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Managing Success
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Managing Success ☼

1. Get along and spare time

Management successes are many. First, get your own turf. Expand later, if needs be.

Cultural principles ought to help families on and up and against getting outsmarted. Effective management lies in cultured discipline.

Management fairly often means getting along with people, but there are managers who aim for and talk about better solutions too.

First value others; then make sure someone's following you. The growth and development of people is the highest calling of management.

To have an easy time, spare time. . . . Wisdom encompasses knowing how to do it, and doing it too.

Snobs are out to impress without good reasons for it. Many are easily taken in.

The function of management is to produce more managers, not more followers.

Minimum wages do not help culture much, but still there is hope.

2. Responsibility has to be tackled (addressed)

Management that impresses much is hardly the wisest there is.

Try to manage motivations in good time, for they may form lifeworks.

"A great secret of managing well is to go through life as a man who never gets used up.

The price of greatness is responsibility. - Winston Churchill

It could help to preserve tact along with "Tend to your own wise business first." What is more, candid self-presentation matters in some waters.

3. Go for the better sides to management: family living

If you're not frightened by discipline and hard work and never give up your right to be lax or wrong, you might be on to something fine somehow.

Cultural decency is often overlooked and underrated. Few think of it.

A great person attracts great things over and above big sofas.

Many innocent people apparently get kindled by words they like to hear, secret dreams, and some go on to sponge or swagger somehow.

The home-maker's decency may be good for the next generation or one more.

One often overlooked role of management is to make use of complex situations and give up something good for something better.

Think of the outcomes, think of the grave implications before they are about.

Don't follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you. - Margaret Thatcher

The most effective way to manage is to manage from within.

Management is the capacity to translate vision into reality. ◇◇

Before you are a manager, success is all you hanker after. Afterwards, a lot more than that.


Spare time to get responsible, and then go for family upkeep or similar. That might work.

⚶ ⚶ ⚶

You are a manager if you have a measure of control over any of the following:

  • time;
  • workloads;
  • decisions;
  • technology;
  • equipment;
  • money;
  • standards;
  • meetings;
  • other people.

(Source: Julie-Ann Amos, 2002, 13.)

Outside of work we may be managers if we amount to manage our own lives: money, time and decisions. - Cf. Amos 2002, 13.


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Amos, Julie-Ann. 2002. You're in Charge Now! The First-time Manager's Survival Kit. 3rd ed. Oxford: How To Books.

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