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Some Maturity


The Importance of Some Maturity

Several essays, like paddy fields in a basin, can cover ground when put together.

Spiritual discipline can be pleasant. It does not have to be too straining. Neither should gifts be. Find someone to go along with in concord, and thus ease the way for both of you - and even better: for some others too within your close and "intimate circle of influence".

LoMisleading yogas exist too

A - Let animals become better animals, and let men become their selves as best they can

There are a lot of things to consider and go into. Here is a quotation:
"As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish, what should one say of many animals? Therefore it is not liked by them that men should know this." — Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. I. iv. 10

And to this day whoever in like manner knows It as, 'I am Brahman', becomes all this (universe). Even the gods cannot prevail against him, for he becomes their self. - I. iv. 10

In tantric yoga it says that some god-powers help to free you, and are very good to you. Others may help you, but expect lots of services rendered in return. Others may even mislead you, and go for folly on your behalf. Therefore, know just how to proceed towards Enlightenment. There are yoga methods and life-style elements that bless a life, and there are others. Go for the first of these.

B - But there are sure traps for those keen on self-unfoldment

Be careful — this process is something we need to see through if we wish to truly mature spiritually. Be careful, do not slide into the traps of living - cults are among them - and do not fall down into false liberty and rudimentary goings either.

LoLimited people, limited traps and teachings

C - Limited ideas encircle some and trap others

You can bore inside (delve, ie., meditate well); do it before you make significant choices as to life-style and changes of directions. Good and free methods (without strings) can be learnt here on this site, for example.

D - Subjugating simple people through ideas is much common

A good thing deserves being repeated:

The Self alone is to be meditated on, for in It all these become unified. ..." - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. I. iv. 7.

The Knowledge of this Self is the means to . . . unity is Brahman. - II. v. 9.

Never subjugate yourself in an attempt to destroy the ego, because some smart guru (top-dog) and his followers teach unexperienced beginners that it is necessary. It is not. People aiming at taking advantage of you could foster such ideas, or simply people parroting religious teachings that they do not understand. You find "kill the ego" teachings in SRF along with "Thou shalt not kill". They are bad teachings and unrealistic. Buddha on the other hand teaches to go gently with yourself and give yourself love and affection, because you deserve your love and concern as much as anybody else in your universe, says he.He also teaches "Avoid killing". Absolutisic ideals of killing and not killing and medleys and confusion in Yogananda's teachings are avoided by Buddha, due to noble, basic understanding.

LoAdhere to better understanding and implement well

E - It is important to fend for and implement what is true

Spiritual work should be delicate and pleasant, having hallmarks like: delicate, subtle, greatly enjoyable (bliss), clear and good, and Self-understanding.

F - Adherence to better beliefs than misleading gurus prosper by, can in time improve the large society

Religious beliefs people find agreeable and comfortable, they aggrandize and proselytize. The operations can work both ways, for good or bad (dwarfingly etc.). To get on the track of good values and beliefs, Abraham Maslow sought out outstanding individuals and sorted what they appeared to have in common. Based on that, he formed many lists that can be worth looking into. Maybe you can find something to use from his findings.


  1. According to ancient Hindu works there are misleading gurus and misleading yogas. The Siva Purana tells of how the hailed guru Narada is one such misleading yoga guy. Here is the story. [Link]
  2. Limited people, limited traps and teachings: For limited, gullible persons, the calibre of the traps and teachings have to correspond to their mental calibres and leanings.
  3. What is good and well understood, needs to be well implemented too. That is the crux of the matter more often than not. Fit Vajrayana Buddhism is good too.

Ancient Hindu books show there are many shades and nuances of gurus and yogas. Some gurus fight one another, and some do evil too.

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