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Decent Teachings May Not Suit All

Good management can be hard to attain today. Management and its influence in greedy, wilful hands breed losses in time and worse overall conditions on the planet.

Steely self-presentation matters in some waters and many are easily taken in:

Find your niche. The creative act often represents something better than conform culture, tact and upbringing. Arthur Koestler goes into sides of it in his book The Act of Creation [Uka]

If getting devoted to another person's business enterprise looks well-founded, you should think: "This enterprise dumbfounds."

Can much co-operation wear out the harem? Or the value of not wearing out ones welcome?

Solvency and safety first.

To relax and have an easy time, spare time.

Think of the outcomes, think of the grave implications before they are about. That is a side to consideration.

Let typical actions resound louder than fine-sounding catch-words.

Bottom lines

  1. Avoid getting stupefied in the first place. Do not be bluffed.
  2. Some deals in the name of New Age, can do much harm if they evolve.
  3. It should help to preserve tact and a sense of proportions, such as "Mind your own business first". It suits persons, families, groups, clans, and further.

Bulwark Against the Esteem of Big Bosses Too

PICT To mock genuine purity and genuine art is far from the best there is.

There are some who feign democratic to get an entrance and get rich.

Many innocent people apparently get kindled by words they like to hear, secret dreams, and some go on to sponge or swagger somehow. There are many ways to do it. Better fend for yourself, get your own home and substantial, remunerative work. Besides, bulwark good things.

Bottom lines

  1. Minimum wages do not help culture on and up, but still you could do a lot worse that running away from some wages.
  2. Repeated overbidding is not solid.

Never underestimate home-building decency

Most kings tries to pose well, surrounded by servants or snobs trying to impress. Decency is often overlooked and underrated.

Inaugurate the plans and programs that enhance and preserve your own real accomplishments as well as you can, and the day you can.

A great joy can turn stale. Take good care of it by purity, which may need to be enforced by meditating deeply.

Cultural principles ought to help families on and up and against getting outsmarted.

It often happens that handed-over wisdom bulwarks against great-looking words. "Big words won't make the cabbage fat," is a proverb.

Good sayings are objects of culture.

If the choice is between indoctrinating a cow or getting indoctrinated into one, go for the best options available.

To have plenty of fresh air and lovely scenery tends to be good for thriving and health.

Clean Management 
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Uka: Koestler, Arthur. The Act of Creation. New York: Dell, 1967.


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