Trust not all Gifts from Strangers




Key Notes

Attention forms part of the larger pattern.
The points that follow are gleaned from a longer series of articles that were made in the last decade. They were linked to the Grimm tale The fisherman and his wife. I suggest you read it first, or refresh it, before you read the various comments below. That is likely to help you get into the associations or mood here. You can chew on them.
      Further, the "Greeks" in "Trust on Greeks that carry gifts" relates to strangers, not Greeks in particular. It is a proverb that derives from when Troy was won by help of a wooden horse. The inhabitants of the besieged town carried the horse into town without knowing that armed enemy soldiers were inside it, waiting to start a massacre. That is where the proverb stems from. Many other proverbs have stories to back them up somehow.
      The gifts of strangers may be goods and commodities, services, teachings and methods of this and that.
      In sum, one should try to elevate one's thinking above "either-or", and prefer to consider happenings and other sides of life on a sliding scale (continuum) instead. Such a spectrum might be subdivided into conventient groups, ranging from "very bad" to "splendid". It helps to consider teachings in that light too. - Tormod Kinnes


Fairy Tale Comments

WATCH out for a quite scheming enterprise - the Vatican. (1)

It is not good to be herded by a wolf, not by a fox either. [Matthew 24;24-5; "The Fox as a Herdsman"]

The fisherman in the Grimm tale missed the strength to withstand a nagging wife's outr? demands. The pope too has made many outre decrees and demands throughout history. Child crusaders is one. the Great Inquisition is another. Absolution for money . . . So it is not the high cap that makes the pope. What is it?

WHEN is enough enough? The fabulous Grimm tale suggests it picturesquely: The more miracle help, or the more wealth and splendour, the more troubled the man's inner sea. However, years of stiff abuse of innocence may help against that, unfortunately. Lots of hailers of monarchs reveal almost a kind of half-symbiosis with bigwigs also: "Lick the foot that kicks you [lessens your outer worth or public esteem] by cermemonies, pomp, and other formal means, if not artillery or torture and taxes go into it too." (3)

It is not good to be laughed at and mocked as a nobody without a fair chances to remedy it either.

The more a couple flounders, the less equality between the partners. The more the one part wants to be served by experts. This pertains to the newly rich and large corporations too. In other words, there are subtle ways of floundering that the VP knows nothing of for a long time. ?

THE fisherman's wife wanted to get rich fast, without deserving any of the good things given. She rose into an alienated boss, without the deep balances needed to maintain a high position - gringo-like in some ways. (5)

Rather instinctive or subconscious drives she hardly manages, makes the woman of the folk tale lose rational coping - the Adult of Eric Berne is much like the ego of Freud. It is like a rider on top of a stubborn mule at times.

Ascertain if you can what the wave-lengths of tales are by what they appeal to. (6)

The fit fisher operates on hunches and worse. [Ng: Thor goes fishing]

Behind present-day consumer-wealth, one overlooked element is the strive for a better standard of living, and there seems to be no end to it.

"The Fisherman and His Wife" serves to warn against hubris (exaggerated pride or self-confidence) and not knowing one's reasonable bounds. (7)


Bosses and what serves them

FISHERS of men take to strange language and different doctrines to dupe others to subsist on. "God" and religion has served haughty bosses for ages. What bosses adhere to, may not be good for the downtrodden ones. You may count on that nearly always.

Speaking of having lived before and taking birth over and over, if John the Baptist had been a reborn Elijah, the transfixion scene on the mount could have been a good opportunity to show off. But really, the Bible tells that John had not died, that he left earth in a special whirlwind vehicle. And you believe everything in the Bible? [Kings 2:11] (1)

To be fished by another means being made use of, and in the long run it may well equal being executed. Few think of it.

Who needs to get burnt cosmic and assumedly hotter than hell from it? Mind there are many stars in the cosmos, and temperatures well above two million centigrades in many of them.

God himself - or themselves - designed Adam and Eve fully equipped with organs made for sinning. He swore that the day they ate the apple, they would die that day. Adam went on to live about 850 years. Well, well, would you know! [Genesis 2;1 ff] ?

TO be a cramped and foolish believer means that others take advantage of you. They "sit on your back", so to speak. And tithes serve it too.

Your gullibility problem is hardly solved by conform or idiotic insistence. But you can become a Buddhist and allowed to doubt to your advantage. You can try that to escape from the fisherman's net.

Bosses tend to take to terms of God and religion in order to make others into cramped believers, and continue to have a great sway over them. (4)

YOU can see no red thread through the various pacts and promises of God in the Bible, except this one: He seldom or never keeps any of them. Abraham did not get the promised land, the services instituted to last forever in a goat skin tent were dropped after King Solomon built a temple, had his way and lost the covenant box. Did the son of the queen of Sheeba steal it form dad? (5)

Even a boar can be an avatar, maybe too unrecognised, they teach in India. (The boar is one of the incarnations of Vishnu).

The Devil can appear as an angel, some believe firmly. Watch out then, if you see or hear angels.

Jesus was a Jew, but not only that. He did not maintain that his foreskin was good. Born among his chosen people, they seem to have taken his foreskin off. He was ritually maimed. Wasn't God's foreskin holier? [See Acts 15]

If you cry or even wail for the Divine Mom for 24 hours without interruption (which is almost impossible), that Mom will come, says the guru Paramahansa Yogananda. Now, how big are her bulging cosmic "dinosaur breasts"? How long her female sexual organs? How deep a fall is it to try to impress innocent beginners by massive play on belongingness?


Alienation Is to Be Combatted

THE status of Greeks have gone through many phases. Public esteem is not unlike reputation in that it may lag behind in some, be wholly undeserved in others, and that is not all of it. Esteem in the world tends to follow riches and influence over and above essential human worth, regrettably. That is not what Buddha wanted either.

DID you know that the word "gringo" stems from Latin, where it means "Greek" basically, and next is understood as "alien"? Hence, the gringo is an alien. And the alien risks alienation. (3)

ANIMAL instinctual coping (id facets) can be much childlike, and basic urges, id, turn barren, sterile, imbecile if they are not handled by Adult enough coping after the phases of Parental supervision are largely over. (6)

Today, embarrassing offspring of settlers that took over the land of natives, may believe in tall tales and suffer from deep lack of self-esteem and from insecurity, shows Philip Zimbardo. Insecurity is a deep problem among US students. A swaggering conduct is perhaps a facade opposed to it, even camouflaging it, and if so it hardly solves the underlying problems of conduct and miscalculations. [LINK]

Many aliens take to facades and looking definite and resolute, which is not to be confused with bravery, which reasts on being the one you really are. Have the courage to be it. No one else may tell you how vital it is to your higher interests that perhaps lie waiting to unfold. [LINK]

Unsettled Americans love to speculate in movies full of hoglike quarrels, embarrassing bullying and swaggering, self-bolstering mayhem-swearing that is crowned with monsters and splendid feats of pyrotechnics - big explosions. That is the wild American way of life that is exported to gullible others the world over. And it hardly pays to expect gentlemanly behaviour from wild hogs either. (7)

The term "gringo" was exported via Spaniards to Latin America, Mexico and further, where it stands for the somewhat unsettled and definitely alienated North American that may confuse swaggering with bravery.


Weird Views Can Serve Others on Your Behalf

HOLLYWOOD-diva-enchanting soap opera: when everyone stops watching it, they stop making and selling that sort of menial stuff - stuff that matters so little. (5)

"Send a fool to France and he'll come back a fool (British proverb)."

Essentially, to gain the ever-enlarging, weird cosmos is to get a lot dispersed. "Wake, wake" - "You are already enlightened, but you don't know it," says Yogananda too. Mass in return: "How good is it for me that I'm already enlightened but do not realize it?" and then go about to do something about it.

Hindus say none is as sacred as old giants. However, an abundance of secret hate could be involved. We just point at a possibility. Secrets may or may not come to the fore in time, after sincere guys all over the world have been subjected to pranks and worse.

If the fish in deep water is told about life on dry earth, where higher evolved figures have accommodated on two legs, the good life has to be explained down to fish level. This must mean "explain away" for most part. For what fish in the dark, deep ocean could understand that it was good not to be fishlike up there. The chances are that descriptions that ocean-dwellers delight to tell one another, have very little to do with and tells insignificant things about the real thing - life on dry land. Hence, learn a lesson in not trusting all sorts of tales about untellables, including cosmic consciousness. To the degree it is a projection of severely incapacitated, limited human understanding, just accept it is of meagre or no worth.

If the kriya world is a swindle, which Yogananda tells the whole world is - a dream, an illusion - gurus are as nothing, and superb grace seems like a hoax. But Krishna says only demons tell the world is unreal, so steer out of that unreal-garbage. True grace may be felt inside.

In Old Testament books like Amos and Hosea God decrees his chosen people is to be wiped out - and the next moment he says otherwise. All that wavering isn't beautiful to look at.

Kriya is gasping. The fish that's slowly drawn out of its fit element, starts gasping. Then it is eaten.

The beautiful, alluring siren, the hulder in the Nordic woods has a cow's tail of projections. Deep down she thinks with her arse, then, and in ways not befitting a beautiful human frame. Her back is hollow too, she has not good enough back-bones, is not staunch enough. The religious hulder is much common.

When lightning clears the air, the birds and animals know to seek shelter.

The robber teaching that the universe is an illusion, needs to be treated as an illusory thing too, not one to be relied on. Paramahansa Yogananda used to say the universe is a dream, is an illusion." He said it while inside it. We should know better than taking an illusory claim of a world-illusion seriously. if not, it tends to be at our loss.

When Master Wolf bleats and loves, maybe it is of his frock - his hide. There is that risk.


Adjust to your benefit; maybe no one else will

WHAT is meant for close ones, should hardly be brought further, but scandal mongers want it otherwise, and thrive on top of it. Guard your privacy, and avoid letting intruders mock you on top of intruding. You have to stand up for yourself to do it, probably. Not everyone has a watchdog. (1)

You can let sound inspection be followed by congenial communication.

Accept no hoax from anyone, to stay on the safe side.

The difference between male and female gear is that the carnal parts of the wife is centred around an attractive sort of hole, and Adam fell from innocence.

A guarded public profile may serve you in time, if you live that long.

Mental affirmations may be sound. Visualisations may in the end be as useful.

Visualise the object of desire.

To the fish, few things are as ill-omened as meeting a capable man-fisher. A common Christian seldom or never considers he is one of the fishes and what happens to fished ones.

"TRUST no Greeks (strangers) carrying gifts", is a British proverb. Another is "Forewarned is forearmed." (3)

Trust not into infirmity. ◊

MANY who hanker after nice things today, do it to compete with the neighbours at close hands. (5)

There are limits to what common man likes to yearn for.

To deal with gullible maladaptations to come, nourish good things well from the start instead.

Too silly ones let their daughters mock natural looks and breasts by silicone and so on. Big breasts have got a lot of primate attention among babies and adults alike.

There can be skerries under the surface, and you have to keep a watchful eye and navigate well on the rim of your previous knowledge.

What is generally good for health and the good life is worth catering to.

Literature theory helps us discern effective, cognitive elements in fiction and life too.

Fallen or outsmarted may amount to the same. ◊

Hard and solid evidence is better than that taking to infirm faith, basically.

Higher states of mind most often are calm and glad.

Is there deep and cunning trickery in the world?

Some take feats they only hear of, very seriously, without asking for proof or good evidence. That has often proved silly.

Stay away from public rigmarole.

Tendentious comparisons can be dangerous.

A temple of bones outweighs one of stones.

Sly veneers, foolishness, and pompous hogwash seldom cause excellent music.

Trust not to your harm: Religiously indoctrinated people have no leeway to doubt cleverly to their own advantage.

Where facts are missing, try to judge likelihood (estimate probability, plausibility) before committing to anything or anyone.

Visualise yourself as you accomplish a thing with ease and glee, if possible.

One should find a suitable mate and stick to her or him for the rest of one's life. (7)

Stay rational to avoid mess and despair, and cope well.

The right to credibility is often abused.

Autogenous training is often used by athletes. Mind that expert helps can be deranged.

Loco after tyrannizing or self-righteous?

THERE are millions that have freaked, which appears to be a kind of "deep sin" against one's footing and real standing. (1)

Maddened Christian handling that manifests in "This land is our land, nay, God's own country", hardly ever stop to declare that "Surely Red Indians (Native Americans) have a historical right to half of North America. They must have it back. Mind the heart, not just bullies and uncivilised gunmen." Sigmund Freud vouches for a similar approach to living: Observe, ponder, speculate and assert to assist. Help and sound assistance can take off from being truthful, you know. There are higher values that blunt take-over and robbery. There should be in the church."


Yourself - of worth and of seeming worth

TO BE outright artistic you can't like everything to be hogwash. (1)

One needs to discern between fact and hearsay, for the sake of mental health. That means you need to be critical enough.

Tampering with and exploiting and abusing the earth's dwindling natural resources is a giant problem too, not only global pollution with climate changes and heating.

Being out of one's waters also suggests too little contact with deeper recesses of mind, lacking a common pool of general knowledge to draw on. We speak of millions.

STAY on the safe side as long as you can. (4)

ONE should not forget that "A house is a fine house when good folks are within." (British proverb). [Dp 107]. (5)

Study many manuals on how to interpret nature's signs or omens or tokens much like dream elements.

Sane frivolity is seldom brusque and mean.

Deserve your high position and wealth if that is what you are after; maybe you should try to work and toil too, as good things may be hard-won. (6)

Most deals in a normal-looking, culturally maintained setting are not arrived at through scientific discipline, but the cream of hard, staunch facts help to elevate mankind and foster a wider-seeing culture in time. It may take some generations to rally a salient scientific point so that it influences the culture at large.

Stringency, cosy fare, cogency and reliability are good to go for and cater to. And these items are hard won even in science.

You laugh at "silly clowns" or goofs because you feel degraded inside, is the bet. Otherwise you might pity some of them instead.

Have ample room for a sound-looking alternative hypothesis as you go about through life. Alternative working hypotheses function well in science.

Adjust to the fact that some live on top of talking big for the sake of gaining influence, money and prestige with the Beast or without that one. (7)

Mind that highest resources are human assets. Those who just want to set them to work may easily transgress against subtler, higher and better sides of humans - or more indefinable sides that are not called to work yet.


WELL tailored blends of sayings - fragments - can work well for nearly anyone, depending on the structure in the blend. That is a salient point in mind-mapping and general study too, where you search out key points and keynotes to gain insights that may help beginners on and up. (4)

IT is fit for the focused attention of growing ones to be focused on the balanced and organised events at first; then on basic images; and next on cardinal ideas that help one to manage current events and prepare for future ones. Dr. Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf schools revolve much around this stepwise progress Comparisons halt. (5)



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