shake / Times of Turmoil

Trigrams: Cheng the arousing, thunder, is on top of Cheng the arousing, thunder.
See: 22 Can 30 — 28 Can 08

Statement: We should warn about a coming calamity while there is time, before it has reached our own persons and our neighborhood. (L)

ca22o30 and hexagram 51
Be not too scared to take precautions and get into good business you can handle.

Shock could bring misfortune. (M)

Remain calm and find a new balance. (M)

One can remain calm even when others panic. (M)


32. Hang (Heng) - Duration. Persevering / Perseverance

Trigrams: Chen: the arousing, thunder, is on top of Sun, the gentle, wind.
See: 28 Can 08 — 3 Leo 45

Statement: Who does not cultivate fit inner firmness, may end up at the mercy of changing moods and externals.

ca28o28 and hexagram 32
What is virtue in a wife, may be bad for a husband, and vice versa.

Thunder rolls, and the wind blows. Who does not cultivate his or her inner firmness, may end up at the mercy of changing moods and external influences. Also, a typically yang (male) approach initiates new patterns to deal with changing external conditions. (W, M)

A lasting and beneficial bond between a man and a woman rests on their firm commitment to assisting values and schemes and on persistent efforts on both sides. (M)

Changes of the established routine could be introduced cautiously and gradually. New ideas should first be tested somewhat to ensure how suitable they might be or become, and they should next be applied with enough flexibility too. (M)

A man needs to be flexible and adaptable. Should he persistently seek to conform to the woman, it would be a mistake for him. (W)

Two secrets of nature are patience and perseverance. (M)


34. Ta Kwang - The Power of the Great (Great Power). Great Invigorating / Gentle Strength

Trigrams: Cheng, the arousing, thunder, is on top of Chien, the creative, heaven.
See: 3 Leo 45 — 9 Leo 23

Statement: By becoming aware of the difficulties and using your head you may find a way out. (M)

le3o45 and hexagram 34
The ease of ownership may become a fence that needs to be knocked down for the sake of getting on -

We can give up a belligerent, stubborn way of acting. Realising the situation, we may compose ourselves. In this way we do not have to exhaust our vitality in desperate efforts. (W, M)

One is to go for better benefit that wealth. Man ought to succeed by acting from the centre of his being, not from his periphery. (M)

By quietly bringing inner strength to the outer world, great achievements become possible. Power is the fuel, but precision is the carburetor. (M)


54. Kwei Mei - The Marrying Maiden. Converting the Maiden / Being Useful [Careful Affection]

Trigrams: Cheng the arousing, thunder, is on top of Tui, the joyous, lake.
See: 9 Leo 23 — 15 Leo

Statement: Do not expect something valuable from an empty basket.

le9o23 and hexagram 54
A basked with nothing in it and a nearly bloodless sheep don't suggest full and good fortune.

One is to behave with tactful reserve and enough caution in wooing and in subordination set-ups generally.

It works best to keep an eye to the end of a relationship.

Even people who are limping on one leg or who are blind in one eye can find their place in life and fulfil a useful function, as long as they adapt to the situation and do not cling to exaggerated expectations. And someone who does not see well can use his other talents to make himself useful. (M)

A callous, impious, and irreverent attitude bodes no good for a marriage. Prefer not to throw yourself away. (M)

I Ching with pen drawings, Yi Jing, END MATTER

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