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The Rugged Tao Character
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The Rugged Tao Character ☼

1. Masterly wisdom may be applied far and wide, but first check how well it fits in locally

If the conditions allow you to have a say and have your own home, go for it before it's too late.

An artist is capable of looking at this and that from vantage points over and above the immediate situation and circumstances. However, everyone may not be responsive to penetrating insights from outside the status camps.

Learn to trim off non-essentials. Core teachings should be more worth remembering as long as they serve us a lot throughout life.

Zen teachings are welcome in the United States and other countries outside Japan. According to Dr. Daihatz T. Suzuki, "Tao is Zen and Zen is Tao". And Tao lore has its love-making and love-handling teachings that are interesting to look into to some. [Jc]. Yet sexual intercourse requires only basic interest, actually.

Life is fit for maximising sound pleasures..

2. There are sights that may cause thinking and wrong efforts - beware

Simple ways may serve a yogini and yogi well for a long time, and fair moderation too.

Save money and assets to be on the safer side if that can be done. Buddha sketches a wider scenario in this. [More] Accordingly, be well prepared ahead of the troubled times.

3. Better schooling often stems from dangers to be aware of and avoid

Up to a certain point general counsel can help or assist you. It could also help to remain somewhat uninvolved.


You may not appear to be wise as you gather essentials for living a sound, discreet life that is more on your own terms, so long as it works.


Rugged Tao Character, Literature  

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