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Baron Munchausen - a drawing by Gustave Doré
Munchausen accommodating, lying in bed with his night-cap over his head - Drawing by Gustave Doré.

Shibendu Lahiri brings the message of having no message, of furthering no knowledge, having no liberation method. It is all by a man with balls enough to profess he cares nothing for the stupid society, where those who are not wise, are in authority.

In some ways his pastimes could resemble those of the fabled tale-teller Baron Munchausen. In this picture, is the baron in his night-cap close to an "outsider-and-nothing" life-style that Shibendu advocates?

The Munchausen comparison leads into: What is telling well? Look to main results. If you tell others they are nothings and in consequence are invited to different places to repeat it with additions, travelling and cruising the world - well, look to the results of the speaking.

Blowing a conch in front of a deaf person seems to be a rather useless thing to do (based on an Indian proverb)


Shibendu Lahiri Messages

The willy-nilly accomplishes nothing - is it a salvaging teaching to live by?

Shibendu Lahiri (1939-) is the great grandson of Lahiri Mahasaya, and spreads kriya yoga teachings that have been preserved in that family line: Now and then Shibendu visits private persons and holds satsangas (lectures with questions and answers) and shares the teaching of kriya yoga.

When we read his, "I have no message." [Message 35 of Shibendu Lahiri online], why do we bother to read around sixty other messages from him? Why do some attend meetings where he answers questions? That beats me. - It cannot be because Shibendu represents a from-father-to-son transmission - generation after generation, and that, like his ancestors, he is a house-holder with a high university education and so on.

For he says, "I don't offer any knowledge. I don't transmit any knowledge." [Message 54] So why must anyone read his messages? Why are they online? you may well wonder. And why is there talk of his transmission line at all?

"You are nothing." [Message 24] So why bother! And why does he bother to visit nothings and hold satsanga with nothings, and so on? That beats be. How can a nothing bother about doing something? How can a nothing accomplish anything?

A few more Shibendu conundrums might do you well, but not as well as living well. (2)

He says, "Wander away from this idiotic world and be an outsider without caring for the opinions and obsessions of the stupid society." [ Message 70.] Thus, we have idiotic eating too. Note that Shibendu manages to travel and cruise in the "idiotic world". It is wandering, but not from this world, but in it. His busy travel program attests to that.

Shibendu also says (but to whom if "you are nothing?): "Do not utter God's name. Because he is un-nameable." [Message 39] Then why did he bother to write out Thousand Names of the Un-nameable? [Message 62-65] Because he is above logic? Why mind reading that? (4)

You may think he teaches kriya yoga to aid liberation. But "Kriya Yoga is not a method to become liberated!" he says clearly. [Message 34]

"No book is sacred," is a further message [Message 43] Still, Shibendu talks a lot about the Bhagavad Gita anyway, as you can see.

Shibendu Lahiri (1939-) says the wise wields no authority and those in authority are not wise. Since January 1988 he has been a yogacharya (yoga teacher) on full time basis, but has no ambition to influence anybody. What he is into is to teach deep Indian spirituality like his forefathers (without wanting to influence anybody) [!] Might teaching without influencing really work? Hardly. (6)

"Is it a wise enough teacher who tells, "I have no message for you, and no knowledge will be transmitted to you, who are a mere nothing to me!"

When he goes on to say something like, "Kriya yoga is not liberating you either," try to figure out if it is wise to be his student.

From Shibendu's self-presentation

No one is perhaps as authorised as Shibendu Lahiri (born 1939), the great grandson of the famous householder Yogi Lahiri Mahashaya (1828-1895), to spread the authentic teachings and techniques of Kriya Yoga in the world today, he writes.

Yet he says . . . that [the] wise wields no authority and those in authority are not wise! Organisations assert authority, but authenticity may be lacking. Mobilisation may create a mafia, but the most sacred may remain untouched. Cultism has no place in matters deeply spiritual. . .

Shibendu has the distinction of receiving the original Kriya process in the age old Rishi-tradition of India, that is, from father to son - generation after generation . . .

Kriya . . . settles the seeker in [a] state in which his body receives instructions only from glands and Chakras. . .

Shibendu Lahiri . . . has no ambition to influence anybody. . . . His yearning is to see that human beings live in peace and amity without ache, agony and animosity, without this monstrous culture of killing and being killed in the name of some fragmented flag or phoney fanatic idea in the name of religion.


COMMENT. It is not blood-lines that teach, but individuals. One who receives instructions only from glands and chakras may not learn too much. As for wise cultists, some of them could be lacking agony.

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