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Folktales of Sicily

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Sicilian fairy tales Sicily has a wealth of folk and fairy tales. Some of them are retold here.

Stories and Jests
  1. Don Firriulieddu
  2. Pitidda
  3. The Sexton's Nose
  4. Godmother Fox
  5. The Cat and the Mouse
  6. The Cock Who Wished to Become Pope
  7. The Thoughtless Abbot
  8. With the Scissors
  9. The Doctor's Apprentice
  10. Firrazzanu's Wife and the Queen
  11. Giufà and the Plaster Statue
  12. Giufà and the Judge
  13. Eat, My Clothes!
  14. The Sound of a Screech-owl
  15. Lots of Food and Money
  16. Making Linen by Night
  17. Smithy Work
  18. The Crucifix
  19. Figs from Heaven
  20. A Little Whistle
  21. Peter Fullone and the Egg
  22. Uncle Capriano
  23. The Clever Peasant
  24. From the Stone Throne
  25. One Who Won by the Help of a Woodsman Won the King's Daughter
Fairy Tales
  1. The King of Love
  2. The Dancing Water, the Singing Apple and the Speaking Bird
  3. The Fair Angiola
  4. The Cistern
  5. Snow-White Fire-Red
  6. Thirteenth
  7. The Stepmother
  8. Water and Salt
  9. The Bucket
  1. The Shepherd Who Made the King's Daughter Laugh
  2. Don Aldino Pear
  3. The Peasant and the Master
  4. The Ungrateful Ones
  5. The Treasure
  6. The Three Pieces of Advice
  7. The Mason and His Son
  8. The Left-Hand Squire
  9. The Enchanting Doll
  10. How the Hermit Helped to Win the King's Daughter
  11. The King Who Would Have a Beautiful Wife
  12. The Two Brothers
  13. How The Beggar Boy Turned into Count Piro
  14. How to Find Out a True Friend
  15. Don Giovanni de la Fortuna
  16. The Cunning Shoemaker
  17. The Story of Ciccu
  18. Catherine and Her Fate
  19. The Golden Lion
Legends and Ghost Stories
  1. Sunnie, Stony and Some Others
  2. In This World One Weeps and Another Laughs
  3. What the Pope Should Know
  4. Restless Buttadeu
  5. Crivòliu
  6. St. James of Galicia
  7. St. Onirià or Nerià
  8. The Hermit
  9. Joseph the Just
  10. The Baker's Apprentice
  11. Occasion
  12. Brother Giovannone
  13. Viceroy Tunny
Sicilian fairy tales and folk tales fronted with an olive tree
There is an abundance of olive trees in Sicily. They are small evergreen trees, typically with gnarled and twisted tree trunks. In May the trees begin to bloom, and in early November olives are harvested.

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